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How to remove scratches from glass

Before beginning your repair, check how deep the scratches are. If scratches can be felt with your fingernail, it’s probably too deep for home repair. Consider professional glass or window repair for deep scratches or double glazing.

But, if the damage is minor, you might be able to remove the glass scratches with a little effort and some old-fashioned household products. 

Five top hacks to remove scratches from glass

Before you start any glass repair job, always thoroughly wash the glass and let it dry completely.

Don’t use too high of a water pressure though, as you may make the scratches turn into cracks.

1: Toothpaste or Pumice soap hack

Using toothpaste to repair glass is a simple and effective trick.

What you’ll need;

  • Regular toothpaste (one that contains baking soda or whitening agents)
  • Or, a slightly abrasive liquid soap, like pumice soap

What to do;

  • Add a small amount of either to a soft rag or microfibre cloth
  • Rub in circular movements with a bit of pressure for about 30 seconds
  • Use a clean rag to remove the excess
  • Repeat if needed
  • If this trick doesn’t work, call the experts or try another glass repair hack

2: Baking soda hack

Baking soda scratch removal sounds like an old-fashioned remedy, but it can be surprisingly effective at removing scratches from glass.

What you’ll need;

  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Microfiber cloth or soft rag

What to do;

  • Mix the ingredients in equal parts and stir until you get a thick, claggy paste
  • Use a wet cloth to rub the paste into the scratch in a circular motion with slight pressure
  • Wipe away the baking soda with a clean cloth and lukewarm water
  • Repeat if needed

3: Nail polish hack

Nail polish helps to hide isolated blemishes needing a singular application. However, nail polish can’t help heavily scratched glass.

Grab some clear nail varnish and paint over the scratch with the applicator brush. Only use a small amount at a time and add more if needed.

This technique needs at least one hour of drying time.

Use a soft cloth gently dipped in nail polish remover to wipe and remove the excess when the polish has dried.

4: Brasso buffer hack

Brasso isn’t just for polishing brass; it can also be helpful in repairing little surface scratches in the glass. Add a dab of Brasso Brass polish to a soft cloth, then buff the glass in circular motions until the scratches disappear.

But this hack isn’t suitable if you’re trying to repair deep gouges in glass.

5: Fine steel wool hack

Use superfine steel wool labelled #0000 steel wool. This is the finest grade, and it’s helpful for buffing out fine scratches.

Rub in a circular motion for ten minutes, then rinse away any residue and repeat if necessary.

Or 6: Get a professional in to fix your glass

If you’re having no luck with these hacks, or for deep gouges or chipped windscreens, consider professional glass repair, restoration or replacement before the situation becomes a headache.

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