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Sash window refurbishment cost guide

If you love your stunning sash windows, you’ll want to keep them in fantastic condition. Refurbishment by a skilled professional can help to restore the beauty of your traditional windows and it can also help them to last for many more years and prevent the onset of rot. As well as this, professional refurbishment services can bring your sash windows in line with modern living. Just a few adjustments mean that your sash windows will be far more energy-efficient.

In this guide, we’ll look at the average sash window refurbishment cost. This includes repairing or replacing parts of the window, full refurbishment and additional services such as draught-proofing.

How much does it cost to repair a sash window?

Repair typeLow costHigh costAverage cost
Repair - sill replacement£160£320£240
Repair - sill splice£120£240£180
Repair - stiles/front cheeks £120£240£180
Repair - replacement sash£270£400£335
Draught proofing£248£388£318
Sash window refurbishment£620£920£770

The cost of repairing a sash window mainly depends on what is wrong with it. For example, whether the sill is damaged or rotted, or if the sash needs replacing.

You’ll usually pay around £240 per window for sill replacement, £180 for sill splice repairs and the same for repairs to the stiles or front cheeks. If the sash needs replacing, it could set you back as much as £400 per window.

Sash window refurbishment cost

If you have some beautiful old sash windows in your home that have seen better days, you don’t necessarily need to replace them. Instead, you can bring in the professionals to refurbish them.

Many sash window specialists offer a restoration service. This involves bringing every part of the window back to its former glory, from the glazing to the frame and decorations.

It isn’t cheap to have your sash windows fully refurbished. However, it could potentially be more affordable than replacing them altogether. The average sash window restoration cost is around £770 per window.

Draught-proofing costs for sash windows

While sash windows may look lovely, they aren’t always the most energy-efficient. This can mean that your home is colder than it needs to be. But the good news is that many sash window specialists also offer draught-proofing services. This usually costs around £318 per window.

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FAQsdraft proofing costs for sash windows

Is sash window restoration cheaper than installing a new window?

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to have your sash windows restored rather than replacing them completely. However, it does depend on the company you use, the condition of the window and the work required.

A new wood sash window can cost upwards of £1,450. The refurbishment also means you can restore the beauty of your original windows.

How long does sash window repair take?

It all depends on how much work is needed, whether it’s a simple repair to a top-to-bottom refurbishment. But on average, it should take no more than eight hours for a full sash window renovation.

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