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Last updated on April 12th, 2023

Chain link fence cost guide

Installing a chain link fence is one of the most affordable ways to add a boundary to your property, and can add some much needed reassurance if you have pets or small children. In this guide we look at the average chain link fence cost in the UK.

Installing a chain link fence is one of the most affordable ways to add a boundary to your property, and can add some much needed reassurance if you have pets or small children. In this guide, we look at the average chain link fence cost in the UK.

Whether you’re sectioning off a part of your garden or using a chain link fence to surround the whole of your property, it’s useful to know what sort of costs you’ll encounter.

ItemUnitCost (Range low to high)Average cost
Fence installation hourly rateHr£25-£30£27.50
Fence installation day rateDay£200-£240£220
Chain link fencing 1.2m high per M£24-£29£26.50
Concrete posts 1.2m including settingEach£52-£62£57
Galvanisedmild steel angle post1.2m high Each£85-£94£89.50
Chain link fencing 1.8m high per M£31.50-£38£34.75
Concrete posts 1.8m including settingEach£72- £87£79.50
Galvanised mild steel angle post 1.2m highEach£92-£115£103.50
Average chain link fence cost (supply and install)-£530 - £2,000£1,350

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does a chain link fence cost?

The cost of your chain link fence will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Length of fencing needed
  • Height of fence
  • Strength and quality of chain link fence
  • The complexity of the installation
  • Any prep work needed
  • Where you live

Chain link fence cost per foot

The average cost of chain link fence is about £26 per metre, for materials only. On top of that, you’ll need to factor in the cost of the installation, which is around £220 per day.

When getting quotes for your new chain link fence from local tradespeople, it’s important to confirm what is included in the cost. Some fencing specialists might charge you a rate for the job as a whole, whereas some may charge by the hour. It’s worth clarifying these details before hiring anyone for the work.

The average day rate cost for a chain link fence installer is about £220 per day. An average fence installation will take one to two days, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

8ft chain link fence cost

The average cost for a chain link fence project varies considerably depending on the details of the job, but as a guide range, you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £530 to £2,000,  for supply and installing of the fence.

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Chain link fence types

There are 3 main types of chain link fence:

  • Galvanised
  • PVC or Polymer coated
  • Slatted chain link

As chain link fencing is made entirely from metal and prone to rust, a galvanised option is popular as it is more attractive and also more durable. Galvanised chain link fencing is more economical in price but PVC and Polymer options are seen as more attractive. Polymer chain link fences are coated with a powder coating that gives a slightly rubberised feel, whereas PVC options are coated in a type of coloured vinyl coating (usually brown, black or green). Both these options provide a more attractive look but are also very practical as they protect the fence from rust and weather damage.

Chain link fences provide a good level of security but are also more attractive and less obtrusive and are often used in gardens, where the trellis-like structure can be beneficial for climbing plants.

Chain link fence gate

In order to allow access, as well as a chain link fence, you will also likely need a chain link fence gate. These gates use the same material as the fence and are able to be hung either inline with the fence post and open 90 degrees, or behind the post to open wider to 180 degrees. Chain link fence gates comprise of a gate frame, the chain link cladding, key, lock and handles, hinge pins and bolts.

Chain link fence gates typically come in a standard width to fit a 980mm opening and are usually 50mm shorter than the frame height. There are also 2 standard heights for chain link fence gates – 6ft and 4ft.

When it comes to cost, a 4ft chain link fence gate will cost approximately £230, and a 6ft version will cost £300.

Chain link fence posts

Depending on the location and purpose of your chain link fencing, it is also important to consider the type of chain link fence posts you will need. The 3 most popular choices are:

  • Concrete
  • Angle Iron
  • Timber

Concrete posts are the most heavy-duty and therefore the most secure. Concrete chain link fence posts are naturally heavy and require concreting into the ground. Concrete chain link fence posts cost upwards of £50 each. Angle iron chain link fence posts are long flat pieces of metal in a right-angle shape, as the name suggests. These posts are more lightweight and therefore easier to install, but they still offer excellent durability. For an angle iron chain link fence post you can expect to pay £80+ per post.

Timber chan link fence posts are much lighter and a lower cost option but are not as suitable for offering higher security and protection. For a timber chain link fence post you can expect to pay between £10 – £20 per post.

As well as the standard upright chain link fence posts, you may also require straining or intermediate chain posts. Straining posts are fitted to stop the main upright post from being pulled in the wrong direction when tension is applied, and intermediate posts are used to help maintain the tension of the line wires, especially if there is a long area of fencing. Straining posts can cost upwards for £15 per post.

Chain link fence installation

The costs of installing a chain link fence will vary depending on the amount and length of fencing required, as well as the type of location and where you are in the UK – typically costs are higher in London and the South East. Chain link fencing also requires 2 people to do the work, and the more fencing that needs to be installed, the longer it will take. A typical price for chain link fence installation of 300ft is between £1,350 and £2,000.

Depending on the type and condition of the ground where the chain link fence is to be erected, you may need to factor in additional costs for any preparatory ground works and any clearing of these materials. If your chain link fence requires concrete, this will also affect the total price.

chain link fence costCan I install a chain link fence myself?

As far as DIY jobs go, installing a chain link fence is fairly straightforward. That said, it does require at least two people to carry out the work and it’s physically demanding – with lots of digging and sledgehammering needed.

If in doubt, we recommend hiring a professional fence installer to do the job. That way, you’ll know you’ve got a secure chain link fence in place.

Chain link fence quotes

If you’re considering a chain link fence, to help you make your final decision we recommend that you get a minimum of 3 quotes so you can compare all the options available to you. Getting a quote is easy, and you can start straight finding fencing specialists immediately by entering your postcode into our search feature below.

To make getting a quote for your project even easier, you can also use our request a quote service. Simply post the details of your project and we’ll send this off for you and send you 3 quotes from recommended tradespeople for you to compare.

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Chain link fence cost calculator

As you can probably tell, there are a number of different factors that will contribute to the total cost of your chain link fence. These include the size and height of the fence, the type of chain link fence you need, the type and condition of the ground and your location.

Useful chain link fence checklist

  • Decide on where you want to have your chain link fence and measure the distance to cover.
  • Before starting any fence work, check your property boundaries to make sure you’re not encroaching on your neighbours’ land.
  • Check for underground pipes or cables before you (or your tradesperson) start digging to avoid damaging them.
  • If you plan to build a fence taller than two metres, you’ll need to apply for planning permission.
  • Speak to local fencing specialists for professional advice and accurate costs.
  • Shop around for fair and competitive chain link fence costs.
  • Always hire a tradesperson with relevant experience and qualifications or accreditations.
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Working with professional estimators, we collate cost estimates for the common home improvement and repair jobs in the UK.

All the costs are estimates only. For accurate costs for your particular requirements, you are encouraged to reach out to professional tradespeople to receive a quote for your job.

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This was a fact-finding exercise for me to begin to understand what would be involved and how much it would cost to fence a large paddock. I found the article very readable and extremely helpful. I am pleased that it was checked this year to ensure the prices and general information had not gone out of date. Thank you.

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