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Playroom ideas: All things bright and beautiful

Are you searching for playroom ideas? Would you like some top tips and trends to get you started? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have all the bright and beautiful design trends to spark your children’s imagination and enrich their playtime.

Read on for creative solutions and perfect colour palettes.

Getting creative with children’s playroom ideas

It’s all about the den

Adaptable playroom ideasTipis, tents and playhouses are making a comeback. Adding one to your playroom for your kids to incorporate into their playtime ignites their imaginations and helps them get creative.

Add a theme

Work with your kid/s on this one. Ask them what their favourite colour is, whether they’re fairy, pirate, space or ocean centric, or if they’ve got a favourite programme that you can base your scheme on. The trick is to keep the decor simple and easily changeable, which saves you the expense as they grow and their tastes inevitably change.

Bright and beautiful

Children love patterns, colours and vibrancy. This doesn’t mean you have to veer into ‘garish’ territory, but it does mean getting a little braver with colour clashes and splashes. To make it easier to adapt, consider keeping the colours to wall stickers, rugs, shelves and accessories. If the rest of the playroom is neutral, it won’t take long to change it up.

Incorporate child-sized furniture

Although playing on the floor is fun for a short while, having somewhere to colour-in, host a tea party, put together a puzzle, build lego or play with clay is good for their knees and posture. Consider incorporating adorable pint-sized furniture, like this elephant table and chairs, to transform a playroom.

Benefits of a playroom

Organza playroom curtain ideas in muted decorPlayrooms offer several benefits – some of which might surprise you. Here are 6 of the most common.

  • Playrooms enrich and encourage children’s cooperative play, creativity and ability to entertain themselves
  • A playroom with a good toy storage system helps keep your house tidy while teaching them life skills and accountability
  • Playdates are much easier when there’s a dedicated area for interactivity
  • Organising toys and keeping child-focussed items in one room makes them easier to find and enjoy
  • Playrooms that are separate from your child’s bedroom helps encourage routines
  • There are no limits when it comes to decorating a playroom compared to the rest of your house

Different types of playroom decor ideas

Colours and what we associate with them matter. Designers, artists and marketers all strongly believe that colours affect our mood, feelings and emotions. There’s even an area of psychological study that focuses on colour therapy, so it makes sense to keep it in mind when thinking about kids playroom ideas.

When decorating your child’s playroom, consider the following:

  • Playroom ideasPastels for tranquillity
  • Warm oranges for creativity and happiness
  • Splashes of yellow for stimulation and warmth
  • White or neutral tones for peace and cleanliness
  • Purple for imagination and confidence
  • Pink for nurture and kindness
  • Brown woods for security and strength
  • Muted blues for productivity and stability
  • Splashes of red (use sparingly) for energy and confidence
  • Green for tranquillity and comprehension
  • Black for boldness, although we don’t recommend using this hue in a child’s playroom as it’s too muted
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Playroom ideas for toddlers

Memory wall

Playroom ideas for toddlersWhy not add a large pinboard so your child can add all their favourite drawings, photos, stickers or paintings? Give them a corner of the playroom that is solely theirs to decorate, and let their creativity shine.

Reading nook

Think big cushions, lots of throws and casual soft toy storage! Add a bookshelf or wall caddy and fill it with all their favourite books to lure them to learn whilst having fun!

Accessible storage

Add some easy-to-reach storage solutions to keep the playroom organised and interesting. Also, consider introducing a tidy system (such as one toy out, one toy away) to help teach your child about accountability. This also reduces overwhelm because, instead of having several options laid out before them, they have to think about what they want before finding the right toys or tools to accomplish their ambition.

Check out our toy storage ideas for more inspiration.

Dress up corner

Whether you’re looking for girls playroom ideas or boys playroom ideas, a dress-up corner is gender-neutral. Why not install a pegboard or rack to hang the dressing-up clothes on and let them pick and choose depending on where their games take them?

For more unique ideas, check out our carousel content below.

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Like what you see? We have plenty more where this came from. Check out our blog for more ideas, inspiration and how-tos.

Playroom ideas

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

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