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Wheelie bin cleaning prices

Wheelie bin cleaningHow much does wheelie bin cleaning cost?

Whether you need your domestic landfill, recycling, green or other wheelie bin cleaning, or have commercial waste containers, there are lots of companies dedicated to bin cleaning that can help.

These companies will wash, sanitise and deodorise your bin. By killing 99.9% of all known germs with biodegradable chemicals, they keep your bin safe and smelling great.

Domestic bin cleaning costs between £3.99 for regularly monthly cleaning and £12.50 for one off cleaning.

Commercial bin cleaning prices range £8.50 – £47.50 depending on the size of the bin and cleaning duration.

Benefits of having your wheelie bin professionally cleaned

By having your bin professionally cleaned you can stop it from becoming a health hazard. You’ll prevent the spread of diseases, as well as reducing the chance of vermin and pests entering your bins. This is especially critical for areas where bins are only collected every 2 weeks and the rubbish has a long time to fester between collections.

Getting wheelie bins cleaned to a high standard removes stains, smells and excess waste. This includes not just your own rubbish but that from other bins that gets added to the outside during routine collections.

It’s important to note that some items cannot be removed such as flue, paint and tar.  The cleaning process also won’t fix damage done to the bin such as through staining or burning.

The depth of leaning ranges from hand cleaning – essential for first time cleans – to dedicated trucks that in some cases can clean the bin in less than 30 seconds!

You’ll even be helping the environment too. Most suppliers bring their own water, that is recycled, filtered and sanitized, ready for the next job. In some cases, this can save as much as 100 litres of water from being wasted.

Row of wheelie binsHow often should I have my wheelie bin cleaned?

One off cleans are ideal if you move into a new property and the bin is in dire need of cleaning, or you are moving and want to leave the bin spotless for the next residents. Some services will even dispose of the waste in the bin for an additional cost.

One downside is that one off cleans take longer and can be hard to fit in with busy schedules so you may be waiting a while for an available slot. You’ll pay a lot more in you only book adhoc cleaning sessions and it’s something that’s easy to forget or put-off.

For more consistent cleaning, choose a regular service, ideally every 4 weeks. This ensures your wheelie bin is kept clean and odour free and you’ll save the most money this way. Prices for regular cleaning are around 60% cheaper than one off cleanings. It removes the hassle of arranging cleaning each time and by setting up a direct debit it’s one less thing to worry about.

Domestic wheelie bin cleaning prices

Cost per itemUnitAverage cost
Average domestic wheelie binOne off clean£9.99
Large domestic wheelie binOne off clean£12.50
1 bin cleaned every four weeks, on contractPer clean£3.99

One off

To get your wheelie bin cleaned at home as part of a one off clean, prices are typically:

  • Average domestic wheelie bin (180-240 ltrs) – £9.99 per bin.
  • Large domestic wheelie bin (360 ltrs) -£12.50 per bin.

This will vary based on your local supplier and demand in the area.

Regular cleaning

If you opt to have your bin cleaned every 4 weeks, this is significantly cheaper. You can expect to pay:

  • 1 bin cleaned every four weeks, on contract – £3.99 per bin.

Some suppliers charge for 3-12 months upfront, or rely on a fixed term contract, offering ever greater discounts than paying one month at a time. This can take the cost per bin down to as little as £3.00. So be sure to check the offers your local supplier has and where possible pay for the cleaning in advance.

The above costs are for standard cleaning, however you can choose to pay for deep cleaning (which costs about twice that of a regular clean) and decontamination cleaning (costs around 150% more). These are far less common but ideal when your bin need a serious clean or specialist care.

Commercial bin cleaning prices

Cost per itemFrequencyCost +VAT
(Range low-high)
Average cost
120 – 240L binOnce every 4 weeks£8.50 - £13.50£11
120 – 240L binOne off£13.50 - £19.50£16.50
600L binOnce every 4 weeks£17.50 - £22.50£20
600L binOne off£22.50 - £27.50£25
1,100L binOnce every 4 weeks£20.00 - £37.50£28.75
1,100L binOne off£27.50 - £47.50£37.50

For retail locations, offices, hospitals, schools and any other business, commercial bin cleaning is the ideal way to keep your site safe and clean. You’ll be helping improve the presentation of your business, whilst preventing pests and foul odours.

Using a professional bin cleaning service is a great environmentally friendly choice for any business too, especially one with a lot of bins. Contractors must be able to provide indemnity insurance and evidence that wastewater is disposed of in a legal fashion at specific authorised locations to meet water drainage requirements.

The cost to clean commercial waste containers and wheelie bins depends on the number of bins, their sizes, ease of access, what the bins are used for and how regularly you sign up to have them cleaned.

To help you calculate the commercial wheelie bin cleaning prices you can expect to pay we’ve compiled a handy table. This gives you average costs for a range of sizes from 120 – 1100 litres, as well as different schedules from one off cleans to cleaning every 4 weeks.

Call in the professionals

You may be considering cleaning your wheelie bin yourself however it’s important to remember that hiring a professional can save you time and hassle. Some specialists even offer free SMS reminders to put your bin out before they arrive. Or, can be scheduled to occur after the council have emptied the bin. You don’t even need to be home when the bin is emptied.

They are an essential service when bins have been contaminated with biological waste, or bags have leaked, to remove your own risk of being exposed to germs whilst cleaning the bin.

Depending on the professional you choose they may be able to provide other services, including waste disposal and recycling and even window cleaning.

How to choose a professional to clean your wheelie bin

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost to clean your bin our free search feature.

Key takeaways for wheelie bin cleaning

  • To get the best wheelie bin cleaning prices book a regular slot or bulk buy in advance.
  • For commercial bin cleaning, ensure they have the necessary insurance and wastewater disposal processes.
  • Bin cleaning costs are based on number of bins, locations, sizes and ease of access.
  • Using a professional saves time and hassle, whilst costing very little each month.

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