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What colour carpet goes with pink walls? Here are 8 versatile ideas

Wondering what colour carpet goes with your pink walls? Have you pushed the design envelope with vibrant fuchsia wallpaper or dusted your home with a powder pink paint? Whatever it is you've chosen, there's a carpet colour ready to complement your aesthetic. Keep scrolling and prepare to be tickled pink with our design trends.

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So, you want to know what colour carpet goes with pink walls? Are you still pondering what pink-ment to use and whether it matches your interior design aspirations? Perhaps you know exactly what hue to paint with and you’re looking for some visual inspiration before you go shopping?

No matter the reason, prepare to put on your rose-tinted goggles and check out our pink-tastic ideas. There are several ways to match your carpet to this vibrant and versatile hue, so keep reading for our favourites.

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Bold accents pair well with pretty pastels

Peach panelled walls with a bold blue couch and grey area rug

A deeper pastel hue like this peach panelling pairs well with the bold blue couch and light grey carpet.

However, if you opted for a neutral couch, you could consider other carpet shades like mint green, navy blue, or forest green, each of which would create its own impressive impact.

Alternatively, blush pink walls, a light mint carpet, and a neutral sofa would play with light and hues to steer your living room into the realm of whimsy.

Pink enjoys inviting teal for tea

Pink and teal panelled walls with a matching carpet - block paint effect

Opposites attract, and teal and turquoise are pink’s perfect pairings. Combine a rich pink hue with a royal teal contrast, and voila! You’ve created an impactful yet balanced design straight out of a Bridgerton series.

A teal carpet adds a refreshing pop of colour while maintaining a harmonious and balanced ambience, but breaking it up with a pink rug or pattern ties the space together.

Top tip: If you’re not choosing matching furniture to complement your teal carpet, then opt for muted and chalky hues to soften the boho-meets-contemporary aesthetic.

It’s always sunny in yellow and pink-ville

A bedroom with pink walls and a yellow carpet and accent chair

If you want to step outside the design box and dance to your own interior beats, consider pairing bright pink and sunny yellow. They’re an underestimated yet dynamic duo, exuding a type of vibrancy and charm only the sun understands.

We dare you to remain gloomy when these colours welcome you home! A yellow carpet complements the vivaciousness of bright pink and infuses your space with endless positivity. (We’d consider it toxic if we could stop smiling…)

Go for gold with Vienesse glam

Pink and gold living room with Viennese vibes for Checkatrade blog: What colour carpet goes with pink walls?

Embrace Habsburg royalty with a touch of gold woven into your pink accents. By keeping this opulent metallic to wall panel frames, light sconces, and integrated carpet patterns, you’ll tip your hat to Viennese interior design yet avoid overpowering the space with a garish finish.

You’ll only find trades who meet our high standards and pass our quality checks on Checkatrade.

Create contrast with impactful black accents

Bright pink walls and couch with black and white monochrome carpet. Black and pink living room ideas.

Looking to make a statement? Create ‘drama by design‘ by playing with shadows and contrast.

A sleek monochrome carpet with bright pink walls instantly adds sophistication and interest to your space. It’s a high-contrast showstopper, which is why choosing your patterns and textures wisely is key. Too many blocks of colour will create a chequered effect, while too many patterns will muddle the aesthetic.

Top tip: Break up the space with plants, white framing and accents, and plenty of light.

Infuse peace and tranquillity with a neutral nirvana

Grey and pink bedroom design trend with organza curtains, a potted plant, and a low hanging light

If you want a more subdued look, consider neutral carpet colours like beige, cream, or light grey. Each of these hues balances the vibrancy of pink while maintaining an elegant and serene ambience.

Grey is an enduring trend unlikely to go out of style, while powder pink pairs well with almost any contrasting colour. However, to perfectly merge these hues, pick a grey on the pink spectrum and enjoy the warm and calming benefits of this tranquil duo.

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Go for high-energy vibes with a sunkissed orange carpet

Orange and pink tone matched colours in a bright and energetic living room

To create a lively and energetic vibe, choose clashing colours but with matching tone intensities. (It’s the only way to make it work). For example, pair a bold pink with a sunny shade of orange to optimise the design impact.

Orange is passionate and positive, which is why it works so well with high-energy pinks. These colour combinations are perfect for those who’ve embraced the eclectic design aesthetic and aren’t afraid to stand out.

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Keep it simple with earthy tones for Boho bliss

Neutral pink decor in boho styled lounge with muted and blended blush pink tones

If you’re a fan of the bohemian style, you’re used to earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, or mustard yellow, all of which work wonders with pink. However, for a more muted aesthetic, keep everything pink-hued and neutral. You want it to look like someone turned the saturation down on your interiors.

Keep the interest in the accessories and accents, such as woven pouffes, macrame wall hangings, velvet cushions, wooden furniture, and a patterned area rug. If you want to inject some colour, do so with potted plants, throws and candles.

Keeping the colours toned down like this creates a cosy and eclectic atmosphere that’s both stylish and inviting.

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What colour goes with bright pink?

Pink and blue furniture and walls with abstract artwork

There are several colours that work well with bright pink; however, our favourite is electric blue. It brings out the vibrancy of pink for a lively and energetic contrast, making it perfect for a bold and contemporary finish.

If you’re brave enough, consider an electric blue carpet for maximum impact!

Honourable mentions

  • Citrus orange: Turn up the heat in your room with a zesty orange carpet. Paired with pink, the orange creates a tropical, summery vibe that’s both fun and refreshing.
  • Metallic silver: For a touch of glamour and sophistication, pair bright pink with metallic silver accents. A silver carpet is on-trend and luxurious, but it also balances out the intensity of the pink.

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What colour goes with salmon pink?

Salmon pink living room with boho accents and wooden furniture

Salmon pink and soft grey create a sophisticated and soothing colour combination. A light grey carpet helps neutralise the pink and calm it into serenity, while interweaving patterns or colour-blocking techniques infuse the decor with warmth and interest.

Honourable mentions

  • Fresh mint: Mint green works well with salmon pink, evoking a sense of freshness and tranquillity. Avoid the Kuwaii aesthetic by only using the green to cool down the decor, not overpower it.
  • Creamy beige: For a soft and cosy design, pair salmon pink walls with creamy beige carpets. It’s an inviting palette that adds warmth and comfort while allowing more versatility when it comes to accessories and furniture.

What colour goes with rose pink?

Colour blocking walls with rose pink and forest green - Checkatrade blog on 'What colour carpet goes with pink walls?'

Infuse nature with your interiors by choosing an elegant green. Rose pink and stylish greens such as forest, sage or emerald will each evoke the beauty of a flower. Test out various pink and green hues to find a harmonious and refreshing fit. Remember: tone match for the best results.

Honourable mentions

  • Glistening gold: If you’re looking for glamour and luxury, a gold carpet is opulent and compelling. Keep it to interwoven threads to recreate the romantic charm of rose pink and avoid going to gauche.
  • Soft lavender: Combine rose pink with soft lavender to create a dreamy and feminine ambience. A lavender carpet will enhance the feel of your room with a touch of romanticism.
  • Deep navy: Deep navy blue is a rich and sophisticated colour, not to mention the perfect contrast to rose pink. Let a navy blue carpet anchor your room and create a sense of depth.

Final thoughts

Before you choose your carpet colour, remember to consider the following aspects:

  • The size of your room – bold colours in large rooms might be too overpowering
  • The amount of natural light you receive – the more light your room enjoys, the darker the hues you can get away with
  • Your personal style preferences
  • Your budget and free time – this might impact your carpet options
  • The availability of your chosen tradesperson/people – high demand could equal longer wait times
  • The expected foot traffic in your room – your carpet choice might be more limited if you need to consider higher wear and tear

Finally, imagine yourself walking into the room day after day. Do you think you’ll still love the aesthetic in years to come? If the answer is yes, why not get a quick quote today and start the ball rolling on your pink transformation?

Did you find our ‘What colour carpet goes with pink walls’ article useful? We hope so! If you enjoyed this content, head over to our blog for more inspiration, trends, and interior design ideas.

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