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Safe installation cost guide

Why should I get a safe?

Most safe installations are done to protect a physical or digital item from theft, fire or for insurance purposes. You may, for example, have valuable jewellery, large amounts of money, important documents or even memory sticks containing confidential information that you want to protect.

Whatever your reasons, read on to discover the costs and important considerations when choosing to install a safe in your home.

Depending on the type of residential safe you require, its size and how secure it is, you could expect to pay anything from £150 for a small safe to £2,000 for a large safe. Commercial safes can cost considerably more than this.

How much does safe installation cost

Safe installation costsUnitSafe Installation Cost +VAT (Range low-high)Average cost
Safe installationPer project£150 - £2,000£1,100
Safe installation – small safePer project£150 - £250£200
Safe installation – large safePer project£750 - £2,000£1,375
Wall or floor safe installationPer project£326 - £489£407.50
Site box rentalPer week£13.20 – £56.33£34.77

For a breakdown of each cost we spoke to the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This guide features the estimated average safe installation costs they provided. Timescales to install a safe depend on the type of safe and location.

Different types of safe

It is essential to spend time fully researching the different types of safe in order to select the right one to fully meet your requirements. We have compiled the below list to give you a brief summary of the most common types: –

Free standing safes: These, as the name suggests, are not attached to the wall or floor and come in a wide variety of sizes and weights. The smaller free-standing safes may be as little as 10kg making them portable but it also means they are easier for a thief to steal.

Bolt down safes: There are two types of bolt down safes: those bolted to your floor and those bolted to your wall, some are even bolted to both locations. They are more secure than free standing safes as they sit flush against a wall meaning less leverage for thieves.

Wall safes: As often depicted on television, these safes are designed to be built in a wall and can therefore be hidden behind a painting or wardrobe door. As they are harder to find this makes them more secure.

Floor safes: Even harder to find are safes that can be built into the floor of your home. Hidden under flooring or inside cupboards, these are not only hard to find but also difficult to remove. Like wall safes they are a little more challenging to install and the cost will reflect this.

Site box: Designed to be used on work sites, they are extremely heavy to prevent theft of expensive tools and equipment. They are often delivered to the site with a forklift truck and cannot be moved by hand. Site box prices vary widely due to different weights and sizes.

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Safe installation costWhere to install a safe in your home

This will depend on available spaces in your home and the type of safe you require. The value of the items you are protecting plus the amount of money you wish to spend on installation should also be considered.

If for example, you are protecting something worth thousands of pounds or with high sentimental value, you may wish to buy a more expensive safe that is more secure, such as a floor safe.

The installation is more in depth than a freestanding safe and will therefore be more costly, so if you do not have much money to spend on installation this may not be the right safe for you.

Factors affecting the cost of safe installation

The cost of safe installation varies widely depending on the difficulty of the installation, the location of the installation and the time taken. Below are some of the main cost factors that affect this: –

Size of the safe: The larger the safe, the higher the cost of installation. This is due to a number of reasons including weight (heavier safes are harder to carry and install and may need extra workers) and preparation (if you choose a wall or floor safe, a larger hole and supporting area is required so will take longer to prepare).

Resistance to fire and burglary: There are many optional features available when choosing a new safe, resistance to fire is one of them. This may mean the installation is more complex and time consuming to ensure the area around the safe is fire resistant. Safes that need in-floor and in-wall installations are more secure against burglary but also take more time to install and the cost will reflect this. It’s also possible to purchase a waterproof safe.

Safe grades: Safes are categorised by different grades, starting with grade 0 (the least secure and resistant) and finishing with grade VI (the most secure and able to withstand attack). The higher the grade level, the more expensive the safe. For added security, you may also choose a digital safe and fingerprint recognition.

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Wall safe installation cost

When you are protecting extremely important items, a wall safe is perfect as a secure storage solution. The cost to install a wall safe can vary depending on the size of your safe and other factors however on average will be around £407.50.

Floor safe installation cost

For expensive items or priceless mementos, a floor safe is an excellent choice due to it being well hidden and very difficult for thieves to access. The price to install a floor safe will include the cost of drilling into the floor and can range from £326 – £489.

Site box installation cost

These boxes are often hired rather than purchased, making them idea for short term jobs. Usually, site boxes will be delivered at the start of the building project and collected once they are no longer required. As such any site box costs for installation will be included in the hire price.

Site box prices range from £13.20 to £56.33 a week.

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How much does a safe costCan I install a safe myself?

Whether you can install a safe on your own is a complex decision. The main issue will be the size and weight of the safe so it will depend on your strength and whether you have assistance.

Secondly, the type of safe you require is a factor. Freestanding safes are easier to install as they need to be bolted to an existing strong wall or floor. On the opposite side of the scale are wall and floor safes, these are much harder to install as you will need to create spaces for them to fill.

Finally, unless a safe is installed by a professional you cannot guarantee the level of security of the safe. Poor DIY installations may lead to gaps around the safe, instability of the wall or floor surrounding the safe and generally poor aesthetics. If your safe is not professionally installed this may also lead to issues with insurance providers.

How to choose a professional to install your safe

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost to install a safe use our free search feature.

Key takeaways for safe installation

Find a security expert near you

  • Choose the right safe to fit your requirements. Ask yourself how secure you want the safe to be, where you want it to go and how large you need it to be.
  • Consider the cost of the safe, for example the price of site boxes is higher than that of small jewellery safes due to the size and weight.
  • Choose the correct grade of safe for the value of your items, grade 0 safes are designed to protect contents of around £60,000 and grade VI safes are designed for around £1,500,000.
  • Consider what you are protecting your valuables from, e.g. fire, water or theft.
  • When choosing whether to install the safe yourself be realistic. Safes are expensive and their contents can be priceless, do you want to risk the security of the safe to save money in the short run?
  • Decide on what additional features you want your safe to have, e.g. fingerprint recognition, removable shelves or back up keypad.

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