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What is a curbless shower and why are they so popular?

So, you've heard someone, or a few people, mention to you about their dream for a curbless shower, and now you're wondering what it is? You're not alone. This modern, zero-entry shower style has grown in popularity. Read on to learn what it is, the pros and cons, and how you can make it work in your bathroom.

What is a curbless shower?

A curbless shower – also known as a zero-entry shower – is a shower without the raised entry point (or curb), traditionally found at the entrance to the shower.

The shower floor appears level with the rest of the bathroom and is separated by a glass panel, with or without a shower door.

Is a zero-entry shower worth it?

It is if you’re looking for a smooth transition from the bathroom floor to the shower area. Curbless showers are not only great for accessibility, but they also provide a sleek and modern aesthetic too.

There are more benefits (and potential downsides) of a curbless shower.

curbless shower with grey accents

Are curbless showers a good idea?

There are many pros of a curbless shower, which we’ll outline below:

  • Accessibility. The seamless entry and exit of a curbless shower makes it ideal for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility, kids, and elderly family members
  • More spacious. A curbless shower gives the appearance of a larger and more open bathroom space
  • Easy maintenance. With fewer edges and corners for grime and dirt to accumulate, curbless showers are easier to keep clean
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Curbless showers are undoubtedly sleek and modern and can add a contemporary touch to any bathroom style

The downsides of curbless showers

However, there are a few disadvantages of curbless showers too:

  • Privacy. With no door or shower curtain, there is less privacy with a curbless shower
  • Cost. Curbless showers tend to be more expensive than traditional showers, plus you will need to tile the entire bathroom
  • Containment. Water from the shower is less contained and can therefore splash out onto the floor if not designed or installed properly
  • Colder. Similarly, without a full enclosure, more heat will escape, meaning curbless showers can feel colder

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Is a curbless shower right for your bathroom?

Their modern design and easy accessibility make curbless showers a great option, especially for those with mobility issues. But are they suited to every home? Not every home, and for two reasons.

Two of the main considerations to check a curbless shower is right for your bathroom are:

  • Design and installation
  • Style and aesthetics

Let’s dig more into these two considerations.

Design and installation

One of the key factors when installing a curbless shower is proper drainage.

Without the threshold of a traditional shower tray, it’s essential to incorporate a sloping floor to guide the water to an adequate drainage system.

Within the shower area, the floor must be slightly sloped from the entrance of the shower towards the opposite wall. A linear drain running the length of the shower floor where the slope ends will then guide the water safely away.

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Style and aesthetics

If a curbless shower is a viable option in your bathroom, you’ll be pleased to know there are a variety of styles to suit all tastes and decor:

  • Contemporary and elegant

Keep your design sleek and minimalist with floor-to-ceiling glass paired with high-quality fixtures and fittings.

Frameless shower doors will add to the modern, seamless aesthetic.

Accessible shower with frameless panel and door

  • Industrial chic

Concrete, wood, or exposed brick will deliver an edgier style.

Pair with black metal fixtures and minimalist accents to nail this look.

Industrial shower with seamless entry

  • Natural and serene

For a more spa-like sanctuary, incorporate stone or pebble flooring with an earthy or neutral colour palette.

A rainfall showerhead and soft, subtle lighting will complete the look.

zero-entry shower with spa feel

  • Vintage and charming

A more traditional look can be achieved with decorative tiles around your curbless shower.

Antique fixtures and taps will complete the vintage vibe.

Considering a wet room? Check out our post on shower trays vs. wet rooms to help you decide.

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