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Treehouse cost guide

£ Material prices in the UK are higher than normal Read more

Building a treehouse is a fun and innovative way to add extra space to your home and is definitely not just for kids! Whether you’re looking to build a quirky home office, a lavish guest house or a play area for the children, the possibilities are endless. Take inspiration from basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal who has an incredible treehouse speakeasy in the garden of his Atlanta home.

The great thing about building a treehouse is that you can design it from start to finish so that it’s right for you. You can even have a go at building a prefab treehouse yourself, but it is a big project to take on. It’s always best to consult a professional tradesperson who can cater to your size and budget. If you are wondering how much a treehouse costs to build, read on for more information.

How much does a treehouse cost to build?

ItemRange - lowRange - highAverage cost
Bespoke treehouse£5,000£80,000£42,500
Play structures£8,000--
Hobbit holes£8,600--

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The overall cost of building a treehouse will depend on a variety of factors. This includes:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Location
  • Preparation
  • Materials
  • Labour costs
  • Furniture and soft furnishings

The final use of your treehouse can also increase costs. For example, will you need plumbing or electricity in your treehouse structure? If you are using the treehouse as an office, then electricity is a must. Electricians cost on average £45 an hour. And if you need running water or a toilet, plumbers cost on average £50 an hour.

It’s hard to say what the cost of a treehouse is as they’re all so unique. It can cost anywhere between £5,000 – £80,000 to build a treehouse. For a prefab playhouse, the cost starts at £8,000, whilst a Hobbit Hole is £8,600 upwards and a full treehouse starts from around £10,000.

Prefab treehouse cost

Buying a prefab treehouse is a good way to keep overall costs down. However, it does still involve construction, so unless you have those skills and are confident, it’s worth getting a professional in to install the structure. That way, you can have peace of mind that it’s built safely and correctly, and will therefore stand the test of time.

Find the treehouse builder for you

Treehouse styles Treehouse cost

The overall cost of your treehouse will depend on the style you choose.

  • Square treehouses are more traditional in style.
  • A-frame designs have a luxurious cabin feel.
  • Hexagon treehouses are great for space.
  • Octagon treehouse styles are good for creating a larger treehouse space.
  • Double-decker treehouses are perfect for an extraordinary, multifunctional space in the trees.

Treehouse safety

Alongside the design and cost to build a treehouse, safety should be an important factor. It is recommended that your treehouse should be no more than 10ft from the ground. As well as this, you should have fully enclosed platforms and a safety rail to prevent any falls or accidents. A professional installer will be aware of the regulations and factor this into your build.

Another important safety factor to consider is the location of the treehouse. Be sure to choose a sturdy tree that is healthy and strong enough to withstand the installation of a treehouse structure. A professional will be able to take this worry away from you and will know how to use the correct methods and materials to maximise the safety of the treehouse. A safe space is a fun space for all the family to enjoy.


Do I need planning permission to build a treehouse?

As a treehouse is an external additional structure, you may require planning permission prior to installation, so always be sure to check with your local authority first.

How long will a treehouse last?

If built correctly by a professional, your treehouse should last between 10-25 years. Be sure to complete regular maintenance, such as wood protection, roof maintenance and repair any damage from animals who may also enjoy nibbling or nesting on your treehouse. Your Checkatrade professional can always help with treehouse maintenance too.

Do I need a tree to build a treehouse?

It is totally possible to build a treehouse without a tree. All you need is to substitute the support. For example, you could use pressure-treated post supports that are buried deep enough to support your structure. You just need to ensure that the posts are adequate to withstand strong winds and are treated for ground contact.

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