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Window fitters can save money by going green

The window recycling scheme from FENSA is free for all of its Approved Installers. In this article we look in more depth at what the scheme means for tradespeople.

The Fenestrations Self-Assessment Scheme (also known as FENSA) is a government backed organisation that regulates replacement double glazing companies. With a specific focus on replacement windows and doors, FENSA now offer a uPVC window recycling scheme.

Only available to FENSA Approved Installers, the scheme is free to use and helps the glazing industry be more sustainable.

There continues to be growing concern about the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Being able to reduce the number of window and door frames in landfill is helpful for everyone.

What is the window recycling scheme?

The scheme offers a way to recycle the frames of double-glazed windows and doors. This provides some peace of mind for both trades and homeowners.

Having a FENSA registered installer can reassure homeowners. For the eco conscious, they can also know that their window installer is doing that bit extra for the planet.

When replacing uPVC windows and doors, the old ones are taken away and recycled. The window recycling scheme aims to reduce wastage and associated costs.

Tradespeople will be able to see how much they have helped recycle. At the end of each year, FENSA will send out a certificate showing the amount of waste material you have saved.

How does the double-glazing recycling scheme work?

The recycling scheme focuses on the frames for both windows and doors. The glass will be taken glass out and the uPVC will be processed so it can be re-used.

The windows, door frames and offcuts are used to produce pellets of pure uPVC material. These pellets can be melted and moulded into new products. This could mean that old window and door frames become new ones.

The scheme works to keep old frames out of landfill. Being able to re-use the same materials multiple times means increasing the overall sustainability of the glazing industry.

Checkatrade members saved around £6m last year*

Benefit from savings for your trade business

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How can the scheme help save money?

Recycling prevents unnecessary waste. Due to window recycling, FENSA registered companies can now reduce their wastage costs.

As the frames will be recycled, it reduces expenditure on the cost of skips and waste disposal. At manufacturing level this also limits cost, as the price of raw materials no longer needs to be included.

The scheme therefore helps window and door businesses to save money.

You can pass on some of these savings to your customers as well, offering to recycle their old windows for free. Greater profit margins combined with being environmentally responsible is a win for everyone.

Why is the window recycling scheme good for the environment?

The average double-glazed window has an average lifespan of around 30 years. Through the recycling scheme, this could mean a single product could end up being used for much longer.

That means that if the uPVC in a window can be be-reused 5 times, this would stretch the lifespan in essence to around 150 years. That is a much smaller environmental impact.

Using double-glazing itself is proven to make a home more energy efficient. With less fuel and electricity needed to keep a home warm, that is also a smaller environmental impact.

On top of the windows themselves, the double-glazing recycling scheme is another incentive why window and door fitters can benefit from going green.

Checkatrade members saved around £6m last year*

Benefit from savings for your trade business

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the window recycling scheme work?

Rather than condemning old uPVC windows and doors to landfill, window fitters can now save money by going green. Instead of paying for waste removal, tradespeople can rely on FENSA to take old windows and doors away, recycling them into uPVC material pellets that can then be used to make new products.

What is the UK government window scrappage scheme?

There are currently no government grants directly for window and door replacement in the UK. There are several recycling initiatives and assistance programmes with government backing, however. The FENSA scheme can help tradespeople to reduce waste while fitting more energy efficient products for their customers.

What is a FENSA certificate for?

The standard FENSA certificate provides proof that your window and door installations are in line with current building regulations, are registered with the local council and use energy efficient products. There is a separate certificate produced annually for window fitters that are signed up to the window recycling scheme.

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* Year runs from April 21’ to March 22’. Spend based on 13,953 orders across 16 partners. Discounts differ depending on the partner. Products range from low value items to high value items. Total amount spent on Selco is estimated at £42,380,838 by 7,298 members and based on average savings per member from 2020/21. 10% discount. Some exclusions will apply on products.

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