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New door frame cost guide

Looking to install a new door frame due to damage, to increase security, to match a new door or simply to refresh your living space?

Or, maybe you’re renovating your home, adding an extension or even moving the position of the door and frame?

Whatever your reasons, we can help you calculate the cost of a new door frame. Below, we’ve compiled a complete guide including all the essential information you need about door frame installation costs plus factors to consider and things to look out for.

How much does a new door frame cost?

It is important to consider that the cost of a new door frame is made up of the cost of materials, the cost of labour and any extra costs (we will go into further detail later in this guide). Taking this into account the average cost will be £80 (labour) + £197.50 (materials) which adds up to £277.50.

Cost per itemCost +VAT
(Range low-high)
Average cost
Hard wood door frame£60 - £800£430
Door frame installation£40 - £120£80
New door frame cost£90 - £305£197.50
New front door and frame cost£250 - £2,500£1,375

Types of door frame

Before choosing a new door frame it’s important to explore all of the available options. Below are the most common types of door frame used and their pros and cons: –

Wooden: There are many types of wooden door frame such as mahogany, oak and pine, each with different properties. In general, wooden door frames offer a classic, aesthetically pleasing look, are made of natural material and can easily be painted. On the other hand, wooden doors are less weather-resistant and durable than their counterparts.

Composite: The main drawback of composite doors is the cost, compared to other materials they are very expensive. Despite this the benefits are numerous, they are extremely strong and secure, low maintenance, durable and offer insulation against noise and the elements.

Metal: The main two types of metal doors are aluminium and steel. They are less costly than composite doors and offer several benefits such as durability against weather, fire resistance, high security and they are not susceptible to moisture and rotting. Unfortunately, the have their cons including a less appealing appearance and they are affected by rust.

Common issues with door frames

Depending on the type and material of your door frame there are several common issues affecting frames that will become apparent over time. The most common issues are as follows: –

Sticking: Often an issue with older doors; humidity and changing temperatures can cause the door or frame to warp and enlarge which will mean difficulty in opening and closing the door.

Sagging: This is usually due to the foundation settling over time or screws on hinges not being tight enough. Sagging is where the door itself starts to drop and is no longer correctly aligned with the frame causing gaps which affect the insulation and security of the door.

Drafts: These occur when your door is not properly aligned with its frame, leaving small gaps that in colder months let in icy winds.

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Cost of a new door frame

It is useful to carefully consider the different materials on offer when deciding on your new door frame as the cost will widely vary depending on whether you choose a wooden, metal or composite frame. Roughly, the cost of fitting a new door frame will be from £90 – £305.

Fitting a door frame

Cost of fitting new door frame

Different tradespeople will have different hourly rates, some may charge for a full day, some may feel they need more workers and others may take longer, all of which will affect the overall price you pay for labour. Approximately the time taken will be 2 – 3 hours at a cost of £40 – £120.

New front door and frame cost

The difference between replacing an interior door (between two rooms in your home) and an exterior door (front or back) is the level of security and durability needed.

When considering the new door and frame cost for the front of your home this largely varies depending on the material you choose. For example, a new uPVC front door will cost between £250 – £450 and a composite front door will cost between £520 and £2,500.

For further information regarding front door installation please see our door installation cost guide.

Other costs to consider

With any job done well, there are extra costs to consider apart from the cost of materials and labour. Some of these are as follows: –

Disposal of old frame and/or door: Some workers will happily dispose of your old materials however in certain circumstances this responsibility will fall on you. In this case most local authorities have a service available where they collect your old materials and safely dispose of them. This usually costs from £40 – £65.

Finishing: If installing a new timber door frame, it is often necessary to paint this yourself or to pay a professional to do this which will incur additional costs. If you are replacing an exterior door frame it is also essential to weatherproof this as soon as possible.

Door Lock: When fitting a new door frame, it may be impossible to use the current door lock and as such you may need to replace the entire lock. Even if you do not need to change the lock it can be a smart choice to do this anyway to improve the security of the door. For UPVC doors view our UPVC lock cost guide.

Building Regulations: It is often necessary to notify Building Control when you are installing a new door frame as this work is classed as a ‘control fitting’.

Can I replace a door frame myself?

It is possible to purchase a door frame kit in order to replace your current door frame, however this is not an easy job. Taking into account the weight of your current door, ensuring a correct fit and the potential to damage not only the door and frame but also the surrounding wall, it is recommended you hire a professional. In fact, hiring a professional and the door frame fitting price may be lower than you think, please see our above table for up-to-date pricing.

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost to replace a doorframe use our free search feature.

Key takeaways for calculating new door frame costs

  • There are numerous reasons why you may choose to purchase a new door frame. Such as when renovating, due to excessive damage or to update the look and feel of your space.
  • It is vital to carefully decide which material is best for your new door frame. Each material offers benefits and costs such as durability and security, so choose your frame material on this basis rather than simple aesthetics.
  • Consider any extra costs when budgeting for your new doorframe installation cost, such as removal of old materials and the finish you require.
  • While it is possible to replace the doorframe yourself this is a difficult job and you may end up damaging existing fittings.

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