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What colour goes with dark green?

Dark interiors are all the range but what are the best colour combinations for dark green?

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If you’ve got your heart set on incorporating dark green into your interiors, then we’ve got perfect pairings covered.

What colour goes with green walls? You’d be surprised that there are lots of different colours on the spectrum that complement this versatile colour just perfectly.

Keep reading for some inspiration for your next decorating project. And here’s how to find painters near you.

1. Pastel pink

dark green and pink bedroom

Contrasting colours on the colour wheel are a match made in heaven. Red is opposite to green on the colour wheel and of course, pink is just a light shade of red.

Green and pink are synonymous with the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in America and it has become an iconic pairing.

In a bedroom, pair dark green walls with pink bed linen and accessories for a striking contrast.

2. Yellow

dark green and yellow living room

Be brave and style dark green with yellow accents. No doubt this is a bold colour combination and should be carefully thought through before committing to it.

Paint your walls dark green and place a yellow armchair in front of it to truly pop. Alternatively, create a two-tone feature wall by painting half of your wall dark green and the other half yellow.

3. Green

dark green and light green living room

Create a tonal room by contrasting dark green with cooler and lighter shades. Sage green is a wonderful shade to pair with a darker green and will feel fresh and cosy.

If your space isn’t flooded by natural light, paint your walls a lighter green and opt for darker green furniture rather than the other way around. Add some plants for jungle vibes.

Enjoying these ideas so far?

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4. Black

dark green and black living room

Dark interior lovers, rejoice! Black is a wonderful colour that goes perfectly with dark green.

Be inspired by the living room scheme pictured above and paint your walls black and accessorise with dark green velvet furniture.

Remember plants are beautiful shades of green and make a space feel vibrant and alive.

5. White

dark green bathroom design

Don’t forget the power of white interiors. Naturally, white goes with most colours and works wonders by brightening up a space that needs it.

Dark green can feel quite gloomy and oppressive in the wrong space. If you feel like this at all, lighten up the room with white.

Dark green and white work together perfectly in a bathroom as you have the white of the sanitary ware to contrast with your dark green walls.

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6. Grey

dark green and grey bedroom

Similar to white, grey is a neutral shade that is extremely versatile. Try and stay away from dark grey when looking for colours to pair with dark green and opt for a lighter grey instead.

It will brighten up the space, just as white would but won’t be as much of a stark contrast.

The bedroom pictured above is a beautiful example of how this colour pairing can work.

7. Terracotta

green and terracotta living room

Terracotta is a muted shade of orange that complements dark green perfectly. Because they both have earthy undertones, they can create a wonderfully thought out room scheme.

Introduce lots of texture to this colour pairing to amplify the earthiness – a brown leather sofa works beautifully with dark green walls.

8. Raspberry red

dark green and red living room scheme
AI generated concept

Similar to pastel pink, raspberry red is opposite green on the colour wheel and is a striking contrast.

This colour combo is definitely not for the faint hearted and would be perfect for a colourful home that makes bold decorating choices.

Use raspberry red cushions to add a pop of colour to a dark green sofa.

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