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Sofa spring repair cost guide

Having a sofa with lumps and bumps caused by dodgy springs is not something you want to have to live with. And you don’t have to. In this sofa spring repair cost guide, we look at how much you’ll be on average to repair springs in your sofa in the UK.

With the majority of modern sofas being made using steel springs, it’s not unusual for them to weaken and break over time – especially if the sofa is well used. If that happens to your sofa, you’ll want to get the springs repaired so you can enjoy optimum comfort on your sofa.

ItemUnitCost - lowCost - highAverage cost
Spring repair2 seater sofa£40£100£70
Spring repair3 seater sofa£50£120£87.50
Full spring replacement2 seater sofa£60£120£90
Full spring replacement3 seater sofa£90£130£110

Sofa spring repair cost UK

The average sofa spring repair cost in the UK is around £70 for a 2-seater sofa and £87.50 for a 3-seater sofa. This will involve your sofa having the support platform refitted and the springs replaced, giving you years of comfy sitting on your sofa.

For a full spring replacement, you’re looking at around £90 for a 2-seater sofa and £110 for a 3-seater sofa.

Consider using a professional for your repairs unless you have experience. A lot of sofas are produced to last until a replacement is more likely than a repair, making repairs complex and specialist.

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Type of sofa springs

There are two main types of spring commonly used in sofas, they’re typically either serpentine or sinuous springs. Both types of spring are pretty straightforward to replace, with a fairly similar repair cost.

sofa spring repair cost ukSerpentine (coil) springs

Serpentine springs look like coils and can actually come in two variations, cylindrical or cone shaped – both are commonly used for sofas in the UK. Cone shaped springs are often thought of as more versatile as they offer a greater degree of horizontal and vertical movement on the sofa.

Sinuous (zig-zag) springs

You’ll most likely have seen sinuous springs if you’ve ever unfolded a fold-out sofa bed. They are a long strip of wire in a zig-zag formation and tend to be much more hard-wearing that serpentine springs. That said, they are also famous for being less comfortable and causing the dreaded spring creaking sound – especially when used on a metal frame.

Whichever type of spring you have in your sofa, we recommend hiring a sofa spring repair specialist to carry out the work to a professional standard.

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Key takeaways

  • Speak to your local sofa spring repair experts for their professional advice and accurate quotes.
  • Shop around for fair and competitive prices.
  • Repairs are generally quick and easy to those in the know, with the bulk of the cost being in the call-out charge itself.
  • When hiring a tradesperson, choose someone with relevant experience and ask to see examples of their recent work.
  • Always check out a tradesperson’s recent ratings and reviews from previous customers to gauge the quality of the service they offer.

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