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Last updated on February 1st, 2024

Roof inspection cost guide

A roof inspection can help you pick up on issues that you would otherwise have no idea about. That way, you can fix them before they start affecting the inside of your home in the form of leaks, damp and mould. But how much does a roof inspection cost?

Fast Facts

  • The average roof inspection cost is £250
  • You may be able to save money by getting a drone survey, especially if your roof can’t be accessed by ladders
  • A roof survey will help you to save money by flagging small niggles before they become expensive problems

A roof can have issues for a long time before you spot any signs. By the time you do notice, the damage may have become so severe that you’re not only paying for roof repairs, but also repairs to the inside of your home.

This is why roof inspections are so important.

Whether done manually or by drone, these surveys are the perfect way of highlighting any small niggles before they turn into big problems – saving you money in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll break down the average roof inspection cost. We’ll also look at the different types of roof damage, the benefits of roof inspections and give you an intro to drone roof surveys.

How much does a roof inspection cost in the UK?

Type of extensionAverage cost + VAT
Roof inspection cost£250
Roof survey cost£300 - £500
Drone roof survey cost£200
Drone roof survey cost for commercial premises£750 - £1,000
Flat roof inspection costFrom £150

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The average cost of a roof inspection is £250.

Some companies offer roof inspections for free, in the hope that they’ll recoup their costs through repairs. However, it’s probably best to pay upfront for a report. That way, you can more easily compare quotes from roofers if repair work is needed.

If you’re looking to spruce up your roof with a fresh lick of paint after an inspection, check out our guide to roof painting costs.

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Common roof issues

A roof can become damaged in lots of different ways. Whatever the type of damage, speedy repairs are essential. The most common roof issues include:

S4G Drone services - roof survey

What does a roof survey involve?

Free roof surveys may not cover all the essentials. So, make sure to choose a tradesperson or company that offers a comprehensive survey.

You may need to pay a small fee for this, but your investment will be worthwhile. In general, roof inspections will cover:

Factors affecting the cost of roof inspections

Every property is different, so no two roof inspections will be the same.

There are lots of different factors that can affect the price you pay (some more than others). These include:

1. Age of roof

Older roofs are much more likely to have incurred damage over time and will usually take longer to survey. This can push up the price.

2. Type of property

Is your property detached or terraced? Double-storey or triple-storey? Each type of property will have a different roof survey price.

3. Size of roof

Larger roofs will take longer to inspect and as such will be more expensive.

4. Ease of access

Roofs that are difficult to access will have longer inspection times. This means a higher roof inspection cost.

roof survey cost

5. Condition of roof

It will be more expensive to survey a roof that is in poor condition. Repair prices will also be higher.

6. Drone or manual inspection

It may be cheaper to have a drone inspect your roof rather than a visual check.

7. Scaffolding

If your roof is difficult to reach and is unsafe, it may be necessary to hire scaffolding. This will increase the cost of your roof inspection.

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Types of surveys and their costs

Roof survey cost

The more in-depth the roof survey, the more it will cost.

It’s definitely worth paying for an extensive survey if you are buying a property or haven’t had a survey done before. This will give you peace of mind that your roof is up to scratch and will last for years to come.

The average roof survey cost is £275.

Drone roof survey cost

Drone inspections are becoming more and more popular. That is because they are efficient, accurate, and can spot tiny potential issues.

Drone surveyors are experienced professionals who will fly a drone over your roof to inspect it.

As Checkatrade member, Mark Sean Elliott of S4G Drone Services told us, a drone roof survey can be a particularly good option for properties that can’t be accessed by ladders:

“The cost of scaffolding, particularly for properties that can’t be accessed by ladders, can be anywhere from £200-£1,000 per week (depending on property size). This can be saved by a drone inspection. As well as the roof, gutters, flashing and more can be inspected.”

The average drone roof survey cost is £200.

drone roof survey cost

Commerical drone roof survey cost

Mark from S4G Drone Services also spoke to us about commercial drone roof survey costs:

“A drone can inspect for building maintenance reasons, heat loss, leak identification and wear and tear.

“This can save a huge amount in terms of costs (heat loss, time to identify thing like leaks, check efficiencies of solar panels, identify areas for repair) and is safer than personnel getting on to the roof. I use Thermal Camera drones for a lot of this work, which I then analyse and provide the findings to the customer.

“Costs to carry out the survey will depend on the complexity of the requirement, but typically would be in the range of £750-£1,000. This includes one day of research and preparation, one day of flying and data capture, and one to two days for post-production and analysis.”

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Flat roof inspection cost

Flat roofs are generally easier and faster to inspect due to their composition. These roofs are also safer for tradespeople to survey, due to the lack of roof slope that can be dangerous to work on.

The average flat roof inspection cost is £150.

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When should I get a roof survey?

It’s a good idea to get a roof inspection done if you’re planning to purchase a new house.

A normal house survey may not include a roof assessment, so make sure you double check and get one sorted if not. That way you can see the condition of the roof and know what you’re buying.

If the roof requires costly repair work, you could always use this information to renegotiate the price.

That said, even if you have no plans to move home, a regular inspection of your roof will allow you to pre-emptively protect your home.

Experts usually advise having a roof check up at least once a year, just before winter. This will help make sure your roof can withstand rain, wind, snow and ice during cold winter months. You’ll also be able to catch any problems that the winter weather would otherwise make worse.

roof inspection cost

Is it worth getting a roof inspection?

Although you might be tempted to put off paying for a roof inspection, getting one done will be worth it.

Here are some of the main benefits of getting a roof inspection:

Save money

Getting a roof inspection can help you save money in the long run. By spotting and fixing issues quickly before they develop into more serious problems, you can avoid expensive repair bills and potentially even stave off having to fork out for a full roof replacement.

Protect your home

Not only can a roof inspection help protect the interior of your home from leaks, damp and mould. But having a strong roof can even prevent criminals from gaining access. Not to mention, your home insurance may be invalid if you fail to report an issue with your roof.

Gain information

If you’re considering purchasing a property, getting a roof inspection will help to flag any issues that might result in unexpected roof costs in the near future. This can be a valuable decision-making tool and may even help you to negotiate the price.


If you opt for an independent roof survey, you can be confident that the information you’re getting is completely impartial. This will help you to make a decision about which repairs to carry out, and can even make it easier for you to compare repair quotes from roofers near you.

Type in your postcode below to start your search for an independent roof inspector near you.

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Can I inspect my roof myself?

While you could technically inspect your roof yourself, it’s probably not the best idea.

For starters, it can be very dangerous, particularly if you’re less able-bodied. If your roof is damaged, you could even fall off or through into your attic, leading to injury and even more structural issues with your property.

When hiring a professional, you can be confident that they have the skills and tools to carry out your roof inspection safely and professionally. Plus, you’ll benefit from their years of experience in spotting tiny areas of damage which you would likely miss.

Checkatrade member, Mark Sean Elliott of S4G Drone Services adds:

“A qualified drone pilot who has thermal capabilities can spot leaks, look for heat loss from the roof (a sign of damage/low insulation) and inspect solar panels if they are installed.

“Always check the person flying the inspection has an ‘Op-ID’ and is trained (ask to see A2CofC, GVC or PfCO certification evidence).”

S4G Drone services - thermal survey

Useful roof inspection checklist

  • Roof surveys can be used to spot damages as well as pre-emptively highlight any future issues
  • The average roof inspection cost is not too expensive and for peace of mind, the price is well worth paying
  • Roofs can be damaged by the weather, can crack causing leaks or can grow mould
  • Drone survey costs may be lower than manual roof survey costs
  • It’s dangerous and risky to attempt a roof inspection yourself. In addition, you are not trained to spot small areas of damage like a tradesperson would be

To find a local, reputable roof inspector near you and get a personalised roof inspection quote, use our free search feature.

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Can I have my roof inspected for free?

Some contractors do offer free inspections, but they may be less in-depth compared to a full survey. It’s also worth noting that some free inspectors will be looking for an issue that you will then pay them to fix. This means they may be more biased than other professionals.

How often should I pay for a roof inspection?

This will depend on the age of your home and roof, as well as its current condition. Roof inspections should be done at least every 5 years, but older roofs should be inspected more frequently to promptly fix any problems.

If the inspection picks up a roofing issue that I need to repair, how much will it cost to repair?

Roof repair costs can range from around £210 to £465 per m². The price you end up paying will depend entirely on the issue that is picked up in the roof inspection survey.

Check out our guide to roof repair costs for a breakdown of different roof issues and the broad costs to repair them.

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Hi Bernard, thank you for your very helpful comment, and sorry to hear about these calls you're receiving. As you say, always hire an established company for any roof work. Searching for roofers on Checkatrade is a safe way to find reliable experts in your local area.


Recent legislation has given rise to a number of unsolicited inspection offers. These calls are always untraceable and the caller is reluctant to give a company name. I have now had three phone calls from scammers claiming an intimate knowledge of the condition of my roof and loft insulation. When I asked them how they knew where I live they rang off. Beware! Always hire an established company.

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