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20 bedroom ideas for couples: How to maximise shared spaces

Boost storage and settle decorating disputes with our top bedroom ideas for couples. Here's how to share a bedroom with your loved one so harmony reigns and fairness prevails.

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When it comes to looking at bedroom ideas for couples, there are several factors to take into consideration.

After all, there are two people making decor decisions. As a result, compromises often need to be made to create a happy and relaxing space for both parties.

Turns out this can be quite the challenge.

What if you adore neutrals, and your other half is into bold, bright colours? Do you have the same amount of clothes and shoes to store?

How can you stash all your stuff in teeny bedroom ideas for couples? Working out who needs what in terms of storage is key to a happy home.

bedroom ideas for couples

Whether it’s compromises on wallpaper and colour or how to squeeze in every last pair of shoes, we’ve got you (and your partner) covered.

We recommend hiring a professional painter and decorator who can transform couples bedroom ideas with an expert finish.

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Bedroom ideas for couples

How to achieve the perfect bedroom decor and storage for two can be tricky.

But don’t worry, help is at hand. Be inspired by our top decorating tips and tricks for bedroom ideas for couples.

1. Opt for streamlined storage

streamlined storage in shared bedrooms

Although finding space for two people’s belongings may seem impossible, opting for built-in wardrobes is guaranteed to save you some space.

Choosing fitted wardrobes, chests of drawers, and an ottoman bed are a fantastic way to quieten the effects of ‘visual noise’, enabling you to switch off together before you go to sleep.

Call on the expertise of a wardrobe specialist who can tailor your storage to meet both of your needs. Add integrated lighting and stretch storage to the ceiling to maximise storage space.

2. Add romance with cute bedroom ideas for couples

add romantic touches in shared bedrooms

When life gets super busy and our schedules fill up, it’s crucial to carve out time for intimacy and togetherness.

That’s why it’s so important to have a bedroom that evokes a sense of romance. Looking forward to spending some time together and winding down is all about creating the right aesthetic.

Embrace calm neutrals and add texture to create a peaceful yet inviting space that clears the mind.

Next, layer the bed with cosy knits and plump cushions in tones of off-white, buttermilk and alabaster.

Light a cluster of scented candles and add a sprig of flowers for a teeny touch of romance that won’t go unmissed.

3. Double up on favourite colours

double up on favourite colours for bedroom ideas for couples

What to do when you and your partner want different colours for the bedroom? It’s a decorating dilemma for sure!

However, with careful consideration, you can definitely pick two colours.

Colour combinations don’t necessarily have to come from the same colour family. Use bold colour choices to highlight certain features of the room. Or paint the lower half of the room in a darker hue.

It can be a good idea to find complementary colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. Then, experiment with a bold accent shade: orange with blue, yellow with purple for example.

You can’t go wrong with a pink and green colour combination in the bedroom. Pairing a dark emerald green with blush pink is a tried-and-tested interior design trick that always looks amazing.

4. Add subtle differences in couples bedroom ideas

add subtle differences in couples bedrooms

In shared spaces, the trick is creating a cohesive decor with subtle differences to reflect personality.

We love this calm and clutter-free Scandi rustic style bedroom. It’s cosy yet fresh and cleverly embraces discreet style choices for each person.

The classic ceiling lamps offer a pleasing symmetry but with a subtle size difference to add interest. Likewise, the choice of an upholstered armchair on one side of the bed and table on the other instils individuality.

Stick to a palette of natural materials but switch things up with the finishing details.

5. Squeeze in small bedroom decor ideas for couples

small bedroom with bookshelf as headboard

Shared spaces aren’t always big spaces. So, if your master bedroom is on the compact size, seek out space-saving ways to fit everything in.

If you both adore reading in bed, then utilise bookshelves as a headboard. The top of the freestanding shelves can then be decorated with a scattering of plants and ornaments.

Alcove cupboards are another great way to turn unwanted space into a home library.

Swap curtains for neat window blinds and invest in a foldable tray so you can enjoy breakfast in bed together at the weekends.

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6. Embrace nature and the great outdoors

link up with the outdoors in couple bedrooms

There is nothing more peaceful and soothing to the senses than being next to nature. So, if possible, elevate couples bedroom ideas with plenty of natural light and a view of the outdoors.

Large picture windows look fabulous left bare. But of course, you’ll need privacy and darkness at certain times of the day. Neat, unobtrusive, roller blinds made with blackout fabric work really well here.

Ramp up the connection to nature with your very own indoor garden. Bring the outside in by grouping plants on shelves, window sills, and hanging from ceilings.

7. Cosy up with warm red hues

Unique bedroom ideas for couples don’t come cosier than using warm red tones.

Yes, 2023 has been all about Sahara-inspired hues and we don’t think we could love ochre, rust, burnt sienna, or clay colours any more.

For shared bedrooms, a warm earthy palette covers all bases. It is inviting, cosy and contemplative, and creates a luxe, intimate mood all year round.

8. Upgrade to a bigger bed if you can

upgrade to a bigger bed in bedroom ideas for couples

If you have the space, go bigger with your bed. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being squeezed into a corner of the bed to avoid flailing arms and legs.

Invest in a bed so both of you can stretch out comfortably and get a really good night’s sleep. You can even look for mattresses that can be zipped together to give you different levels of firmness.

But remember to measure up your bedroom to ensure the size of the bed will fit. Learn how to avoid other common bedroom design mistakes in our blog.

9. Be flamboyant in a box bedroom for two

Box room wallpaper ideas

Unique bedroom ideas for couples don’t just work in larger spaces.

In fact, box bedrooms have the design potential to be just as fabulous. Settle on a decorative mural you both like and use it as a striking feature wall behind the bed.

Remember, compact bedrooms will need less decorating materials – wallpaper, paint etc – than larger spaces. It’s a definite win-win for bedroom ideas for couples on a budget.

10. Convert the loft into a master suite

Loft conversion bedroom with ensuite

As household dynamics change, consider converting the loft into a new master bedroom.

Depending on space and budget, you might even be able to fit in an en-suite bathroom. Great for freeing up the main bathroom downstairs and cutting down on morning queues.

Creating your very own master suite in the loft is perfect if you have older children. You won’t need to be on hand for little one’s needs; this way you can carve out your own sanctuary away from noisy teenagers.

Find out how much a loft conversion costs. We also have masses of loft conversion ideas to whet your design appetite.

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Bedroom ideas for couples on a budget

11. Keep it simple

Small bedroom ideas for couples

When working with a smaller square footage, keep your decor simple and accent with bold accessories. Curved headboards and circular tables soften a simple bedroom decor.

This low maintenance aesthetic is effective because of its snuggle-worthy vibes. Elevate with plenty of texture to create an effortless, budget-friendly look you won’t want to leave.

12. Harness the power of neutrals

Room divider ideas curtains

You can’t beat a neutral bedroom decor to satisfy both design tastes – especially if you’re working to a tight budget. Paint walls the same colour throughout the home to keep costs down – and you’ll always have some leftovers to touch up dirty marks.

Top tip: if you need to divide up a bedroom zone in a studio flat, hang long lengths of material for a DIY curtain screen. Perfect for small bedroom ideas for couples on a budget.

13. Make small changes with a big impact

Budget couple bedroom ideas

Designer bedrooms might feel like a pipe dream when budgets are tight. But there are several tricks that don’t need a huge bank balance.

For example, a few throws, some new cushions, a mirror, or a clean lick of paint is often all you need. Upcycling is also on-trend. Revamping older items can transform your space from bleak to chic.

So, take a look around. Do you have bedside tables in need of a lick of paint? Could you change the handles on all of your furniture? How about reupholstering an accent chair or your bed’s headboard?

You’ll only find trades who meet our high standards and pass our quality checks on Checkatrade.

14. Screen off a section of the bedroom

screen off section of the bedroom for couples

If you don’t have the budget for a walk-in wardrobe, why not seek out cheap but clever room dividers.

Folding screens in rattan or wood are a stylish way to zone off a small dressing area in a shared bedroom. Room-dividing curtains and boxy shelving units can also divide up a room for very little investment.

15. Invigorate the senses

Blog: Bedroom design mistakes to avoid

Your senses play a huge role in the home – especially in the bedroom. In fact, creating positive energy can be achieved simply and stylishly if you know how.

Introduce cheap and cheerful bedside table lamps for a warm glow. And don’t forget essential oils and scented candles to fill the air with calming scents.

Finally, accessorise with things that make you both happy – photos of special memories together, meaningful artwork and lots of greenery to bring the outdoors in.

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Bedroom decor ideas for couples

16. Choose accessories you both love

Wall art idea for bedroom

Don’t be afraid to include clashing materials such as silk, cotton, and velvet for added interest. You could even decide to have different bedside tables to give it a shabby-chic vibe.

Whatever you choose, try to pick a colour scheme that sets the mood. And perhaps rule number one should be dimmable bedside lamps so one person can read, and the other can snooze.

17. Free your imagination with unique bedroom ideas for couples

ideas for bedroom walls

Your bedroom is your personal retreat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the decor. Let your imagination guide you as you work out the ideal aesthetic for your joint space.

Is there a hobby you both enjoy? For example, this couple enjoys surfing, so they’ve brought their shared memories into their bedroom and transformed their space into a favourite holiday getaway.

Find a local painter and decorator who can turn your bedroom dreams into a reality.

18. Double up – on everything!

double up on everything for bedroom ideas for couples

Our top tip for married couple decorating ideas is: double up!

That’s right: two bedside tables; two matching lamps; a double wardrobe; two chest-of-drawers, etc. In short, make sure you’re not fighting for space by providing enough for both of you.

19. Try rustic bedroom ideas for couples

Exposed brick wall decor ideas for bedroom

Playing with accessories, light, and texture is a great way to create a unique space you both enjoy. If you’ve just moved in together, finding ways to make it ‘yours’ will make you feel more at home.

It’s good to agree on a colour palette you won’t grow bored of too quickly. For example, this couple has opted for a stripped-back and rustic theme, which includes an exposed brick wall, hanging lights, crate tables, and recycled furniture.

20. Don’t steer away from florals

Bedroom ideas for couples bloomcore

Don’t automatically dismiss florals as out of the question for joint bedrooms.

Pick big blowsy florals in midnight and blush hues. Or go for a modern nature-inspired scheme that will satisfy both design tastes. Blooming gorgeous!

Why not get the look by hiring one of our professionals today?

Like what you saw? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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