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What you need to know about the importance of email communication in business

When replying to emails, etiquette is important. When your customer has a good experience, they’re more likely to use you again for jobs, pay on time, and even spend more. Read on to see the importance of email for your trade business.

Although estimated to have 4.3 billion users by 2023, the importance of email seems to be missed by many. Large quantities of spam and marketing emails means that people tend to favour other forms of communication.

However, get email communication right with your trade business, and you could win more jobs, make your customers happier, and enjoy more opportunities.

What is the importance of email?

Simply put, the importance of email communication in business cannot be understated. It is a form of contact trusted by many of your customers and other homeowners.

These days, everyone has such busy lives, so many homeowners are likely to email an enquiry before phoning. Especially if the work needed is not an emergency.

Member Andy Murray from A Jude Heating and Plumbing had this to say:

The way I benefit the most is by replying to customers as soon as I get the alert through on the phone. Customers love the promptness. And more often than not, that good first impression gets me the job.

It is also worth mentioning how vital email and SMS are for people with hearing issues. An estimated 1 in 5 people adults in the UK have hearing issues (deaf, tinnitus or hearing loss), which equates to around 12 million people (source: RNID).

If people struggle with their hearing, then email and SMS are crucial for communicating. As tradespeople, you want to win jobs and get more work, but be aware that not everyone will want to (or be able to) speak over the phone.

Getting in touch

As with a phone, social media links and physical location, you’ll often find email addresses listed online. Mastering email could be key for your business when it comes to winning more jobs.

There are a number of reasons why you should be looking to make email a key part of your business:

  • Chosen method of getting in touch by some
  • Necessary communication for people that are deaf or have hearing loss
  • Helps avoid misunderstandings
  • Gets a job confirmed in writing
  • Quick and easy
  • Gives your business a professional image
  • Improves credibility
  • Maintains relationships over longer periods

Not everyone is comfortable using email. Either for homeowners, or among the trade community.

However, realising the importance of email could unlock new possibilities for your trade business. Whether that is through email marketing, newsletters, or simply as another popular form of communication.

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Why is it important to reply to emails quickly?

When it comes to replying to emails, etiquette is important. And also, fairly simple. When it comes to answering a customer, the golden rule is to reply with their given method.

  • If someone phones you, they’d probably like to be called back
  • If someone messages you on Facebook, they’ll probably be looking for a reply there
  • The same goes for email

Another thing to remember is, where possible, a quick reply goes a long way. Whether its for a smaller or larger job, you can get happier customers just by getting back to someone sooner rather than later.

Why prompt responses are important

When it comes to emergency callout jobs, like leaking water for plumbers, the smell of gas, or the electrics going off, timing is crucial. People value speedy responses.

That is where email can really help your business:

  • Email can be sent and received almost immediately
  • Email is either free or low cost
  • Email can show you as being efficient and productive
  • Emails from customers tend to not be for emergency jobs – so would be larger projects
  • Email is a chosen form of communication for many

The positive impact of email

Another thing to remember is that customers can give you good reviews or bad reviews.

Nearly half of all people check reviews before making a purchase or choosing a service. That means that a quick and speedy email reply is more likely to get you a good review and look better for others.

If you’re going to use email for your business. Why not do it well? It will definitely benefit you in the long run. But how?

What are the benefits of good email communication for your business?

Better communication looks good for your business. Getting back to people quickly shows the importance of email to your business.

But its not just for your customers, getting the hang of emails can actually provide benefits. Especially in the long term. It has been shown from studies that companies that provide good customer experiences can increase their revenue by up to 8% above others in their area.

Some of the ways that you can benefit from better email practice:

  • Gives good customer experience
  • More likely to get positive reviews
  • Higher chance of quoting for work/winning jobs
  • Convenience of time for both sides
  • Instantly work outline, schedule or costs in writing

Unlike a phone call, writing an email isn’t always convenient. And for some people, such as tradespeople with dyslexia, writing an email actually becomes a challenge.

However, the key is good communication. Even if its an automated response to say you’ll be in touch via phone, getting back to an email shows your business in a good light.

But what’s the best way to write an email?

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How to write an email to a customer

When you’re writing an email, there is no set formula. It could be short; it could be long. It depends on the context.

That means that when you’re writing an email to a customer, there are some key points to follow. Rather than a template to use.

When putting an email together, make sure that:

  • Your message is easy to understand
  • Your message includes all necessary information
  • Your message is accurate
  • Your message saves a customer time
  • Your message builds goodwill
  • Your message includes your business branding or contact details

When you’re investigating how to write an email to a customer, you may come across a number of websites giving advice. Just remember to be clear, kind and considerate, and as a form of communication, it will really do wonders for you.

Whatever the original message, when someone writes you an email, chances are they want to hear back the same way. And promptly too.

When to get help with emails

If you need help writing emails, there are services out there such as virtual assistants who can actually do the job for you. Getting someone on board that’s great at admin means that you can focus on the job itself.

Whether you’re an electrician, plasterer, builder, carpenter, or anything in between, you’re a skilled tradesperson and have a certain skillset.

If that doesn’t include emails and admin, why not hire someone to help, or seek assistance? It will give your business a boost and help you win more work.

What technology makes email even easier?

If you’re a trade business owner and are looking to increase the number of jobs you’re doing, the answer is already at your fingertips.

You want to make sure that every one of your customers feels valued and heard, whether existing or potential. Getting a dedicated business email is so easy these days, that it becomes a no-brainer.

As technology gets better and easier to use, you might want to look at these options:

  • Smart phones – Simple apps with instant notifications can get your emails on site with you
  • Customer service response templates – these are emails that you can set up for certain interactions, such as thanks for payment, quotes, invoices, or job outlines
  • Autoresponders – these are automatic emails that get sent out if you’re unable to answer straight away. For example, if you’ve got a busy work day, are on holiday, or prefer to communicate through the phone

With so many people out there wanting (or needing) to use email, mastering it will ultimately help distinguish you from the competition. Recognising the importance of email will benefit your business and give your customers a great experience.


Why do people use email over telephone calls?

There are a number of reasons why a potential customer may choose email as their chosen method of communication. People with hearing issues, for example, may be put off if your business only communicates via the phone.

Why is it important to reply to email?

If a customer, or a potential customer, has chosen to email you, it looks much better to get back to them the same way. And if you can, a prompt reply looks better for your business too. It gives them a great customer experience.

When is it appropriate to use email for business communication?

As a standard form of getting in touch, people might want to email you. Responding in the same way is definitely appropriate. There is also a lot to be said for email marketing as another appropriate way of communicating a message.

What is the role of email in customer experience?

If someone contacts you, how you respond will either give a good experience, or a bad one. The same goes for email. A great interaction with your business via email means they’re more likely to choose you. And then even more likely to use your services over and over again.

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Content disclaimer: This content has been created for general information purposes and should not be taken as formal advice. Read our full disclaimer here.

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