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Oil and filter change cost guide

If you use your car regularly but aren’t due a service in the near future, you might want to get an oil and filter change. In this guide we look at the average cost of oil and filter change in the UK, and what it involves.

Getting your car oil and oil filter changed regularly is a great way to make sure your car is always in good working order, without the cost of a full car service.

ItemRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Oil and filter change£25£200£100

How much does a car oil and filter change cost?

An oil and filter change is generally very straightforward, though the average cost can vary depending on where you are in the country and the garage you choose. In general, an oil and filter change costs about £100, but can range from £25 to £200.

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Factors affecting the cost of an oil and filter change

The average cost of an oil and filter change vary depending on a few main factors, including:

  • Size of engine
  • Service centre you use
  • Type and quality of oil and filter used
  • Any additional work or repairs that need doing
  • Where you live

We’ve found that the size of the engine is often what makes the biggest difference to the cost. Larger engines need more oil and can take longer to drain the larger volume of oil, so this can affect both labour costs and the price of the oil used.

We always recommend speaking to your local garage or mechanic to get a quote before booking in any work. And remember to ask them to provide detail of what’s included in the price they quote.

Why do I need an oil and filter change?

Oil is one of the most important components of your car’s engine, designed to keep it running smoothly. Oil lubricates key parts of the engine to protect them from friction damage and helps maintain the engine temperature.

Over time, engine oil can suffer contamination from dirt, grit and residue from burnt fuel. This contaminated oil can negatively affect the performance of your car and reduce your miles per gallon. The dirt and grit will also add unnecessary wear to the engine’s components.

Having the oil and filter changed regularly will ensure your car’s engine is in optimum working condition and prolong the lifespan of your engine. However, it shouldn’t be considered an alternative to a full car service – you still need to have a full (or major) service done regularly.

Oil and filter change costWhat does an oil and filter change include?

Most car service centres will include the following within the cost of a standard oil and filter change:

  • Drain engine oil
  • Replace sump plug washer
  • Refill oil (based on manufacturer’s recommendation)
  • Replace oil filter

Many places will also include a number of additional checks for free, including:

  • Instruments, gauges and warning lights
  • Exterior lights & lamps
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Battery, battery wiring and test electrics

How often should I change my oil?

There is no one fixed rule for how often you should change your oil and filter. To give you a guide, for a newer car using synthetic engine oil it can last up to 10,000 miles. Older cars using a conventional engine oil might need an oil change after 3,000 miles.

That said, the answer also depends on a number of factors:

How you drive – If you’re a careful driver you’ll be adding minimal strain on your engine. However, if you drive erratically with lots of gear-changing and high revs you’ll be adding pressure to the performance of your car, which will mean you need more regular oil checks.

Average speed – Driving at high speeds can increase the wear on your car’s engine, especially if the engine oil is contaminated.

Type of oil – Synthetic oil offers a superior level of performance and protection for your car’s engine, compared to conventional oils.

Where you drive – Urban roads and motorways tend to be well kept with less dirt and debris, whereas country lanes and dirt tracks are more likely to introduce dirt and grit into your engine.

If you’re in doubt as to how often your car needs an oil and filter change, speak to your local car service centre for their professional advice.

Useful oil and filter change checklist

  • Make note of when you have oil and filter changes to know when your next change is due.
  • An oil and filter change is not a replacement for a full car service.
  • Speak to your local car service centre for professional advice on how often you need an oil and filter change.
  • Shop around for fair and competitive costs for an oil and filter change.
  • Always use a reputable car service centre with appropriate accreditation, such as Automotive Technician Accreditation, RAC Approval or AA Garage Guide.

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Find an oil and filter change specialist near me


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