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12 home interior arch design ideas

Whether your home is modern, classic or somewhere in the middle, nothing will set off your interior design quite like an arch. Here are 12 interior arch design ideas that’ll help you create your dream space.

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Arches have been around for way longer than any of us can remember. They first cropped up as early as the second Millennium BC. But it was the Romans who mastered the art of the arch – using them in bridges, aqueducts and even homes!

You might think that this would make them a thing of the distant past. Yet they’re making a comeback! And it’s no surprise why – arches can make your walls look taller, add a classic twist to your design and even soften the harsh, sharp lines we’ve grown used to in our homes.

If you’re thinking of adding an arch to your home – or you want to bring out the best of one that’s already there – check out these 12 interior arch design ideas to get your brain whirring.

1. Make your interior doorway arches pop with light and dark

First things first, using colour is a fantastic way to accentuate your interior doorway arches and draw the eye into the space beyond. Here, the pops of pink that are visible through the arch create a rich contrast with the dark grey of the wall in front. This helps to add depth and mark the area out as its own separate space.

interior arch design idea for bedroom

2. Bring some texture to your arch

Arches aren’t all about doorways – they can also make unique focal points in themselves. The arch here has been created using ultra-modern wood slat wall panels. This brings a rich texture to the space, which is further highlighted by the warm natural materials that are found throughout the room.

Interior arch designs

3. Make it into a curvaceous headboard

The focal point in any bedroom is the headboard – so, where better to add an arch? This one is set back and painted a darker colour than the wall in front. In this way, it’s become a cosy and inviting haven, ideal for bedtime!

Interior arch design on-trend

4. Use paint for a cost-effective interior arch design

If you don’t have the budget to create an interior doorway arch, one cost-effective solution could be to use paint. These big, bold arches have been painted onto the wall in contrasting colours, to make a fun focal point. It’s a modern twist on the classic arch which is sure to add personality to the home.

interior arch design inspiration

5. Go classic with arch windows

Arch windows can make a striking feature in both contemporary and traditional homes. The three large windows in this image are reminiscent of a classic orangery, which would originally have had large windows spaced along the south-facing wall. In this way, they add a romantic touch, while also serving to bring in plenty of light.

interior arch design white

6. Accessorise with indoor archway decorations

Styling your arch in the right way is key to making it work as hard as it can in your space. Here, the arch neatly frames a large bunch of dried foliage, adding texture and a natural touch to the room. The calming blue tone of the arch is also echoed in the elegant side table, which is itself arch-like in shape.

interior arch design for living room

7. Make an impact with big and little arches

Why just stop at one arch? This room truly makes a statement with its two arches side by side – one big and one small – and the circle cut into the wall beside them. It’s a playful interpretation of a classic design feature, which works particularly well in this contemporary apartment.

Interior arch design living and bedroom arch

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8. Opt for a slick interior arch design for your hall

Hallways are transient spaces in the home, made for passing through. Adding an interior doorway arch is a great way to bring depth and intrigue to your hall, while moving the focus to the promise of what awaits beyond. In this design, you can gain just a small glimpse of another room peeking through the arch, helping to keep an element of privacy while hinting at the bright living space to be found through it.

Interior arch design white hall

9. Frame the view

Another arch window to make it onto our list, the one here makes a dramatic focal point in this galley kitchen. Its black frame provides a striking contrast to the muted colour pallet of the units, worktops and walls. This combined with the fact that it’s a full-height window really helps to capture attention and frame the stunning view that can be found beyond the kitchen walls.

Interior arch design ideas

10. Add nods to your arch elsewhere in your interior design

If you’re embracing arches in your home, think about how you can incorporate them elsewhere in your decor too. This will help to make your arch feel like a central design element, rather than an incidental feature. For instance, here, the elegant arches of the fitted storage are echoed in the curved mirror across the room.

Interior white arch

11. Restore an existing brick arch

If you live in a period property, you might be lucky enough to discover an old brick arch. Not only are they visually stunning, but repairing your brick arch if it’s cracked or starting to fail is vital, as they can help to support the upper floors of our homes. The bright white walls in this image really help the original arch to pop, highlighting that old-world charm that money can’t buy.

Interior arch design near cupboard design

12. Go all out with arches in your conservatory

Last but not least, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can only add arches to the bricks and mortar parts of your home. Arches can elevate pretty much any space – and can help you to make your conservatory into a real showstopper! If you’re thinking of adding or refurbishing a conservatory, opting for arch windows can add a classical vibe to the space that’s ultra-elegant.

Modern interior arch design

Key takeaways

  • Arches can add character to both contemporary and traditional homes
  • As well as interior arch doors, arches can be used to create a striking focal point on a wall or window
  • Incorporate arches and curves into other elements of your interior design for a unified look
  • If you’re on a budget, consider creating an arch using paint. For best results, we’d always recommend hiring a professional painter and decorator
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