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Can broken blinds be fixed?

A broken blind is both inconvenient and unsightly. Learn how to fix all kinds of blinds and shutters in this handy post.

Window blinds work hard to offer us privacy, shield us from bright sunlight, and provide an extra layer of insulation.

Although relatively hard-wearing, window blinds are used so frequently, so it’s inevitable to have to fix broken blinds at some point. It may be either due to wear and tear or damage.

Can broken blinds be repaired?

You may be glad to know, blinds can be repaired in most cases.

Keep reading as we’ll guide you through how blinds are fixed. We’ll also teach you how to fix blinds of all varieties, including horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, and shutters.

First decision – repair or replace your broken blinds?

It’s often cheaper to repair than to replace a broken blind. But this depends on the damage and condition of your blind.

And generally speaking, it’s better for the environment to repair an item where possible, as it reduces the waste that goes to landfill.

In the section below, we’ll guide you through how to fix blinds (either DIY or what a tradesperson may do), focusing on some of the most common issues homeowners face.

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How to fix blinds string on horizontal blinds

If your horizontal blinds no longer go up and down as they should, there could be a problem with the blind string.

You can buy a repair kit from your local DIY store if you’re confident to give this a go yourself.

Alternatively, you can call in a professional blind fitter to repair your blinds for you. professional blind fitter

  • First, examine the blinds to identify any broken strings. Take a moment to look at how the strings are attached to the blind.
  • Carefully remove the blind from the window. Normally, once you take off the cover at the top of your blind you can open the clips and lift the blind out.
  • Lay the blind on a flat surface.
  • At the bottom of the blind, there are caps that cover the cords. Open the relevant cap and gently pull out the broken string.
  • Once the broken blind string has been removed, feed the new replacement string through the hole where the cap was.

Tip: for single string blinds the replacement string needs to be two times the length of the blind + the width. If your blind has a double string, the replacement string needs to be three times the length + the width.

  • The string then needs to go through the holes in each blind slat, weaving over and under the ladder strings all the way to the top of the blind.For blinds with a single string (typically on metal blinds) weave over and under the ladder string every three slats.For blinds with a double string (more common with wooden/ faux wood blinds) weave over and under the ladder string on each slat. (The ladder strings are the thin strings the blinds sit on).
  • Tie a knot in the blind string at the bottom of the blind, cut off the excess and replace the cap.
  • Take the top of the blind string and push it through the headrail and into the pulley. Now tie the string to the other pull cord ends. If you find this fiddly, use a pair of pliers to help you.
  • Test the new blind string works and fix the blind back in place on the window.

Tip: use a lighter on the ends of the blind strings to stop them from fraying. 

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How to fix the pull cord on horizontal blinds

Here’s our step-by-step for how to fix a blind cord. This is the part of the blind responsible for drawing the blinds up and down, fixed at the end by a tassle.

  1. Measure the length of replacement cord you need. Scroll up for our tip on how to calculate this.
  2. Follow the steps above to remove the blind from the window, lay the blind on a flat surface, and remove the relevant cap on the underside of the bottom slat.
  3. With the cap removed you can gently pull the old cord out a little.
  4. Connect the new cord to the old cord using a lighter to melt the two ends together. Roll the cords in between your thumb and finger to weld the two pieces together.
  5. Carefully pull the old cord to guide the new cord up through the blinds towards the headrail and out through the pulley.
  6. Continue doing this until the new has completely replaced the old and you have the desired length of pull cord hanging out of the headrail at the top of the blind.
  7. Cut the cord where you connected the two pieces with the lighter. Feed the pull cord through the pull tassle and tie a knot to secure it in place.
  8. Tie a knot in the other end of the new cord on the underside of the blind and replace the cap.
  9. Fix the blind back in place on the window.

Please make sure you follow the government advice on child safety devices for blinds that have a looped cord.

vertical blinds

How to fix vertical blinds

Some of the common repairs for vertical blinds include repairing a broken pull cord, replacing broken carrier clips, restringing the blinds, and replacing broken valance clips.

While it is possible to buy a blind repair kit to attempt these jobs yourself, vertical blinds can be sizable and heavy and can therefore prove quite tricky to work with.

We advise contacting a professional blind fitter to complete the repairs for you.

To learn how to fix the pull cord on vertical blinds where the cord has fallen out of the headrail, read on.

  • Remove the headrail cover.
  • Using a ladder, climb up so you can see down into the headrail.
  • Rethread the string up through the hole in the underside of the headrail.
  • Fix a pull tassel to the end of the cord and tie a knot to secure in place.
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How to fix a roller blind chain

Here’s how to fix a roller blind chain that has broken or come off its tracks. roller blind

  • Remove the roller blind from its fixings. You can normally do this by pushing in the pin on the opposite side of the chain.
  • With the blind removed, take the clutch off the end of the blind. This is the part that has the chain on it.
  • Remove the connector from the chain if there is one and pull the chain out of the clutch.
  • Holding the clutch so that the barrel is at the top and the base facing down, take your replacement chain and feed it into the left side of the clutch.
  • Press the chain into the pulley teeth.
  • Rotate the pulley teeth and pop the chain into the teeth as you turn it.
  • The chain should now come out of the right side of the clutch.
  • Put the clutch back on the blind and rehang the blind in position.
  • Connect the two ends of the new chain with the connector.

How to fix shutters

If you have a damaged or broken slat in your shutter blind, we recommend you contact a professional shutter blind installer for your repairs. Shutter blinds are costly, and the last thing you want to do is cause more damage while trying to do the repair yourself.

If you do wish to go ahead, you will need to: professional shutter blind installer

  • Snip off the staple that attaches the broken slat to the push rod. You will need pliers for this.
  • Then, take a wallpaper scraper and ease it between the end of the broken slat and the inside frame of the shutter.
  • The slat should come away from the shutter.
  • Remove the pins from either end of the slat. One is fixed and one is spring-loaded.
  • Insert the fixed pin into one end of the new slat and fix this end in place.
  • Insert the spring-loaded pin into the shutter frame. Depress the pin so you can slide the slat in place.
  • Insert your replacement staple through the staple on the push rod. Apply a little superglue to the end of the staple and push it into the holes in the slat.

How much does it cost to repair broken blinds?

The good news is, it’s cheaper to repair broken blinds rather than replace them.

On average, you’re looking at about £40 per hour for window blind repair.

The cost to repair broken blinds will vary depending on the type of blind, the type of damage, and the extent of the damage.

Please take a look at our post on the cost of blind repairs for more information.

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