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What are the benefits of large windows?

The positive impact that windows can have on a home is remarkable – both for function and style. And very often, the bigger the better with there being a huge range of benefits of large windows in a property.

The positive impact that windows can have on a home is remarkable – both for function and style. And very often, the bigger the better with a huge range of benefits.

In this article, we look at the reasons why you might want to consider installing or expanding large windows in your home. We’ll also consider the pros and cons of large windows, so you can make an informed decision whether they’re for you or not.

Windows are an essential part of any property, but it’s worth thinking about how you can make the most of having windows incorporated into the design of your home.

Remember: Window installation is not a DIY job, it is best left to the professionals.

Types of large windows

When it comes to flooding your house with light and adding a stylish feature at the same time, there are a number of options you have for large windows.

  • Bay and bow windows: If you want to add character to your home whilst also increasing natural light and space indoors, bay or bow windows could be a great option.
  • Glass walls: For a chic, modern style with oodles of natural light a structural glass wall could be just what you need – particularly if ventilation isn’t a priority in the space.
  • Bifold doors: Not technically windows but they’re an excellent option for indoor-outdoor living and achieving maximum natural light within a room.
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What are the benefits of large windows?

Although not suitable for every home, there are a whole list of reasons to install large windows in your home. Here’s our collection of the top benefits of large windows:

Pros and cons of large windowsMaximise natural light

This is one of the biggest and most obvious reasons for having large windows – they let natural light flood into your home. And the best part is that more natural light in your home comes with its own set of bonus points:

  • Creates the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Has a positive impact on your mood and energy levels.
  • Makes your home seem more inviting.
  • Reduces your energy bills for lighting.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

As well as reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, having large double or triple glazed windows can make your home more energy-efficient. They can reduce the amount of heat that escapes or cold that enters your home throughout the year.

Well-positioned larger windows also allow you to benefit from passive solar heat energy. By using the sun’s heat during the day they then distribute the heat throughout your home, saving you money on your heating bills.

Add a stylish interior design feature

There’s no denying that large windows are eye-catching and can add a real wow factor to your home. Not only do they add visual appeal from the inside, but having large windows can also increase your property’s kerb appeal by making it stand out from neighbouring properties.

If you have a bay window, you could consider using the space in the window to make a bay window seat; perfect for reading or having a quiet cup of tea.

Create an indoor-outdoor living space

If you opt for bifold doors or floor-to-ceiling windows with a door to an outdoor space, you can achieve the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space for your home. This is particularly useful if you have a deck, porch, patio or garden and want to extend your space to entertain – especially in the warmer summer months.

To create the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space you might want to consider installing bifold doors. Or, alternatively, you could think about replacing windows with French doors to achieve a greater amount of living space.

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How much do large windows cost?

Large windows in a dining roomThe cost of large windows varies depending on the exact size, style and design you choose. The prices below are the average costs you can expect to pay for large windows in the UK:

For more information about labour prices, check out our guide to window fitting costs.

Pros and cons of large windows

If you’re weighing up whether to install large windows in your home, here are the key pros and cons to consider.

Pros of large windows

  • Lots of natural light
  • Make the most of views of your garden or surroundings
  • Maximise the fresh air you can bring into your home
  • Add the feeling of space to your home’s interior
  • Create an indoor-outdoor living space
  • Introduce a stylish interior design feature.

Cons of large windows

  • More expensive than standard windows
  • Larger windows require more effort for cleaning and maintenance
  • If not well-insulated with double or triple glazing, larger windows can make your home hotter in summer and colder in winter.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of superb benefits of large windows for your home both indoors and outdoors. That said, they are more expensive and require more upkeep than standard windows. Before making a decision, we always recommend speaking to local window specialists to get accurate quotes and get their professional advice on the best options for you and your home.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for large windows in your home, use our request a quote feature to get quotes from three window fitters near you.

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