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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Tiny house build cost

A mobile and compact tiny home can bring so many advantages, including a lesser impact on the environment. Find out the tiny home build cost to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Tiny houses, or houses under 400ft2, are becoming a big trend in the UK. These micro houses are compact and often mobile. If you have a tiny house, you can enjoy so many advantages including a lesser impact on the environment and the chance to change your location. However, your first question might be how much does a tiny house build cost?

Read on to find out more.

How much does it cost to build your own tiny home?

Cost provided itemUnitRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Pre-fabricated tiny house costPer house£35,000£60,000£47,500
Tiny home shell (build-it-yourself)Per shell£12,000£15,000£13,500
Trailer bed (tiny house foundation)Per chassis£3,500£5,000£4,250
Tiny house kitsPer kit£6,000£11,000£8,500
Turnkey tiny home costPer home£35,000£65,000£50,000

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

A pre-fabricated, ready-to-move-in tiny house costs around £35,000 – £60,000. Alternatively, you can also build your own if you purchase a tiny home shell. This could cost you between £12,000 – £15,000.

If you buy a flat pack house to build yourself, you may spend around £1,500 – £2,000 per square metre. Considering a tiny house will have a very small area, you can see how this can be a smart financial decision.

These aren’t your only options though. You can also buy:

A trailer bed

These trailers act as a foundation for your house. The space is limited to 16ft – 25ft long and 7ft – 8ft wide. But, you would only spend £3,500 – £5,000 on these as your starting cost to build your tiny house.

Tiny house kits

You can buy tiny house kits if you have enough experience with construction. You can get these for £6,000 – £11,000.

Ready to use tiny houses

If you aren’t interested in building a tiny house, you can buy a pre-made, towable one. You can use these immediately. Depending on their size, you’d have a micro house build cost of £35,000 – £65,000.

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Tiny house construction costs: Is it worth it?

A tiny house with a big garden - cost to build a tiny house

As we mentioned earlier, micro houses offer a range of benefits. Some of these are:

Low tiny house build cost

Building a tiny house costs way less than a traditional house. If you believe in ‘lean living’ and aren’t concerned about having a sprawling property, these can be extremely cost-effective for you.

Easier on the environment

The low cost of building a tiny house is also supplemented by their smaller carbon footprint. All in all, if you want guilt-free living, these houses are perfect for you. Even more so if you want to live off-grid and generate your own power.

Potentially no planning permission

If your tiny home is smaller than 65ft x 22ft, and you plan to put it in your existing property’s garden, you don’t need planning permission for it. You also won’t be able to rent it out, though.

If it’s larger, or if you plan to buy land where you’ll put it as your home, you would need planning permission.

However, in order to be certain, we would recommend you get in touch with your local council to find out the rules in your area.


If your tiny house is mobile or towable, you can use it as a holiday home or a caravan. You can go on holidays or glamping trips in the relative comfort of your own home. As long as they are road-legal, of course.

Tiny house construction quotes

Are you looking for tiny house construction cost quotes? Try our ‘request a quote’ feature to get quotes from tradespeople near you. Simply enter as much detail about your job as you can. For example, do you have a kit that needs assembling? Did you buy a trailer bed or chassis and want your tiny house built on it? Do you want to connect it to the mains or do you wish to install a solar or wind-powered energy source? The more information you give, the better your quotes will be.

Alternatively, you can search for local tradespeople by entering your postcode in the search bar below.

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A car towing a tiny house - cost to build a micro home

Do I need planning permission for my tiny house?

If your tiny house is smaller than 65ft x 22ft (or 19.8m x 6.7m) AND you plan to place it in your property’s ‘curtilage’, you don’t need planning permission for it.

Do I need to pay council tax on my tiny house?

If you live in it permanently, you do need to pay council tax. However, if it’s a temporary residence or a holiday home, you don’t have to pay council tax.

Where can I put my tiny house legally?

You can legally place your tiny house on land you own or rent (might be subject to planning permission), in the curtilage of your property, at a caravan or glamping site, or on a park home or residential home site.

Can I tow my tiny house?

Whether you can tow your tiny home or not depends on the weight of the house and how long you’ve had a license. You can find detailed information here.

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Nancy Masters

I am in early stages of researching a move from Oklahoma USA to Scotland UK. So any info I can get is much appreciated! I think a tiny home is a great option. Thank you, Nancy M

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