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Long distance removal costs

Moving house comes with a big to-do list, with removals being at the top. Removal costs will depend on a variety of factors including the number of belongings you have, the accessibility of each property and the destination. In this guide, we take a look at long distance removal costs. Whether you’re relocating to a sunnier climate such as Spain or you just fancy a change of scene in the UK, we’ve broken down the costs for you.

Long distance house removal costs

Long distance removal typeDistanceCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
One bedroom propertyUp to 200 miles£350£500£425
Two bedroom propertyUp to 200 miles£450£600£525
Three bedroom propertyUp to 200 miles£750£900£825
Four bedroom propertyUp to 200 miles£1,100£1,500£1,300
Five+ bedroom propertyUp to 200 miles£1,500£2,000£1,750
Loads including furniture to SpainShipping£2,600£6,000£4,300

The long distance removals cost will depend on a variety of factors including the number of items you need to be moved, how they will be protected in transit, the distance, the dates and geographical locations. For example, costs tend to skew higher around the London area.

A local move might incur an hourly rate of £50 to £60 plus a standard two-hour fee. However, a long distance move will normally be charged by distance and house size rather than an hourly rate.

The average removals cost for a one-bedroom house up to 200 miles away is between £350 – £500. At the upper end of the scale, the cost to move house when you have more than five bedrooms could be somewhere in the region of £1,500 – £2,000. It’s worth speaking to different removals companies to get some quotes and find the best match for you.

Distances beyond 200 miles will increase your costs depending on the extra mileage and the complexity of the move.

Long distance flat removals cost

The cost for long distance removals for a flat is similar to that of a house. The only real difference is that costs will be dependant on ease of access to the property, but you’re still looking at a cost of around the £425 mark for a one-bedroom flat up to 200 miles away.

Find a long distance removals company right for you

Cost of removals to Spain

If you’re hoping to move to a sunnier climate and escape to the Costa Del Sol, you’ll need to consider the different ways of transporting belongings across. Removals to Spain can be done either via road, rail, sea or air, depending on the amount and type of possessions you have.

The average long distance removals cost to Spain is in the region of £2,600 – £6,000. This overall cost will depend on a number of factors including the transportation method chosen.

  • Road and rail: The removals company will collect your possessions and transport them to your new home.
  • Sea: You can use an entire container to ship your belongings, or for a cost-effective option, you can choose to share a container. Your items are taken to the port, then collected and delivered upon their arrival in Spain.
  • Air: As the most expensive method, this is more suitable for small amounts or items you need urgently. Additional costs could include professional packing to meet safety standards.

You’ll also have to consider costs such as insurance, customs fees and duties, taxes and vet fees for transporting pets. Plus, don’t forget to translate your inventory into Spanish.

Other costs to consider

Other costs to consider when moving house include cleaning for your old property. Take a look at our end of tenancy cleaning cost guide for more information.

It’s also worth budgeting for boxes, bubble wrap, string and labels for your move. You can either source this yourself or speak to your removals company for the best advice.

You can also pay for professional packing, which is approximately £20 per hour. That said, if you’re looking to save money, it is better to do this yourself.

FAQslong distance house removal costs

How much time does it take to pack up a three-bedroom house?

Usually three to five days of continuous work.

How can I save money when moving?

By reducing the volume through decluttering, then selling items of furniture or arranging for a charity to collect them.

How is air freight calculated?

By weight.

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