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Bed bug treatment cost guide

Why pay for bed bug treatment?

Getting bed bugs is very easy. They love to hitch a ride on clothing, bags or fabrics, and then travel back to your home. From staying in a home with bed bugs, or buying infested second-hand furniture, it’s very easy to pick them up. Getting rid of them is much harder, unless you use the proper treatment.

Cockroaches are not the only bug that can survive almost anything. Bed bugs are very tough to kill and unlike cockroaches, which tend to leave humans alone, bed bugs love to bite us.

These persistent pests can spread quickly too, and their resilience means you’ll need multiple rounds of treatment to get rid of them entirely. Paying for bed bug treatment ensures they’re fully gone and that no stragglers are left to lay new eggs. There are a range of elimination options, with different bed bug treatment costs, to suit all budgets.

How much are bed bug treatment costs?

Professional bed bug removal costsCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Inspection and assessment£60
Bed bug dry steaming cost£240 - £340£290
Bed bug chemical treatment cost£225 - £295£260
Bed bug heat treatment costFrom £525

Bed bug exterminator costs may be higher than you were expecting but this is precisely because of the hardy nature of these pests. They are notoriously persistent, and one treatment is rarely enough. Professional bed bug treatment options include multiple treatments over a couple of months to ensure they’re gone for good.

Some specialists even offer a bed bug removal guarantee. This includes free follow on treatments if any bed bugs are found within a certain time period after the main treatments have been completed.

Bed bug removal costs start from as little as £240 and rise to over £525 depending on the treatment method.

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Bed bug exterminator costSigns you might have bed bugs

To help you understand the extent of the problem, you should look out for specks of blood on your sheets, unappealing scents and signs of skin or faeces.

Adult bed bugs are 5.5 mm long (about the size of an apple seed) and a brown colour so you will be able to see then at this stage. However, young bedbugs are smaller, and a light white-yellow colour so are much harder to spot, so don’t rely on a visual inspection alone.

If in doubt, a complete inspection and assessment costs on average £60.

Ways to eliminate bed bugs

There are three main methods that professionals use to get rid of bed bugs – heat treatments, chemical sprays and dry steaming.

Heat treatments

This tactic includes treatment with hot air, ranging from using a hot box (where items are placed in a box and heated to a very high temperature) to raising the temperature of a room to such an extent the bugs are killed. This is the most expensive option but is appealing as it’s chemical-free and non-toxic.

Bed bug heat treatment costs from £525.

Chemical sprays

This is the cheapest type of treatment, and the one you’ll be most likely to use if doing this as a DIY project. Chemicals are applied to the affected areas, including the seams and joins on your mattress, so you are generally fine to sleep on them the same evening. Due to the chemicals, this is not a safe option if you have pets or fish.

The cost of bed bug treatment by chemical spray is £225 – £295.

Dry steaming

Similar to the heat treatment option, dry steaming involves killing bed bugs with high temperatures – in this case super-heated dry steam. Steamers are used on common problem areas in rooms and on specific furnishings. This is another natural solution for those looking to avoid the use of chemicals. The average bed bug treatment cost with dry steaming is £240-£340.

High heat washing

You can also play your own part by regularly washing bedding at a high temperature and drying it in a tumble dryer. This alone is not enough to remove all bed bugs but can help when combined with a treatment.

Bed bug heat treatment costFactors affecting bed bug treatment costs

The cost of bed bug removal is firstly based on the type of treatment, as shown above. You’ll also need to consider:

  • Level of infestation: How many bed bugs are present in the space and what stage of growth are they at? The more adult bed bugs you have, the greater the bed bug removal cost.
  • Size of area and rooms: Is it a single piece of furniture, a room, or the whole house? The greater the area the more time will be required and the more you’ll pay. Property size plays a role here too.
  • Emergency call-out fees: Once you spot bed bugs it’s hard to ignore them. Especially if you’re about to go to bed. If you need the problem fixed as an emergency then the cost of bed bug removal will be higher.
  • Location: Specialists in London and the South of England tend to charge a higher cost for bed bug treatment than other areas.

Can I treat bed bugs myself?

Based on their resilience and ability to hide in hard to reach areas, it’s recommended you hire a bed bug removal specialist. They are more effective, have access to stronger chemicals and heat treatment options, and can guarantee the problem is resolved.

To find a specialist in your area and get professional bed bug removal costs use our free search feature.


What happens if I do not remove bed bugs?

If the infestation is not contained it can spread to your family and friends (through you visiting them or vice versa), making it imperative it’s resolved quickly and to a high standard. In addition, bites from bed bugs can lead to pain, itching and even infections. With bed bugs able to lay up to 250 eggs a month, there’s no better time to solve the problem than today.

How can I prevent bed bugs?

Below are some of the most common methods for ensuring your home stays bed bug free:

  • Thoroughly inspect any second-hand furniture.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy to give them less places to hide.
  • Inspect any other beds you sleep in – e.g. at hotels and other people’s houses.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Regularly check hot spots.
  • Wash and dry clothes at a high temperature.
  • Use protective covers.

Useful bed bug treatment checklist

  • The risk of re-infestation is much higher if the job is not done properly, which will increase the cost of bed bug removal you need to pay later on.
  • Bed bugs are easy to get but hard to get rid of. Bed bug removal costs are worth the price so that you know the job is done well.
  • Consider if you’re ok with chemicals being used, or if you’d prefer a non-toxic option.
  • Check if your specialist offers a bed bug removal guarantee.

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