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Bedroom carpet ideas: Floor your guests with these impactful designs

When it comes to considering what bedroom carpet ideas and options are available, we’ve got you and your floors covered. Your carpet is the last thing your feet touch before you slip off into dreamland. So, making sure it sets the mood for a good night’s sleep is imperative.

So, how do you find the right carpet? Of course, you’d like one that fits your needs and style. However, other considerations such as soundproofing, heat retention and durability are also worth taking into account.

Thankfully, we’ve put together some top trends and designs to help you make the right decision. Keep scrolling for some renovation inspiration.

Incorporate some luxury bedroom carpet ideas

Luxury bedroom carpet ideas

A bedroom carpet is a finishing touch to your bedroom. Choose between plush, soft, warm, soothing, durable or renewable. However, always consider your exact needs before making a final decision.

This gorgeous bedroom is kitted out in neutral tones. The interest is saved for the textures in terms of ceiling panels, down-lights and colourful accessories, leaving the carpet to lift the space and open it up.

For smaller rooms, keeping the decor light and bright gives the illusion of more square footage.

Take a look at our small bedroom ideas for further inspiration.

Two-tone carpet ideas for your bedroom

Carpet and rug duo in neutral bedroom

A plush grey carpet is the ultimate statement piece this year. Not only does it hide a multitude of sins, but it’s also easy to keep clean.

Why not pair it with a shaggy rug like these homeowners? The two-tone contrast is a great way to add interest to your bedroom floors and brighten up the decor.

If you’re interested in a professional carpet fit, check out our carpet fitting cost guide for a full breakdown of prices.

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Elegant carpet ideas long pileLong pile carpet ideas for bedroom ambience

Inject some luxury into your bedroom with a long-pile carpet. This stunning silver example brings both comfort and class to this contemporary bedroom design.

The monochrome effect, with a white ceiling, black wall panels, white lamps, a silver carpet and matching silk bed linen combines various textures without overpowering the space.

Why not read about how to revamp your flooring: Top tips for more inspiration?

Stay on-trend with these stylish grey carpet bedroom ideas

Grey carpet ideas in neutral bedroom

Opting for practicality and durability doesn’t mean compromising on style. This hard-wearing low-pile design is perfect for areas with lots of traffic.

As these homeowners clearly spend a lot of time in their bedroom, they’ve chosen a carpet with smaller fibres and a flatter surface to help keep things clean and low-maintenance.

We particularly like the cream carpet borders that curve around the feature fireplace, adding a touch of interest to an otherwise minimalist design.

Keep it clean with cream carpet bedroom ideas

Cream carpet in clean and pretty bedroom

Powder fresh designs and minimalist aesthetics are making comeback. Turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis that coerces you to relax and unwind after a long day. All you need is a blush coloured carpet that transports you to a world of peace and harmony.

This flat-weave example is a perfect addition to this white and peach bedroom aesthetic. Soft, dreamy and oh-so-serene, we’re already ready for bed!

Why not hire one of our professionals to help you get the look?

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Hard wearing modern carpet ideas for your bedroom

Consider hard-wearing modern bedroom carpets

When it comes to choosing your bedroom carpet, the type of material you opt for matters. This chevron low-pile carpet is hard-wearing, versatile, and tread-proof. It also offers a natural aesthetic for those looking for an on-trend Scandinavian vibe.

Paired with a rug made from hessian fibres, the two tones complement one another nicely, drawing attention to the show-stopping floating bed and backboard design element.

Why not hire one of our professionals to help you get the look?

Brown bedroom carpet ideas with yellow storage trunk at the end of the bedBring on the brown revival with these brown carpet bedroom ideas

Who said brown was boring? We don’t know either, but whoever said it was missing a trick, as brown is making a comeback this decorating season.

Want to know a secret?

It’s all about the hue! This chocolatey, velvety, plush carpet oozes luxury and style. And did we mention it was brown? Yep, we told you it wasn’t boring.

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Bedroom carpet colour swatchesBedroom carpet colour ideas

Whether you’re opting for one-tone, two-tones, patterns or floor art, keep in mind that your carpet covers your entire room. That means you need to make sure the rest of the decor complements your floor.

If you opt for a darker shade, consider pairing it with lighter coloured wall paint. Whereas, if you opt for a neutral or blush coloured carpet, you can get away with bolder wall paint choices.

The trick is knowing which bit of your bedroom is the feature and which bit is the supplement.

Bedroom paint and carpet ideas

Champagne colour bedroom carpet and paint ideas

For your carpet and wall colour to match, consider what you’re working with. For example, smaller rooms benefit from closely matching lighter shades that help open up the space. Conversely, larger rooms can get away with more daring carpet and paint choices.

One way to incorporate interest is to match bolder paint colours to your carpet, but only paint the matching colour a quarter of the way up the walls. This creates a ‘box’ effect for a touch of design elegance. You then paint the rest of the walls a neutral colour.

Alternatively, divide the room using a white skirting board, then match your carpet and paint colours for a glamourous finish. (As shown on the right).

Bright and bold childrens bedroom carpet ideas

Kid's bedroom carpet ideas

Throw caution to the wind with a bright and durable carpet design for your kid’s bedroom. Keeping the space fun, inviting and hard-wearing is a matter of making smart design choices.

Pick colours that easily disguise stains, such as blue, grey or green, and choose a short-pile option made from easy-to-clean fabrics such as wool, polypropylene or jute.

Finally, decorate the rest of the room to match the desired aesthetic.

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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