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Hot tub maintenance cost guide

After taking the plunge and purchasing a hot tub, it is easy to kick back and relax in your slice of luxury and forego the necessary routine maintenance.

Leaks, blockages and broken parts can be troublesome for new owners and can lead to hefty hot tub maintenance costs.  To save yourself the time, trouble and price-tag, it’s best to get your hot tub professionally cleaned and checked for problems regularly.

We’ve put together the following hot tub maintenance cost guide to arm owners with a roadmap for the lifespan of their tub and the costs associated with it.

Average hot tub maintenance cost = £2000
Average timescale = 1 day

How much does hot tub repair cost?

A hot tub repair can range anywhere from £1000 – £3000 depending on the complexity of the repair, material of the tub, and the condition of the existing parts.

On average the total cost of a clean, repair and service is £2000. Some repairs are more affordable than others, and this is dependent on the extent of the damage to your tub.

Hot tub leak repair cost

A leak in your hot tub can start out as a small annoyance but will lead to major headaches over the lifespan of your hot tub. Most hot tubs with a significant leak will soon become unusable and require a qualified tradesman to repair it.

On average, a hot tub leak repair cost is likely to be upwards of £1000.

Hot tub service cost

Getting a hot tub serviced on a semi-regular basis is a surefire way to minimise the risk of a costly repair bill later on down the line. A specialist tradesperson will charge an average of £210 for a call out, with a thorough deep clean included in the hot tub service cost.

Type of hot tub repair Average cost for hot tub maintenance
UnitAverage cost
Replacement jetsPer jet£61
Replacement thermostatPer unit£38
Labour of technicianPer hour£77
Clean and servicePer visit£210

*These are estimated, average costs. Our prices have been researched widely online by the Checkatrade team and represent a ballpark average for your proposed project. Costs may vary by region, the scope of the project and indeed by the products you plan to use.

Find a hot tub technician near you

Find a hot tub technician near you

hot tub installation cost guideTypes of hot tub

Hot tubs come in all manner of shapes and sizes. From a small PVC inflatable hot tub purchased online ranging all the way up to a full size swim spa, all tubs require a certain degree of TLC to ensure the good times keep bubbling.

The type you choose will usually depend on how much space you have and how large a budget you are willing to commit to an installation.

Swim Spas

Getting a Swim Spa installed requires solid foundations and a large open space. They are excellent for those looking to keep fit and relax at the same time.

Swim Spas cost between £16,500 to £42,000 on average; they are larger than conventional hot tubs and can be used to exercise and swim short distances.

The increased size, however, does come with higher running costs of roughly £6-8 per day due to the sheer amount of water and heat required to work perfectly.

Acrylic Hot Tubs

An acrylic hot tub is perfect for those who want a reliable but affordable hot tub. Available in many sizes, these tubs are easy to install and maintain whilst offering similar power and durability to those found in custom-built hot tubs.

Acrylic tubs energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, however they do lack the customisation of build found with an inground hot tub.

The cost to buy an acrylic hot tub can range between £3,000 and £15,000 for larger models, with running costs of approximately £2 per day.

Inground Hot Tubs

For those who are looking to combine excellence, efficiency and customisation, an inground tub could be a perfect choice. Inground tubs can be assembled individually, or as part of an in-ground swimming pool installation.

While the average range in upfront costs for an inground hot tub purchase typically sits between £15,000 and £40,000, this doesn’t take in to account the cost of labour to have it installed.

An inground tub requires skilled craftsmanship and therefore will generally be much more expensive than acrylic or wooden above-ground hot tubs. In addition, the day to day running costs are at the higher end of the spectrum at £10 per day.

hot tub jets - cost to maintain a hot tubCommon hot tub maintenance issues

Thermostat Repair

One of the most common hot tub maintenance issues is a broken thermostat. Being unable to accurately measure the heat of your tub can be frustrating, dangerous and costly.

Thankfully, replacing a thermostat is an affordable fix, typically costing £38 for the relevant parts and £150 – £200 for the installation.

Replacement Jets

If you have noticed a reduction in the power of your jets, there is a chance they may have become calcified due to hard water or have simply become faulty over time.

Replacement jets on average cost £61 each and the hot tub repair cost can rise depending on the hours of labour quoted from a tradesperson.

Leaks & Pump faults

Leaks will typically form around the pump, but can be found anywhere on the frame of your hot tub. If you discover a leak in your tub, you should contact a professional to ensure the leak doesn’t lead to further damage.

If a pump seal has become faulty, or another leak is discovered you may have to pay upwards of £1000 for a repair.

The importance of maintaining your hot tub

Maintaining your hot tub regularly lowers the long-term risk of blockages, leaks and broken parts. Although keeping on top of the maintenance can be tiresome, it will undoubtedly keep your hot tub maintenance costs manageable.

hot tub maintenance cost

Can I repair my hot tub myself?

It may seem like a quick fix, but repairing a hot tub is anything but straightforward to those unfamiliar with plumbing and electrics. As tempting as it may be to DIY to bring down the hot tub maintenance cost, new owners and novice technicians are strongly advised to avoid attempting home repairs.

Hiring a professional tradesman negates the risk of personal injury or unnecessary damages to your property.

Use our handy search bar above to connect with specialist technicians in your local area.

Hot tub maintenance cost breakdown

  • Hot tub repair costs can range from £1000 – £3000 for maintenance depending on the circumstances.
  • Leaks, jet failure, and thermostats are common sites for maintenance. We recommend getting clued up on the basic hot tub maintenance tasks ahead of purchase for general day-to-day upkeep.
  • Getting your hot tub serviced and cleaned will typically cost £210 on average. The best way to keep hot tub maintenance costs down is to regularly have your tub serviced and cleaned.
  • Hot tub repairs should not be carried out without the assistance of a trained professional