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Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Fire door installation cost guide

Although fire door installation may seem like a relatively simple task, a faulty installation can lead to disastrous consequences. All in all, DIY is not a risk worth taking. But how much does fire door installation cost when done by a professional?

Fire-resistant doors are completely vital in protecting yourself and other residents in the event of a fire. Depending on the kind of home you own, it could be a legal requirement. Although fire door installation may seem like a relatively simple task, a faulty installation can lead to disastrous consequences.

DIY installation is not a risk worth taking, so how much does fire door installation cost when done by a professional?

Read on for an overview of prices to help you budget for the job.

Fire door requirements

According to UK building codes, fire doors are essential for homeowners with either:

  • A two-storey home with a garage and door leading into the house
  • A new build property which has three or more storeys

If not fitted correctly, a fire-resistant door is nothing more than a standard timber door, and the need for compliance with stringent building regulation rules out DIY as an option. When hiring a professional to install your fire-resistant doors, always ensure the contractor is certified, experienced and familiar with the relevant code of practice.

Fire door installation cost

DescriptionCost - Range LowCost - Range High
Ply veneer fire door FD30 (supply)£65£80
Ply veneer fire door FD30 glazed (supply)£200£250
Oak veneer fire door FD30 (supply)£175£200
Oak veneer fire door FD30 glazed£235£600
Fit door£30£50
Wooden door lining (supply)£40£100
Fit standard lining set with minimal modification work£30£50
Supply and fit intumescent fire strip£10£30
Supply sign for door£1£5
Ironmongery supply and fit – hinges, handle, lock, bolt, overhead door closer£50£200
Kick plates supplied and fit per door£50£80

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Timber fire door costs

Timber fire doors, unlike steel fire doors, are much more common in homes across the UK. Steel doors are usually seen in commercial and industrial locations.

Take a look at the cost table for average fire door installation costs for internal fire doors.

Please note: All prices are based on a standard size single door. A joiner may charge a full day rate (circa £250 – £300) for the installation of one door if that is the only job required. It’s best to combine joinery jobs if possible to save a tradesperson travelling for just a small job.

Excluded from the price table are architraves, painting work, steel doors, external quality doors, significant modification work for frames/lining, building works. For accurate prices for your project, we recommend getting multiple quotes. You can do this by filling in our request a quote form.

Steel fire door costs

Steel fire doors are common in any commercial or industrial setting as an external door. The ballpark cost for steel fire doors is much higher than wood/timber. You can expect the cost for powder-coated steel fire doors (including the frame) to be in the region of £1,000 – £3,500.

The higher cost is typically for double steel doors rather than a single one.

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Key considerations when installing a fire-resistant door

  • Fire doors aren’t always available in all styles and finishes, but it may be possible to get a door that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Safety should be your priority, but we still recommend checking out the range of doors available before settling on a certain type.
  • Ensure you understand when fire doors are required. If in doubt, ask a professional.
  • Always have a specialist measure your doors and advise on sizes. Some fire doors can’t be planed down much in size.


cost of fire door installationHow long does it take to install a fire door?

On average, it takes around 2 – 2.5 hours for a professional to install a fire door.

Is a fire door a legal requirement?

All new buildings should come ready with fire doors installed that protect escape routes. If your home has more than two storeys, a fire-resistant door is critical in improving the safety of your building and complying with building regulations. Any door that leads to a stairwell should be a fire door, and there should also be a fire door between your home and garage. If in doubt, consult with a specialist to understand where fire doors should be fitted in your home. 

Can anyone install a fire door?

Theoretically, yes. However, incorrect installation can render a fire door virtually useless in its purpose. While there is a cost to install a fire door, it’s a small investment that can save lives. Always hire a professional to carry out this work for you.

Can you fit a fire door to an existing frame?

Frames usually require modification as fire doors are generally thicker than standard plain doors. Some fire doors often have ‘fire seals’ which have a groove inset in the frame/lining. A professional carpenter will be able to help adjust the frame to fit the fire door.

Fire door installation checklist

  • Always use a professional to install a fire door to ensure correct installation in line with building regulations.
  • Ensure your chosen fire door has the correct rating – the most common being FD30 and FD60.
  • Keep frame size in mind when purchasing the door, as they may need to be adjusted.
  • For full fire-proofing, ensure any fillers used are also fire-resistant.
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Hi Benjamin, it depends on the type of fire door you're being quoted for and your requirements. Our guide focuses on wooden doors, common for homes. To us, it seems like you may have been quoted for a steel door (which is more expensive). We would estimate that the costs you're receiving are for powder-coated external steel doors, including the frame. For steel doors (single or double), the cost will be anywhere from £1,000 - £3,500.

Benjamin Nunn

I have got more than 10 quotes for installing a fire door. All but two were over £2000, and many were £2500-3000. The cheapest was still £1200.


Hi Jason, thanks for getting in touch. Please use our free search feature to find a professional near you. You can either search with your postcode on this page or use our free search feature at

Jason smith

Hi I have a one bed flat with a old fire door fitted as a front door looking for someone to supply and fit a new door of possible

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