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Last updated on June 16th, 2023

Cost of moving a gas meter

If your gas meter is in an awkward location, you may need to move it. Find out the costs involved in doing so.

Why move a gas meter?

Gas meters serve an important role in measuring the volume of gas used in your home. Meter readings are then taken by your gas supplier, or yourself, to determine the amount of your monthly gas bill. Unfortunately, sometimes the placement of your meter can make it difficult to take readings and gain access.

Moving your gas meter can be a difficult and time-consuming process but may be essential during renovations, or if you’re lucky enough to be adding an extension to your home. If your gas meter is in the way of any structural work, then moving it could be the only solution.

Whether you need to move your meter due to accessibility or during building works, the process is much simpler and less invasive if its new position is less than a metre from its original position. Read on to discover up-to-date costs of moving a gas meter, tips for moving electric or smart meters, and important considerations.

Please note: You will need to contact your gas supplier to move your meter.

What is the cost of moving a gas meter?

Costs of moving metersCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Cost to move a gas meter- materials£400 - £1,000£700
Cost to move a gas meter - labour£250 - £350 per day£300 per day
Cost of moving an electric meter£137.50 - £1,062.50£600

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

While there are many factors affecting the cost of moving a gas meter, we will be looking at the range of prices you will most likely pay and average figures. It is important to note that the total you will pay to move your gas meter can be split into two amounts: the materials and the labour.

The cost to move a gas meter ranges from £400 - £1,000 for materials and £250 - £350 per day. The average cost to move a gas meter is, therefore, £700 + £300 per day.

Costs can increase by around 25% if a new meter box is needed and to fill the old space.

Why the distance you want to move your meter is important

As previously mentioned, it is much easier to move a gas meter up to 1 metre away than to move it further. The same applies to electric meters, anything over 3 metres is much more complicated than a distance of fewer than 3 metres.

Gas meters

  • If moving less than 1 metre, the meter can probably be moved by your gas supplier
  • If moving over 1 metre you will need to contact your gas transporter

Electric meters

  • If moving less than 3 metres, the meter can probably be moved by your electricity supplier
  • If moving over 3 metres you will need to contact your electricity distributor

Factors affecting the cost of moving a gas meter

With a wide variety of factors that affect the cost to move a gas meter, it is useful to consider the following when calculating the total amount that you will pay:

  • Distance to be moved: Anything over 1 metre is more complex and time-consuming
  • Time to move: The longer it takes to move your meter, the greater the labour cost will be
  • Changing connections or setting up new connections: Installing new connections is always more costly than changing current connections
  • Who is moving the meter: Depending on how far you are moving your meter, different companies will be needed. The cost of moving a gas meter will be affected by their rates
  • Plasterer or decorator cost to make good: Once your meter has been moved you will need to make good the space. This goes beyond standard painting and plastering, as you’ll also need brick/blockwork to be completed
  • Meter housing: If the meter box and housing are not suitable to be moved you will need to have a new one installed
  • Location: Your location can affect the amount charged by your gas professional. Areas with greater living costs such as London will have higher costs for any work completed by tradespeople

Cost to move gas meter in a home

Moving a smart meter

Although smart meters work in a slightly different way to traditional gas and electric meters, the process of moving them is quite similar. Due to this, the cost of moving a smart meter is comparable to moving a gas meter.

If you are planning to install a new smart meter it is worth giving careful consideration to where this should be placed. If you are planning to extend or renovate your home in the future, it is wise to install your new meter somewhere it will not be in the way of any building works.

Cost of moving electric meter

Cost of moving an electric meter

Similarly to moving a gas meter, the cost of moving an electric meter is affected by the same important factors. In certain circumstances, it can be cheaper to move an electric meter and the total cost of moving an electric meter will usually fall into the range of £75 - £1,000, with an average cost of £537.50.

Can I move a gas meter myself?

You should never attempt to move a gas meter yourself as this is not only illegal but very dangerous.

You will need to contact your gas company to move your meter.


How long does it take to move a meter?

It can take up to 4 – 6 weeks to move a meter due to application and preparation time.

Can I get my gas or electric meter moved free of charge?

In certain circumstances, if you are having trouble with the placement of your meter, you may be eligible to have this moved at no charge. The following are some of the groups of people who are exempt:

  • Those on the Priority Services Register
  • Those who are at an age to receive their pensions
  • Those who have a disability

Can I move my meter outside?

It is usually possible to move a gas meter from inside to outside, but it can be expensive if you are moving the meter more than 1 metre.

Useful gas meter moving checklist

  • You may wish to move your gas meter if it is difficult to access or in the way of renovations
  • The cost of moving a gas meter is affected by the distance it will be moved, the time taken and whether you wish to make good use of the space
  • It is also possible to move electric and smart meters
  • You should never attempt to move your gas meter yourself, you must contact your gas company
  • You may be eligible to have your meter moved for free
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