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How to lay grass

Want to know how to lay grass successfully? Follow these steps to growing grass seed and preparing your lawn for sod.

Growing lush green grass takes time, patience, and dedication. By sticking to this step-by-step guide, the final result will be a neat, orderly lawn, and a calming addition to your outdoor space.

When is the best time to sow grass seed?

Grass seeds require consistent temperatures of 8-10 degrees and above to germinate. The best time to sow grass is generally between mid-March to September when these temperatures are usually occurring.

Be sure to check the two-week forecast before sowing grass seed to avoid any dramatic drops in temperature.

The tools you’ll need to grow grass

  • Grass seed – we recommend 50g of seed per sq m
  • Plastic cup
  • Scales
  • Garden canes
  • Topsoil, manure, or compost (optional)
  • Weedkiller (optional)
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Watering can, hose or sprinkler

How to lay grass step by step:

  • Rake or dig the soil over and sprinkle topsoil if your soil is of poor quality
  • Remove weeds by hand or use a weed killer
  • Rake the area to get a level seedbed
  • Use a plastic cup to weigh out 50gs of seed
  • Using garden canes, separate the area into 1m squares and scatter 1 50g cup of seed evenly into each square
  • Rake the seed into the soil
  • Press down by foot, or a roller if you have one, and give it a good water

If you’re feeling a slight sense of unease or confusion about laying your grass, then we have a team of experts on-hand to help. After all, they do this on a daily basis and will guarantee a high quality finish!

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Tips on how to plant grass seed successfully

  • Sow between March and September when the temperature is ideal.
  • Continue to water daily for six weeks.
  • Try to avoid exposing the lawn to too much wear and tear during the first season.

How to prepare your soil for sod

If you’d rather lay sod, or turf as it is also known, then these steps will help your prepare your area ready to lay a beautiful lawn.

The tools you’ll need to prepare your soil for sod

  • Rake
  • Weedkiller (optional)
  • Topsoil, manure, or compost
  • Rotavator (optional)

Easy steps for preparing your soil for sod

  • Clear your soil of debris, such as rocks and stones
  • Kill any weeds by hand or with a weedkiller
  • Rake the area to create a flat surface and fill any holes
  • Add a thick layer of topsoil over your existing soil to create a healthy base for the sod to grow.
  • Press the soil surface by foot, or rotavate the soil for the best results. Hiring a mini rotavator will cost approximately £38.34 per day.

How to lay sod step by step

  • Lay the turves on the soil and stagger the joints to create a brickwork pattern and overlap them slightly. If it’s a big area, work off a large plank of wood, such as a scaffolding plank, to avoid walking on the turf.
  • Use a spade, long knife, or old hand to cut off any excess turf and create a clean edge. Then, carefully bang the turves all over with the back of the rake to ensure they make contact with the soil.
  • Finally, give the whole area a good water.

Interested to find out more? Check out our in-depth guide to laying turf.


How much does it cost to lay grass?

Grass seed will cost 50p per sq m compared to turf that will cost roughly between £4 per sq m and £8 per sq m, depending on the quality, the quantity, and the delivery charges.

How long does grass take to grow?

Your lawn will take up to 6 weeks to fully establish. Once there is even coverage throughout the lawn and grass blades are hitting heights of 5-7cm, your lawn is ready for its first mow.

I’m confused, can I get some help?

Of course, we have a team of professionals gardeners and landscapers who can help you.

Search for them below.

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