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Last updated on July 15th, 2022

Stay cool this summer

Long sunny days, evenings in the garden and alfresco lunches; summer has finally arrived in full swing. To help you make the most of the heatwave, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top jobs you can do to help beat the heat.

Summer has arrived!

Long sunny days, evenings in the garden and alfresco lunches; summer 2023 has finally arrived.

To help you make the most of the heatwave, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular jobs currently for homeowners across the UK.

Installing air conditioning

Air conditioningAir conditioning has hugely risen in popularity in the UK over the last few years. With heatwaves becoming more intense, people have needed a way to keep cool on those hot evenings in bed. And with more people now finding themselves working from home, air conditioning is a lifesaver for hot home offices.

The cost to install air conditioning in a house will depend greatly on the house itself and the type of air conditioning system you want to install, but on average, installing air con in a small home office is between £1,250 – £3,500. For a double bedroom, you’re looking at an average installation cost of £1,500 – £4,000.

Find out more in our air con installation cost guide.

Fitting a ceiling fan

If air con isn’t your bag then consider installing a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a great way of circulating air around the room and creating a breeze to cool you down. Added to this, they’re very economically friendly to run, costing less than a 100w bulb to run and equating to just pennies for a few hours of use.

A ceiling fan could set you back in the region of £275 for both the fan itself and installation. If you’re a fan of those low prices and cool evenings (see what we did there?), take a look at our ceiling fan installation cost guide for more information.

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Installing a swimming pool

swimming pool

Picture this; it’s sizzling hot, the music’s playing, you’ve got a cold beverage and your toes are dipped in a refreshing pool. It’s no secret that swimming pools are the hottest accessory of the summer.

If you fancy building your own slice of paradise without the need to jet off abroad to enjoy the poolside lifestyle, then you can expect to pay, on average, £85,000 for an outdoor pool and £115,000 for an indoor pool.

Take a look at our swimming pool cost guide if this sounds like something you want to dive into.

Fitting a hot tub

Okay, we get it, a hot tub is hot, and not exactly the best way to cool down, but a hot tub is brilliant for those summer nights when the sun goes down and you want to make the most of the garden.

A hot tub can cost between £760 – £1,270 a year to run (not including the cost of the hot tub itself) and if you’re looking to recreate the Love Island garden, take a look at our handy guide.

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Installing an irrigation system

lawn irrigation system

Take the labour out of watering your garden and treat your plants to an irrigation system.

Not only does it take on a job for you, but it also provides plants and lawns with the care they need over the warm summer months.

Checkatrade gardener, Ali Ahmad at Al’s Gardening Services told us, “investing in a sprinkler will improve the health of your lawn greatly.

The grass grows very fast this time of year (summer), and so is using nutrients from the soil very quickly, so add nutrients to the lawn with a granular fertilizer.

The cost of installing an irrigation system will depend on the size of your garden, where it’s being installed and if you’re having a sprinkler system or drip irrigation system, but you can expect to pay anything between £70 – £1,000 for installation.

Find out more in our irrigation system cost guide.

A fun idea for your pooch

Last but not least, and arguably, the most important project of them all, is to install a dog shower. A dog shower is the perfect way to keep your pooches not only cool, but clean too.

Find out more about the cost to install a dog shower in your home.

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