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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Shop renovation cost

Eager to renovate your shop? Want to open a new one? Check out our shop renovation cost guide which covers what you can expect to pay.

Cost provided itemUnitRange - LowRange - High
Shop renovation costLow-spec (per square foot)£50£70
Shop renovation costMedium-spec (per square foot)£80£100
Shop renovation costHigh spec (per square foot)£100£120
Full renovation cost50,000 square-foot shop£4,000,000£5,000,000
Plumber Per hour£40£60
Electrician per hourPer hour£35£45
Painter and decoratorPer day£180£200
HandypersonPer hour£20£40

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Although many people have opted for online shopping in recent years, it doesn’t mean that mean brick-and-mortar shops are in the past. The number of shoppers physically browsing and buying from shops is bouncing back, and so it’s important to make sure you’re giving the best impression to potential customers.

Eager to renovate your shop or looking to open a new one? Find out how much a shop renovation could cost.

How much does a shop fit-out cost per square metre?

The cost of fitting out a shop in the UK is usually worked out in square feet rather than in square metres.

As such, the cost to fit out a low specification shop is between £50 – £70 per square foot, while a medium-spec shop will set you back £80 – £100 per square foot. High-spec shops will cost about £145 per square foot.

You’ll need to factor in the cost of decoratingplumbingwiring, and more. For example, a painter and decorator will usually charge about £190 a day.

For shop furniture, recruit the help of a handyperson who can lend a hand to construct shop-bought or flat pack gear. A handyperson costs roughly £20 – £30 an hour and they can assist you with any extra bits and pieces you need.

Shop renovation cost factors to consider

To determine the cost of fitting out your shop, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • How big or small your shop space will be
  • The number of fixtures and fittings
  • The cost of labour
  • If any electrical or plumbing work’s required
  • Where your shop will be located
  • Access to the shop
  • If you need any custom-made units
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How much does a shop fit-out cost in the UK?

The average cost to fit out a low specification shop in the UK per square foot is about £65, while a medium-spec shop will set you back £90 per square foot. High-spec shops will cost about £145 per square foot.

shop fit out cost per square metre

How much does a full renovation cost in the UK?

A shop space that measures roughly 50,000 square feet will cost approximately £4,500,000 to renovate. This cost is based on medium-spec shop spaces, priced at about £90 per square foot. 

How much is a shop fit-out?

Take a look at our cost table above for a breakdown of what you can expect to pay to fit out a shop.

If you’re looking to start your own coffee shop, then take a look at our useful guide for more information.

Does a shop fit-out qualify for capital allowances?

Firstly, you need to ascertain whether your fitting-out costs relate to improvement or repair. If the costs are in relation to improvement, such as a new shop front, the taxman will consider them a capital outlay.

In other words, HMRC won’t allow any deductions from taxable profit. If the costs are in relation to repair, they’re deductible from your taxable profit.

If you’re unable to receive deductions on your renovation cost, you may be able to claim tax deductions by way of capital allowances. You can receive tax reductions on one hundred percent of the qualifying costs in the form of the annual investment allowance (AIA), up to £1,000,000.

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