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Last updated on May 20th, 2024

Sash window refurbishment cost

If your sash windows are in need of some TLC, look no further. Here, we break down the typical sash window refurbishment cost and cover all you need to know about this project.

Fast Facts

  • The average cost to fully refurbish a sash window is £770
  • Replacing just the sash costs roughly £400
  • Refurbishing an existing sash window is usually cheaper than replacing it

In this guide, we’ll reveal the average sash window refurbishment cost. This includes repairing or replacing parts of the window, full sash window refurbishment, and additional services such as draught-proofing.

What’s the typical cost of restoring sash windows?

Refurbishing your sash windows is a great way to restore their beauty, boost their lifespan, and make them more energy efficient. Plus, it’s usually cheaper than replacing them.

The average sash window restoration cost in the UK is between £620 and £920 per window.

Repair typeLow costHigh costAverage cost
Repair - sill replacement£160£320£240
Repair - sill splice£120£240£180
Repair - stiles/front cheeks £120£240£180
Repair - replacement sash£270£400£335
Draught proofing£248£388£318
Sash window refurbishment£620£920£770

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

That said, the cost of restoring sash windows will depend largely on their condition and the extent of the work needed.

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How much does it cost to repair sash windows?

The cost of repairing a sash window mainly depends on what’s wrong with it.

For instance, does it stick? Is the sill damaged? Is the wood rotten?

As a guide, you’ll usually pay around £240 per window for sill replacement, £180 for sill splice repairs, and the same for repairs to the stiles or front cheeks.

Meanwhile, if the sash needs replacing, this could set you back as much as £400 per window.

How much does sash window refurbishment cost?

If you have some beautiful old sash windows in your home that have seen better days, you don’t necessarily need to replace them. Instead, you can bring in the professionals to refurbish them.

Many sash window specialists offer a restoration service. This involves bringing every part of the window back to its former glory, from the glazing to the frame and decorations.

It isn’t cheap to have your sash windows fully refurbished. However, it’s often more affordable than replacing them altogether.

The average sash window restoration cost in the UK is around £770 per window.

Draft proofing costs for sash windows

What are the average draught-proofing costs for sash windows?

While sash windows may look lovely, they aren’t always the most energy-efficient. This can mean that your home is colder than you’d like it to be.

But the good news is, many sash window specialists also offer draught-proofing services.

Draught-proofing costs for sash windows are usually in the region of £318 per window.

If your existing sash windows are single-glazed, you can also help to make them more energy efficient by replacing the single glazing with double-glazing.

Double glazing your existing sash windows will typically cost somewhere between £650 and £1,300.

How much does a sash window replacement cost?

Usually, it’s cheaper to have your sash windows restored rather than replaced.

That said, there may be some cases where a replacement is needed.

In this case, a new wood sash window will normally cost upwards of £1,450.

How much does it cost to paint a sash window?

As a general rule, you should repaint wooden sash windows roughly every five to ten years.

Repainting your windows doesn’t just increase your property’s kerb appeal. It’s also a vital part of protecting the wood from the elements.

The average cost to paint a sash window and window frame is between £200 and £500, depending on the condition of the window.

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Factors affecting the cost of refurbishing sash windows

As you can probably tell, there are lots of different factors that can affect the cost of refurbishing sash windows. Here are the main ones to keep in mind.

Number of windows

It goes without saying that the more windows you have, the higher your sash window refurbishment cost will be.

That said, your price per window may be lower if you’re refurbishing several windows at once, since your contractor will already be on site carrying out work for you.


Windows that are in very poor condition will generally require the most work.

For that reason, your costs will typically be higher. Which brings us onto…

Scope of work

The scope of work is one of the main factors that will impact your overall cost.

As an example, there’s a big difference between simply replacing a window sill and double-glazing an existing sash window.

Sash window restoration


Windows that are high up or hard to access may come with additional costs.

For instance, depending on the accessibility of the windows and the work being carried out, you may need to budget for scaffolding.


Last but not least, like any home improvement project, costs will vary up and down the country.

As a general rule, costs in the North are lower than in the South. Meanwhile, costs in London tend to be the highest.

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Is sash window restoration cheaper than installing a new window?

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to have your sash windows restored rather than replacing them completely.

However, it does depend on the company you use, the condition of the window, and the work required.

A new wood sash window can cost upwards of £1,450, compared to around £770 for a full sash window refurbishment.

Aside from the cost benefits, refurbishment also means you can restore the beauty of your original windows.

How do you repair a sash window in the UK?

Exactly what’s involved in repairing a sash window in the UK will depend on several different things – from the condition of the window to the work required.

Here are some of the tasks that might be involved in restoring or repairing a sash window.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Speak to a specialist near you to find out more about how they can help restore your sash windows to their former glory!

Restored sash windows

How long does sash window repair take?

How long it takes to repair a sash window will depend on how much work is needed.

As you might expect, a simple repair will take considerably less time than a top-to-bottom refurbishment.

That said, it will typically take no more than eight hours for a full sash window renovation.

Sash window refurbishment cost key takeaways

  • The average sash window restoration cost in the UK is around £770 per window
  • Costs will vary depending on the work needed
  • Refurbishing an existing window is usually cheaper than replacing it
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What can go wrong with sash windows?

There are several things that can go wrong with sash windows. Some common issues include:

  • Sticking
  • Rotten wood
  • Draughts
  • Damaged cords

Can you fix a sash window?

Yes, most issues with sash windows can be fixed. In fact, it usually costs less to fix a sash window than it does to replace one.

How much does it cost to repair a window sash cord?

It typically costs around £70 to replace an inner sash window cord, or around £80 to replace an outer sash cord.

However, your total cost will depend on how many cords need to be replaced. You’re looking at roughly £150 to replace all four sash cords.

Head over to our dedicated sash window cord repair cost guide to learn more.

How much would a sash window cost?

It typically costs somewhere in the region of £500 - £800 to install a uPVC sash window.

On the other hand, a timber sash window will usually cost upwards of £1,450.

How much does it cost to fix a window UK?

The cost to fix a window in the UK will depend on several factors – from the type of window to the material it’s made of, and what’s wrong with it.

As an example, wood window frame repair typically costs around £172. Meanwhile, the average blown window repair cost is between £150 and £600 per window.

The best way to get an accurate window repair cost is to get quotes from window specialists near you. Enter your postcode below to get started.

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