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How to grow your construction business

If your construction business is doing well then you’re probably looking for how to grow your company further. Here are our suggestions for the best ways to grow your construction business for greater results.

Growing a construction business

It goes without saying that running your own construction business is both a challenging and rewarding task. And eventually, even for sole traders, the only way you can expand is to grow.

However, growing a construction business comes with its own set of challenges.

From where to focus your growth plan to what construction apps to use to make your work easier, there’s a lot to consider. Which is exactly why we’ve created this guide!

With our tips in hand, you can start to grow your construction business as soon as today.

How to expand your construction company

With expansion on the horizon for your construction company, there are several business areas you’ll need to look at. Not only that but what’s required for construction businesses to grow will be different for each one.

Generally speaking, your construction business will likely benefit from one area of consideration more than the others.

However, we still recommend looking into all of the following aspects when growing a construction business:

  1. Growing your team – it never hurts to have more staff for larger projects, so you might want to look into recruiting new employees, apprentices, or subcontractors, or training a member of staff to become a construction manager full-time
  2. Focusing on specific types of work – becoming a specialist in certain areas of work will allow you to specialise, bringing in a wider customer base
  3. Covering a larger service area – all businesses can reach more customers by casting a wider net
  4. Increasing revenue – boosting the amount of leads you generate and jobs you win is a sure-fire way to increase business growth

Business development for construction companies

Now that you know the key spots you should look at when growing a construction company, let’s examine them closer. After all, you can’t grow in these areas if you don’t know what’s needed.

Here are our top tips to grow your construction business in these areas:

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1. Growing your construction team

To take on more work and generate more revenue, chances are you’re going to need to grow your team. But while this might seem an intimidating idea if you’ve never managed anyone, it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, building a bigger team can be one of the greatest steps for growing your construction business. From taking on larger projects to acquiring skilled individuals to help you specialise, the benefits aren’t to be missed.

Here are our top tips for how to expand your construction company team:

  • Hire good people – a generic statement but one that’s worth raising time and again. Always make sure you hire the right person for the role and your business. Carry out thorough interviews to assess their skills and give them a trial period to see their competency and if you get on with them personally
  • Start with subcontractors – if you don’t think you’re ready to take staff on directly, then making use of qualified subcontractors is a great choice instead. Not only will they have the experience you’re looking for, but if things go well, you’ll have industry contacts you can turn to again for future projects
  • Take on apprentices – all new tradespeople need to start somewhere. Taking the time to help apprentices learn the construction trade can be rewarding in many ways, not to mention the fact that they’re a great way to ease you into hiring full-time employees

Of course, even if you only take on a few new employees, learning the hiring process can be tricky. Why not read our article on how to hire employees for more advice in this area?

2. Focus more on certain types of construction work

By specialising in specific types of building jobs, such as training some of your team to become dry liners, you could see an increase in demand for your services.

Not only that but by specialising in this way, you can corner the local market. That way, customers have to come to you for that kind of work

Here are some ways you can tap into niche construction work in your area:

  • Identify building needs in your area – the best way to specialise your construction work is to do some research into what sort of building needs are in demand in your local area. Once you know what they are, you can fill these gaps
  • Invest in specialist building equipment – you can’t do any job without the right tools, so if you do find an area to specialise in, make sure you update your current construction plant to do the work properly
  • Look into learning new construction skills – upskilling as a tradesperson is an incredibly potent way to boost your company’s growth. For example, learning how to create a construction phase plan can go a long way towards improving our team’s efficiency. You can also take a look at what construction courses are on offer in your area and consider signing up for those that interest you
  • Expand your trade network – word of mouth is as powerful as ever when it comes to getting new construction work. This makes building a strong network of trade contacts particularly important for finding both domestic and commercial construction opportunities

Naturally, as you go about expanding in these areas, you want to make sure that your business is covered. Take a moment to read our piece on construction insurance to see where you might need to expand your cover.

Construction bookkeeper

3. Cover a larger service area

If you’ve found your local area lacks the required factors for good growth, then you should widen your work area. This will get your construction business name out there to more customers.

By offering construction and building services to a larger geographical space, you’ll be able to reach more potential customers.

Here are our best tips to grow your construction business by expanding outwards:

  • Decide where you want to cover – you should identify specific locations close to your regular work area that you want to cover. Whether these are new neighbourhoods or even a new town is up to you. Just be sure the sort of work you do is in demand in this new location
  • Let your customers know you’re expanding – again word of mouth is such a useful way to get new leads. And by telling your current customers that you’re expanding, they might recommend you to potential customers in your new area
  • Update your online advertising – whether you use Facebook, physical ads, or Google Ads, be sure to update them all to cover your new service area so that it’s easier for new customers to find you

And speaking of advertising, if you’re not sure how to do this, we have an article for you. Read our guide on construction marketing to learn all about how to do this properly!

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4. Increase your revenue

Okay, this last one is an obvious point. All businesses want to increase their revenue, and revenue is a key factor in growth.

Of course, to grow your revenue, you need to pull in more leads.

Here are our best ideas for how to expand a construction company with greater revenue:

  • Marketing and advertising – as we stated above advertising is a great way to find new clients. And new clients mean new leads. So, make sure you invest properly in both physical and digital marketing to reach the widest customer base possible
  • Encourage reviews – few things do wonders for increasing business revenue than a good review. So, no matter what jobs you’re doing, always ask your customer to leave a review so others can learn about the good work you do and enhance your reputation
  • Deliver quality work – it doesn’t matter what trade you specialise in, you should always look to be doing your work to the highest quality possible. That way you can earn more repeat customers and new business alike

Looking for more help in this area? Why not read our guides on lead generation and winning new business? They have plenty of useful information to help you in this area.

How to grow a construction company

Growing a construction business successfully with Checkatrade

And there you have it; you should now have plenty of tips to get started on growing your construction business. But did you know that you can make this even easier with Checkatrade?

Signing up to Checkatrade is one of the easiest ways to get your business discovered by millions of people online. And even better, it’s a great place to showcase your work, business credentials, and customer testimonials.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our vetting process and signing up. Don’t forget to visit our trade blog as well. We have plenty of articles like this one, such as how to start a building business.

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Growing a construction business FAQs

How do you attract construction customers?

All of the methods we’ve mentioned above are great ways to attract new construction customers. However, marketing, advertising, and quality work are certainly areas you should place your focus on.

Of course, you can also find plenty of new customers when you sign up to Checkatrade. We’re the largest online trade directory in the UK! Meaning you’ll easily be able to find new clients in need of construction work.

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