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Sash window cord repair cost guide

sash window cord repair cost

If your sash window has become hard to open and close, your sash window cord may have snapped. But don’t worry. Although getting a sash cord replaced is a little fiddly, it’s a straightforward fix. Here, we’ll look at the average sash window cord repair cost.

What is a sash window cord?

If you have old sash windows, there’ll be two pairs of weights hidden within the sides of them. These are hung on cords that allow the windows to counter-balance, using a pulley wheel at the top of each window frame. If this cord snaps, you’ll need to take the sash out of its frame to replace it – hence why it’s usually best to leave things to a professional!

Sash window cord repair cost factors

Cord replacementAverage cost (+VAT)   
Replace one inner sash window cord£70
Replace one outer sash window cord£80
Replace both inner sash window cords£95
Replace both outer sash window cords£115
Replace all four sash cords£150

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The total cost will vary depending on how many cords need to be repaired and whether the cords are located in the inner or outer sash.

You may also need to budget for other costs, such as…

  • Repainting: Often, you’ll need to repaint around the window once the sashes have been put back in place.
  • Replacing damaged beads: When your sash window cord breaks, that’s often a sign that damaged or loose beads will need replacing soon. Because you’ll be removing the sash anyway, this can be a good opportunity to do both at once.
  • Other repairs: If your sash cords seem to be in good condition but your windows don’t stay open, your windows may instead need rebalancing. Alternatively, if more severe issues are found and your window can’t be repaired, you may instead have to look at replacing your sash window.

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Sash window cord replacement costsash cord replacement cost

So, what exactly does the typical sash cord replacement cost? Well, if you only need to replace one sash cord, you’ll be looking at between £68 – £78. This depends on whether the cord is located in the inner sash or the outer sash (which is typically more expensive).

If you need more than one cord replacing, you’ll usually pay less per cord replacement. This is because your tradesperson will already be removing the sash anyway. You’re looking at around £95 to replace both inner sash cords or £115 to replace both outer sash cords. The worst-case scenario is that you need all four replacing, in which case you can expect to pay around £150. Just bear in mind that none of these prices are inclusive of VAT. So, you’ll need to factor that into your calculations.

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What’s the best sash window cord to use?

Sash window cords are usually cotton, nylon or red fleck wax. A professional will be able to recommend what kind of cord will best suit your window. Your new cord will need to be the same thickness as your old one. It will also need to be able to take the counter-balance weight of your sash window and will need to be made from a long-lasting material that’s not susceptible to rot.

How do I know when my cord needs repairing or replacing?

Your sash window may drop when you’re trying to open it or it may simply be difficult to open or close. The worst-case scenario is that the window drops when it’s open, which could be dangerous. If you notice any of these issues, it could be due to the sash window cord. We’d always recommend getting a professional to take a look.

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