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Last updated on July 9th, 2023

Cost to remove a squirrel from an attic

Do you think you have squirrels in your loft space? They have become very common across the UK and are as much of an annoyance as mice and rats. Because squirrels are pros at climbing trees, they cause more damage than other pests.

Do you think you have squirrels in your loft space? They have become very common across the UK and are as much of an annoyance as mice and rats. Because squirrels are pros at climbing trees, they can cause more damage than other pests, chewing through outside furnishings such as woodwork, wadding, pipework, and guttering and they can cause even more issues if they manage to get into attics.

As well as carrying diseases, they’re a lot more destructive than the likes of rats when confronted. In which case, you’ll need to reach out to an expert pest controller to get rid of them.

Below, we’ll take you through how much it costs to remove a squirrel(s) from your attic, including what methods are used and more.

Cost provided itemUnitRange - LowRange - High
Cost to remove squirrel from atticBiocide spray£90£150
Cost to remove squirrel from atticBaits and traps£90£150
Cost to get rid of squirrels in atticSquirrel proofing£150£200

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

What’s the average cost to remove squirrels from the attic?

The cost to get rid of squirrels from your attic is roughly £90. Typically, this involves two visits from a professional pest controller, during which they’ll install traps and baits. You can also ask your pest controller service to erect squirrel proofing which could set you back a further £150+.

Once the treatment has been carried out, your pest controller will need to proof the property to stop a whole family of squirrels from moving in.

Biocide treatment

Given that squirrels can pollute attics, they present a health hazard. Most pest controllers offer an additional service where they apply biocide spray to your attic or wherever they’re present to remove the chance of disease.

cost to get rid of squirrels in atticOn average, this will cost £90 + VAT, but this depends on where you live. In serious cases, you may need to ask your local professional loft insulation service to replace the wadding in your attic space.

Do squirrels leave the attic during the day?

Yes, squirrels tend to leave the attic when it starts to feel too warm. Because loft spaces get warm very fast, squirrels won’t stick around during the warmer parts of the day, especially in the summer months.

Usually, you’ll hear squirrels scurrying around in your loft in the morning or early evening. Often, they’ll scamper around at dusk and again at twilight. Squirrels enjoy working either on their own on in groups to get into your loft. If they choose to work in a group, they’ll work in shifts, chewing from the inside of your loft to create their entry point.

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How much does it cost to remove a squirrel from the attic?

As mentioned above, it’ll cost anything from £90  £150 or more to have a squirrel removed from your loft space.

Will squirrels leave the attic on their own?

Unfortunately, squirrels won’t always leave the attic on their own, especially if they’ve given birth to a litter. If this is the case, you’ll regularly hear one of the parent squirrels leaving and entering the loft space to bring food to their babies.

You can stop this situation from happening by driving squirrels out as soon as you suspect they’ve arrived, to prevent them from setting up shop and giving birth. If you decide to cover up the final access point yourself once the parent squirrel leaves, it’s crucial to recruit the help of a professional pest management company, even if the squirrels are no longer alive.

The best way to remove squirrels from your loft or around the house is to get in touch with a pest control service. Not only will they know how to get rid of these pests, but they’ll also know how to make sure they – and other pests – remain outside.

Do squirrels stay in the attic at night?

If they’ve made a nest in your loft space, then squirrels will stay in your attic at night. You probably won’t hear them, though, as they aren’t active during the night, preferring to sleep like us. They’re active during the day, particularly at sunrise and at sunset when they’re scrambling around for food.

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