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Garden clearance cost guide

Our gardens are a vital part of our homes and, depending on their current state, can either bring a sense of calm or one of stress. To help you with your project, we’ve put together this garden clearance cost guide to show average costs in the UK and highlight important considerations.

Tackling garden clearance yourself can be a difficult and time consuming job, so getting professional help is often a great solution.

Whether you need a regular garden clearance service (e.g. collecting grass cuttings or disposing of green waste) or help with a one-off clearance (e.g. after a large scale garden clean-up), hiring a garden clearance expert can help keep your garden neat and tidy with minimal effort – and may cost less than you think.

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Work requiredScopeCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Garden clearanceHourly£45 - £60£52.50
Garden clearancePer load£60 - £360£210
Overgrown garden clearance70kg (5 bags) - 900kg (60 bags)£55 - £215£135
Soil removalSkip hire£90 - £340£215
Green waste removalVia local council£47.50 - £70£58.75

How much does garden clearance cost?

The cost of garden clearance is affected by a number of key factors and are generally quoted per hour or per load, or even based on the particular type of waste to be cleared.

Assuming typical conditions however, the average garden clearance cost is £52.50 per hour or £210 per load.

Overgrown garden clearance cost

Once a garden is allowed to become overgrown it becomes more difficult and time consuming to clear. In this case it is more likely the job will be priced per load. On average the overgrown garden clearance cost is £135 based on 32.5 bags of waste.

Soil removal cost

Discarding excess soil is not as simple as hiring a garden clearance service. The most efficient method is to hire a skip. As such, the average soil removal cost is £215 for skip hire.

Green waste removal cost

Green waste can be removed by a clearance company but the most cost-effective way to do this is through your local council for a small fee. The average green waste removal cost is £58.75 but will vary depending on your location as every council charges differently.

Find a garden clearance expert near you

Skip for garden waste

Types of garden waste

Garden waste does not just mean green waste and actually covers a wide range of unwanted debris and rubbish. Certain types of items that are dangerous or very large cannot be removed by garden clearance services or may add on additional costs.

Some of the common types of waste include:

  • Grass clippings
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Weeds
  • Fallen leaves or blossom
  • Wood
  • Garden furniture
  • Builders waste e.g. glass, plaster, tiles etc.
  • Even, home appliances e.g. fridges, washing machines, TVs etc.

Different types of garden clearance

Every type of garden waste may need to be cleared in a different way and this will affect the timescale and cost. The most common types of garden clearance are as follows:

  • Green waste removal: This covers grass cuttings, hedge clippings and excess weeds & flowers. You may have bagged this waste yourself or you may choose to pay extra to a garden clearance service to gather this.
  • Leaf blowing: We are all familiar with the effect of the changing seasons on our trees and hedges, as they shed their leaves all over the garden. Leaf blowing involves gathering and clearing leaves and blossom.
  • Gutter cleaning: After months of rain and wind it is common for gutters to become clogged and for them to need to be emptied.
  • Rubbish removal: Following a garden project there will usually be waste that needs to be disposed of. Another scenario is when garden furniture is damaged or replaced and the old items need to be cleared.

Garden clearance in progress

Factors affecting the cost of garden clearance

Understanding how much garden clearance costs is not always as simple as a rough estimate and can be affected by many important factors. The most important of which is time and many of the factors affecting the cost are because of an increase in time required.

The most common factors affecting the cost of garden clearance are:

  • Amount: The greater the amount of waste to be cleared, the longer this will take, which will increase the hourly cost of clearance.
  • Type of waste: Some types of waste, such as grass cuttings (already gathered by lawn mower), are simple to collect. Others, like gutter waste (may need to be unclogged or be in an awkward position) are not. As such this will affect the garden clearance cost.
  • Weight: Heavier types of waste like furniture or bricks are more difficult to collect and will take longer to clear, thus increasing the price of removal.
  • Access: Difficult to reach areas will also take longer to clear and as such increase the cost.
  • Location: Garden clearance rates are often affected by your location. For example, services in London are usually more costly.

Can I clear garden waste myself?

This question is difficult to answer as it depends on a number of variables. For example, removing garden waste can be very arduous and time consuming so less able-bodied people may struggle with the job. Also, depending on the size of your vehicle it may take many trips to your local recycling centre and this will increase your overall petrol and time costs. Another issue is the type of waste you are removing as it may leak and damage or stain the interior of your vehicle which can mean costly cleaning or repairs.

In general, it is recommended that you hire a professional and this means all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch your garden be revitalised before your eyes.

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost for garden clearance use our free search feature.

Key takeaways

  • Types of waste include grass, leaves, wood and more.
  • Garden waste clearance services offer options such as gutter cleaning & leaf blowing.
  • The amount, weight and type of waste you are disposing of all factor into the total cost.
  • You may be able to clear garden waste yourself but this is difficult and time consuming plus risks the interior of your vehicle.
  • Local councils offer green waste removal services.

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