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Washing machine repair cost guide

When your washing machine breaks it can be a complete nightmare. Laundry can quickly pile up, so you’ll want to get your washing machine fixed sooner rather than later. In this guide, we look at the average washing machine repair cost for a number of common problems.

It’s often hard to know what the problem is without the help of a professional. And, if it’s outside of the machine’s warranty period, the repair will come with an unexpected expense you hadn’t planned for.

Many common issues can be easily fixed by a washing machine expert. That said, there are some occasions when you’ll want to consider replacing the machine instead of paying out for the cost of washing machine repair.

Washing machine repair job (supply and fit)Range - LowRange - HighAverage cost
New door seal£79£102£86
New motor brushes£63£99£79
New motor£201£275£230
New pump£89
Drum repair£100£250£175

How much does washing machine repair cost?

The cost of washing machine repair depends on the problem and also the make and model of the machine itself. In general, washing machine specialists charge a standard callout fee and then will charge for parts and additional labour on top of that once they know what needs fixing.

The total cost of the repair work will also vary around the country. As a guide, here are some of the common washing machine repairs costs.

To supply and fit a new door seal with cost about £86. If it’s the drum that’s in bad shape, that can be a bigger job. The average washing machine drum repair cost is around £150.

To supply and fit new motor brushes on your washing machine, the cost will be about £79 on average. However, if the motor itself needs to be fixed then you’re looking at an average washing machine motor repair cost in the region of £230 – which might warrant you replacing the machine instead of repairing it.

Another common problem with a washing machine is the pump, which can cause a number of issues. On average, the average washing machine pump repair cost is around £98.

Other washing machine repairs costs include circuit board repair, transmission repair, timer repair and belt repair. For detailed information and accurate prices for the repair work speak to your local washing machine specialists.

Find a washing machine repair expert near me

cost of washing machine repairFactors affecting the cost of washing machine repairs

The price of your washing machine repair will depend on a number of key factors:

  • Age of the machine
  • Make and model
  • Type of problem
  • Type and quality of parts needed (official manufacturer parts cost more than generic equivalents)
  • Cost of labour
  • Any emergency callout fee
  • Where you live

Common washing machine problems


If you notice that your washing machine’s drum is full of water at the end of the cycle then there’s a problem with the machine’s drainage. It could be caused by a blockage in the drain pump, or the drain hose may have something stuck in it.


Sometimes a washing machine won’t spin. The load will end the wash cycle but then it won’t start spinning. This could be an issue with the balance sensor, the drum draining, drive belt, or even a problem with the motor. It’s therefore worth getting your local washing machine specialist to take a look.

Excessive shaking

Nearly all washing machines will shake or vibrate to some degree, it comes with the territory. However, if your machine is bouncing, vibrating excessively or making a lot of unusual noise then that could be a problem. A common solution is making sure the machine is on even ground, as that can cause it to wobble and shake unnecessarily. If that fails, time to call a professional.

Bad odour

Have you noticed that your clothes or sheets smell funny after a wash? This could be caused by dirt or a limescale build-up in your washing machine that needs cleaning. You can often fix this problem yourself with a thorough clean of all accessible parts of the machine, regularly putting on a hot maintenance wash, and leaving the door open after each wash.

washing machine motor repair costShould I repair or replace my washing machine?

This will depend on the age, make and model of your machine – and the cost of the repairs needed. If the repair is minor and fairly inexpensive then we would always recommend getting it repaired. However, if your washing machine is old and the repairs are going to cost hundreds of pounds then it might be time to say goodbye and buy yourself a new machine.

New machines are now much more affordable than in the past, and their energy efficiency is much better than old machines too.

Useful washing machine repair checklist

  • If you notice an issue with your washing machine, first speak to a local specialist to see if you can fix the problem yourself.
  • Before hiring a professional tradesperson to fix your washing machine, check if it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or retailer’s guarantee. If so, speak to them first to organise the repair.
  • For problems that need professional repair, contact a number of local specialists to get fair and competitive prices for your washing machine repair.
  • If you need an emergency repair, be prepared to pay an additional fee for a speedier service.
  • Always hire a tradesperson with relevant experience and relevant qualifications or accreditations.

Find a washing machine repair expert near me

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Find a washing machine repair expert near me


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