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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Recliner repair cost guide

Recliner armchairs are the jewel in the crown of many living rooms across the UK, so when they break it can be a nightmare if you want to relax and unwind in comfort. If you have a broken recliner, look no further, we’ve put together this recliner repair cost guide for you.

Recliner armchairs are the jewel in the crown of many living rooms across the UK, so when they break it can be a nightmare if you want to relax and unwind in comfort. If you have a broken recliner, look no further, we’ve put together this recliner repair cost guide for you.

The good news is that, more often than not, it’s a single component of the recliner that’s broken. And fixing a single piece is a lot cheaper than having to replace the recliner itself. The bad news is it’s often hard to tell what’s wrong with your recliner without expert help.

For this guide we’re looking at the costs to repair the recliner mechanics, rather than fixing upholstery damage. If you’re looking to find out the price of reupholstering your recliner, check out our reupholstery cost guide.

ItemRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Average cost of recliner repair--£150
Replace recliner cables or wires£75£110£95
Replace recliner transformers, wired handsets, link cables and power arms£60--

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does recliner repair cost?

As a guide, the average cost to repair a recliner armchair in the UK is around £150. If you have to replace recliner cables or wires, the average cost is around £95. And the price to replace the recliner transformers, wired handsets, link cables or power arms starts at around £60.

One of the big factors that will affect the cost of your recliner repair is whether it’s a manual or electric recliner. This will often determine the nature of the damage. With electric recliners the problems can often be the wiring or electric components that need replacing. With manual recliners the physical wear and tear on the moving parts, particularly the recliner handle, are often the problem.

We always recommend speaking to your local recliner repair specialist to find out exactly how much the repair will cost. In most cases, the problems are easily fixed and the cost of the recliner repair will be a lot lower than the price of buying a brand new recliner.

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electric recliner repair costFactors affecting the cost of recliner repair

As with most home repairs, there are a number of factors that will influence the price you pay for your recliner repair. Some of the most important to consider are:

  • Age and condition of recliner
  • Type of recliner (electrical or manual)
  • Extent of damage to be repaired
  • Type and quality of materials needed
  • Where you live

Common problems with recliners

If you’re wondering what could be wrong with your recliner, here are some of the most common problems that cause a recline to stop working.

Broken handles or cables

A broken recliner handle or cable is one of the most common problems, but also one of the easiest to repair. Because it takes on a lot of the strain of opening and closing the recliner, it’s not surprising the cable is top on the broken recliner repair list.

The recliner cables often get caught in the mechanism and can get stuck or snap. Either way, a recliner repair specialist should be able to repair it on the spot without needing to order special parts – as long as they know the model of your recliner before the visit.

Broken motors or switches

On electric recliners, a broken motor is the reason behind a large number of broken recliners. It will need to be checked over by a recliner specialist and if it can’t be repaired then a new motor needs to be installed.

Recliner stuck either open or closed

Getting stuck in one position (either open or closed) is a particularly common problem with manual recliners. It usually means one of the internal moving parts has jammed and needs moving or replacing.

Broken piston

The piston is another common culprit for a broken recliner. As one of the main motorised parts of the recliner, a piston can be repaired or replaced for much less that the cost of buying a new recliner.

cost to repair reclinerHow long does it take to repair a recliner?

That depends on the exact nature of the damage. As a rough guide most recliner repair work can be done in less than an hour, for mechanical repair. For upholstery repair, it can be a much longer process.

Useful recliner repair checklist

  • If your recliner has broken make a note of what has happened or the symptoms of the problem.
  • Speak to your local recliner repair specialists for their professional advice and accurate quotes for the repair work.
  • Shop around for fair and competitive recliner repair costs, don’t just go with the first quote you get.
  • Always hire a tradesperson with experience repairing recliners and preferably check their reviews from previous customers.
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