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Expert tips for lawn care in the autumn

Investing in lawn care in the autumn will encourage a strong, healthy lawn the following year. Want a lawn to be proud of? Read on for our expert tips for autumn lawn maintenance.

A little lawn care in the autumn will pay dividends the following spring when you’re greeted with a welcoming blanket of luscious green turf.

Proper care and maintenance during autumn will help to ensure a healthy lawn that can withstand the challenges of winter. Here, we’ll show you how.

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The importance of lawn care in the autumn

Lawn care in the autumn is more important than you might think.

Having weathered the summer heat, your lawn now needs a bit of prep before it lies dormant in the winter months ahead.

Investing some time in your lawn now will lay the foundations for a healthier, greener, and more resilient lawn in the coming year.

1. Recovery from summer stress

Summer can take its toll on your lawn. Higher temperatures, drought, and increased footfall can cause your lawn to become stressed.

Autumn is the perfect opportunity for your grass to recuperate and regain its strength.

2. Strong root development

Just because your grass doesn’t appear to be growing as fast during autumn, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty going on beneath the surface.

Focusing on root development at this time of year will encourage a deep, robust root system that will sustain your lawn during winter.

3. Weed and pest control

Autumn is the ideal time to tackle weeds and control pests.

Treating and removing weeds now will prevent them from going to seed and taking hold of your lawn. Similarly, addressing any unwanted pests will stop them from causing any further damage.

Weeds in the grass

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Lawn care for autumn: our top 7 tips

Show your lawn some love during autumn to give it the best chance of surviving the harsher months ahead and flourishing in the spring.

Our top tips for autumn lawn maintenance include:

1. Watering

  • As the weather cools, reduce the frequency of watering to twice per week, but increase the duration to give the lawn a good soak. Deep watering will encourage healthy root growth
  • The best time of day to water your lawn is early morning, between 6 am – 10 am

2. Mowing

  • Grass growth slows in mid-summer, so mowing can become more infrequent
  • Raise the height of the cut on your mower. This will help the grass to withstand the last of the warmer weather and be more resilient to being trodden on when the wetter weather arrives

3. Scarification

  • If you have lots of unwanted moss on your lawn, scarification in autumn can help to reduce it
  • Apply a moss killer a few weeks before you scarify your lawn
  • Smaller lawns can then be scarified with a garden rake, while a machine scarifier can be hired for a larger garden

Lawn scarification

4. Aerating and top dressing

  • Aerating your lawn every few years helps to alleviate soil compaction. This allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots, promoting stronger root growth
  • Smaller lawns can be aerated with a garden fork, while a machine aerator can be hired for larger gardens
  • After aeration, apply a top dressing evenly to improve drainage and boost root growth

5. Raking and dethatching

  • Thatch is a layer of dead grass and organic matter that accumulates between the soil and green vegetation. Rake regularly to remove this along with fallen leaves and debris

Raking leaves off a lawn

6. Fertilising

  • Apply a feed rich in potassium and phosphorus to provide essential nutrients for your lawn. This will strengthen roots and enhance disease resistance
  • Don’t be tempted to scatter leftover summer feed over your lawn; this could leave your lawn vulnerable to disease
  • Your lawn feed or fertiliser should be applied after aeration and scarification but before top dressing

7. Overseeding

  • Overseeding will help to fill any patchy or bare areas and keep your lawn lush and thick
  • Choose a grass seed suitable for your region and soil type
  • Apply in early autumn while it’s still warm enough for your new seeds to germinate

Seeding the lawn in autumn

Find a local expert to help with your autumn lawn maintenance

Finding the time and energy to care for your lawn yourself can sometimes be a challenge. So, why not hire a professional near you to get your lawn in good nick this autumn? Check out our guide to hiring lawn care and grass cutting services to learn more, or browse our articles on the cost of lawn aeration and lawn scarification.

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