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Doorbell installation cost guide

Thinking about getting a new doorbell installed? The chime of a new visitor will become a mainstay in your day-to-day life, so choose wisely. Today, the doorbell market ranges from old-fashioned models with custom rings to modern systems that incorporate cameras and voice technology. Since most of us aren’t qualified doorbell technicians, it’s best to call in the help of a professional to get it fitted. But what does the average doorbell installation cost?

In the following guide, we cover prices for Nest, Ring and other doorbells along with the price for the installation.

Once you’re ready, head on over to our free search tool to get a quote from a qualified tradesperson near you.

Doorbell installation cost

Type of doorbellUnitAverage Cost
Standard doorbellRetail price£10-£60
Ring Video DoorbellRetail price£89
Nest HelloRetail price£200

The new age of the intercom is upon us. Gone are the days of the single-purpose doorbell that simply alerted us to visitors. Google’s Nest or Amazon’s Ring are examples of systems that give us the ability to see who is at the door and communicate with them over our mobile devices. The average doorbell installation cost is broken down into the technology itself and the labour costs for installation. Altogether, you’re looking at an average combined price of £350. 

Below, we look at the prices for the two most popular models to help you budget for the job.

What does the average Ring doorbell installation cost?

The average cost to install a Ring doorbell is a reasonable amount of £160. The Ring Video Doorbell is designed to make neighbourhoods safer by connecting to your WiFi and sending real-time notifications to your phone or tablet when someone is outside your house. It retails at a price of £89, with a further £2.50/month or £24.99/year for advanced features. Together, that’s a total upfront cost of around £250.

LabourTime takenAverage UK cost
Standard doorbell installation1-3 hours£80-£200
Ring doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 - £200
Nest doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 - £200

What does the average Nest doorbell installation cost?

The Google Nest doorbell (the Nest Hello) comes as part of the Nest home security system. It replaces your existing wired doorbell and sends a HD video stream of your doorstep straight to your phone. That way, you can see when visitors, parcels and takeaways have arrived within the app. The device itself can be purchased for £200, but Nest offers a professional installation package which takes the total to approximately £330.

Top tip: Before choosing this package, we recommend getting some quotes from professionals in your local area as they may be able to do it cheaper.

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ring doorbell installation costCan I buy a Ring doorbell without a subscription?

All Ring doorbells can be purchased without additional cover or subscription. However, if you want to take advantage of their recording feature, this will require a subscription fee of £2.50/month. 

Which is better: a wired or wireless doorbell?

Homeowners typically favour the wireless doorbell when having an old one replaced as it is much easier to install. A wired doorbell can be quickly replaced by a more modern system that connects to your mobile device.

Can I install a doorbell by myself?

If you have experience with electrics or have worked in the construction field, installing a doorbell is a relatively straightforward process. If you are inexperienced with electrics, or not particularly comfortable dealing with the latest tech, it would be recommended to consult with a professional installer or electrician.

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