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12 dressing room ideas: Chic and organised aesthetics

Looking for some stylish dressing room ideas? Whether your home boasts a walk-in closet or you're lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to getting changed, we've got you covered (up)! Keep scrolling for our trending aesthetics and boutique-inspired spaces.

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Dressing room inspiration to organise and elevate your space

Get ready in style with our delectable dressing room ideas. Turn your daily routine into a luxe experience with a few key design tricks.

Whether you’re looking for smart storage, colour trends, or aesthetic themes, our ideas will work in any type of space, big or small. So, keep reading for our top tips and aesthetic inspiration.

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Dressing room ideas for luxe home comforts

Dressing room ideas for home

Keep your clothes and shoes neatly and stylishly tucked away. Bespoke furniture creates a luxury ambiance and adds a tailored touch to any space. To make sure you have enough room, work out exactly what you want to store and how you want to store it before starting any renovations.

This rococo-inspired room oozes opulence. With neutral decor and soft lighting, it’s a dressing room that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The large mirrors open up the space, while the central island atop the rug offers a warm and soft focal point. To finish the look, matching built-in wardrobes, a storage island, and panelled walls with glass interior trim tie the elements together.

Small dressing room ideas to maximise storage

Small dressing room ideas

For those blessed with space for a walk-in wardrobe, knowing how to maximise your square footage should be your main consideration.

One idea is to build a dressing room with floor-to-ceiling cupboards, which is a great way to increase your floor space and give yourself some stepping room in front of the mirror.

Bright and light decor is also a must for small rooms. Keep any splashes of colour to the accessories and furniture, and add interest with accent chairs and room dividers. Similarly, a ladder shelf, matching free-standing mirror, and clothes rail all offer unique design elements.

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Dressing room ideas for small space conundrums

Dressing room ideas for small space conundrums

The trick with small spaces is to shop smart. Build up, not out, and choose furniture that incorporates plenty of storage options.

Another option is multifunctional furniture; for example, a dressing table tucked into built-in wardrobes with concertina doors. Vanity tables that double up as a chest of drawers also allow you the best of both worlds: opulence and organisation!

Finally, keep your colour theme to one or two hues to avoid overcrowding the space, and think ‘minimalist’ for maximum impact (ironically). This room is a gorgeous example because it incorporates a trendy grey with light wood and white furniture.

Walk-in dressing room ideas with stylish shelving

Walk in dressing room ideas

Whether you want doorless wardrobes, floating shelves, or bespoke floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, a walk-in dressing room is the perfect place to hide all your clothes.

Incorporating as much storage as possible is the aim of the game, particularly in smaller rooms. So, once you’ve worked out your capacity needs, why not introduce bespoke shelves for maximum effect?

Finish the look with a splash of bright paint like a bright yellow or daring pink. Another option is to line your walls, drawers or shelves with patterned textures and paper to add some style.

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Clean and simple home dressing room ideas

Home dressing room ideas

Soft and elegant finishes, vintage accents, and feminine touches are typical of romantic interiors. Also, neutral and pastel colour palettes work well in dressing rooms due to their flattering effects.

Create a catwalk in your room with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes on one side of your room and a mirror on the adjacent wall, making an L-shape.

Paired with a shaker-style dressing table and tufted button pouffe, the mirrored vanity unit and inset lighting give this room a gentle and classy finish.

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Bold dressing room ideas for the brave and beautiful

Girly dressing room ideas

As the saying goes: be bold; be brave; be beautiful. So, why not opt for a maximum impact like this gorgeous example and let your personality shine?

Pink pairs well with black. It’s impactful, stylish, and retro decor at its finest. Coupled with the violet tub chair, freestanding clothes rail, and twin floor lamp, it’s also an absolute mood.

A shaggy rug and cushion soften the vibe, adding to its charm, while the neutral flooring gives the space some class and warmth. All in all, it’s an interior design style that makes a chic statement.

Shabby chic dressing room ideas that blend eras

Shabby chic dressing room ideas

Speaking of chic… shabby chic isn’t going anywhere, which means upcycling isn’t either. Channel bygone eras such as this retro meets romanticism interior design, and make it uniquely yours.

We love this dressing room’s aesthetic. From the pale blue pastels to the bold statement oranges, the repurposed items are striking and elegant.

We particularly love the round vintage mirror, backlit by soft lighting for an ethereal glow. Finished with the shabby-chic exposed brick, painted white to blend in with its surroundings, you won’t forget this dressing room in a hurry!

Dressing room furniture ideas for fans of minimalism

Dressing room furniture ideas

With cleaning influencers, ASMR artists, and mindfulness practices on the rise, keeping our homes neat, tidy, and calm is a must.

Inject a bit of whimsy into your small dressing room with a colourful rocking chair and some powder-puff hues. This champagne carpet is a gorgeous colour capable of carrying bolder accents, while the floor-to-ceiling shoe rack offers plenty of storage.

The full-length mirror placed opposite the J-pull gloss chest of drawers is a nice design trick. It opens up the space and gives the illusion of more square footage than there really is.

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Storage ideas for a dressing room with open shelving

White wardrobe in dressing room ideas

We’ve said it several times in this blog, and we’ll say it again: floor-to-ceiling storage will change your life. That doesn’t mean you can’t play with features and shapes to add interest.

Open wardrobes with wide and short drawers are a nice design choice, while black steel-framed windows complement white and neutral interiors. Displaying your finery keeps open shelving looking uncluttered and trendy; however, adding baskets or storage trunks will hide messier items and maintain a clean vibe.

By installing a bespoke design, this happy owner is able to keep their clothes and accessories in neat and ordered stacks. The addition of overhead lights also adds a dramatic glow that turns the room into a stylish changing hub.

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Monochrome dressing room ideas for your future self

Monochrome dressing room ideas

Black and white never went out of fashion – not since the 60s retro movement made it cool. Although we don’t expect you to only own black and white clothes, we still think this James Bond-esque dressing room is on-trend. Just look at that edgy black rug and those sharp white shelves – oof!

Maximising your vertical space with open shelves and inset lights creates a slick finish. Gloss finishes offer a futuristic aesthetic rooted in contemporary design, while the stark canvas means it’s yours to play with when it comes to colour splashes and accessories.

Classy dressing room designs with feminine fabrics and textures

Classy dressing room designs

Industrial meets whimsical in this gorgeous example of a wardrobe haven, and this dressing room gives us serious Pretty Woman vibes.

Celebrating the exuberant charm of metallics and pastels, everything in this dressing room screams sophistication.

The open clothes hangers are in style, the geometric lamp shade and matching free-standing shelves are effortlessly chic, and the powder pink accent chair and curtains steal the show (bravo!)

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Minimalist dressing room ideas with patterns for accents

Minalist dressing room ideas

Clean, classic, and elegant, this minimalist dressing room has both style and class. The mottled wall paint adds interest and depth while the metal furniture matches in colour and clashes in texture for extra appeal.

An easy way to soften minimalist spaces is to use subtle wallpaper and add an area rug, both of which warm an otherwise stark room.

When it comes to lighting, it should offer a soft glow, while furniture should be multifunctional (pouffes with storage, wardrobes with carousel shelves etc.) to keep the space looking fresh yet conservative.

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We hope you found these dressing room ideas inspirational and fun!

To help you budget, check out our bespoke wardrobe cost guide and the cost of hanging shelves.

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