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Aircon service cost guide

When the temperature climbs and a heatwave has us praying for rain, a working aircon system is a must-have. If you think your aircon needs maintenance, it’s best not to leave it to the scorching summer months. But roughly how much does aircon regas cost? Whether you’re looking to improve the airflow in your home, your car or your office, read on. We’ve put together a practical guide for the average aircon service cost to help you budget.

Commercial/residential aircon service cost

ItemRough cost
One-off aircon service£60 - £100 per unit
Annual service/maintenance cover£95+ per month

The UK may not be famous for hot weather, but in the last few years, we’ve seen temperatures soar to 30 degrees. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, a working aircon system can make all the difference in keeping cool. Home A/C units are designed not to need a recharge, but they will require maintenance to ensure they’re fully functional when the summer arrives.

For an aircon service at your home or workplace, you will be looking at a cost of around £60 – £100 per unit. Of course, the cost largely depends on the size of your units and your location in the UK.

aircon service costDepending on how much you’re using the AC, it could be more cost-effective to arrange for a monthly aircon service cost with your chosen company. This will cover you in case the unit ever breaks down and you need an emergency repair.

Prices for a monthly aircon maintenance agreement usually start around £95 per month.

Unless you’re qualified and experienced in handling aircon repair, we recommend you find a trusted aircon specialist to get a bespoke quote to suit your needs.

For residential or commercial aircon support, click HERE to find a tradesperson near you.

Get your car's aircon serviced from a local mechanic

Car aircon service/regas cost

UnitBallpark cost
Aircon regas and check£60 - £130
R134A gas£60
R1234YF gas£130

A car without a working aircon can be unbearable in summer. Getting the gas level checked and recharged regularly will ensure it’s working properly when you need it the most. But how much does it cost to regas car aircon?

According to our experts, the average car aircon regas cost will start at around £60.

Ultimately, the car aircon service cost will depend on the type of refrigerant gas your car uses. Most cars use one of two types of refrigerant gas: ‘R134A’ and ‘R1234YF’.

If your air conditioning system requires R134A gas, the aircon recharge cost is around £60. This is usually the gas used in cars manufactured before 2014. For vehicles that require R1234YF gas, the car aircon recharge cost is £130. R1234YF gas is the most environmentally friendly of the two and typically the gas used in cars made after January 1st 2017.

Get your car's aircon serviced from a local mechanic


How often does my aircon need servicing?

Conditions vary greatly between industrial buildings, offices and residential properties. Each situation will need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Generally speaking, we recommend getting it checked at least once per year.

How do I know when my car’s aircon needs a regas?

Not feeling the effect of the A/C? If your car’s aircon needs a regas, you’ll usually know by the lack of cool airflow in the car.  Manufacturers recommend getting it recharged at least every 2 years.

Aircon regas is not part of your MOT or car service, so it is something you would need to ask your mechanic to check for you.

What kind of refrigerant gas does my car aircon use?

Since the price for a regas on an R134A model is less expensive, you might be tempted to just go with this option. However, it’s not worth making a false assumption to get the cheaper price. The port to recharge the gas is different for both type, so you can’t simply take your pick. The differences can usually be guessed by the age and model of your car. Ask a tradesperson when sourcing a quote and they’ll be able to give you a price for a recharge.

Can I use car aircon in the winter?

Air conditioning is great for the winter as it can help you to de-mist and de-ice your car on those frosty early mornings.

Get your car's aircon serviced from a local mechanic

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Get your car's aircon serviced from a local mechanic