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28 built-in wardrobe ideas that’ll change your life

Built-in wardrobes pack as much style as they do storage. They maximise every nugget of available space, provide clever solutions where others would fail, and can be pimped up to impress even the most discerning home interiors aficionado. Check out these built-in wardrobe ideas and you'll see what we mean.
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All hail the built-in wardrobe; an often overlooked, but brilliant innovation.

Built-in wardrobes not only provide bucket-loads of storage space, but they do it in a way that doesn’t consume valuable floor space. In fact, they often utilise awkward and redundant nooks or underutilised areas of a room.

They’re built to last – leaving their flat-pack counterparts literally crumbling in their wake – and can be customised to meet your every need and want.

They can also add value to your property, being a much sought-after feature for many home buyers, and can be designed to either make a bold statement or blend seamlessly into the background.

So, if you’re not yet in the built-in wardrobe brigade, keep reading. We guarantee you’ll find a built-in solution you won’t be able to take your mind off.

28 of the best built-in wardrobe ideas

Where do we start? If you’ve only ever pictured a built-in wardrobe to be a mirrored, sliding-door affair, prepare to be inspired.

1. Max out on storage with floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes

Full height built-in wardrobe

A particularly effective solution for smaller bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes make excellent use of the available storage space.

And to access the top cupboards, consider a rolling library-style ladder that can be hung to the side or propped up as a design feature when not in use.

2. Mix open and closed units for boutique-style built-in wardrobes


Looking for open wardrobe storage ideas? To nail this boutique-style look don’t forget the finishing touches: matching hangers, neat storage boxes, and Marie Kondo-esk folding skills are essential.

If you’re blessed with plenty of space, why not take this concept to the next level with a bespoke walk-in wardrobe?

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3. Panelled built-in wardrobe ideas to add character


Panelled built-in wardrobes add interest and texture, especially in a room with no original features.

A skilled carpenter will be able to create all sorts of panelling effects to suit your desired style.

4. Dark, contemporary built-in wardrobes for a sophisticated edge


Feeling fancy? Why not go for an uber-sleek, dark set of built-in wardrobes?

This anthracite bedroom colour scheme avoids looking sombre through the addition of clever lighting and a neat display area.

5. Create a design feature with colour-pop built-in wardrobe ideas


Built-in wardrobes with a splash of colour are a great way to make a real feature of your storage solution.

Another bold way to inject your personality into the space is to paint your plain built-in wardrobes with an eye-catching mural. Urban-style graffiti or Van Gogh-inspired watercolour; let your creativity take over.

Enjoying these ideas so far?

There’s much more where that came from. And best of all, you can get this kind of content straight to your inbox through our free newsletter all about home improvement and repairs:

6. Back-lit built-in wardrobes for a glamourous, high-end look


These back-lit built-in wardrobes remind us of the type of storage you may find in a swanky hotel room.

The glass-fronted cupboards help to balance the light in this otherwise masculine bedroom design.

7. Geometric-patterned built-in wardrobes for an arty vibe


This geometric cut-out design wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery.

It goes to show – when you select a quality tradesperson for the job – it’s possible to create any design you desire.

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8. Add warmth to a cool scheme with built-in, wooden wardrobes


Wood accents will naturally deliver warmth and texture to a design scheme. Especially important if you choose cool tones in your paint and soft furnishings, as seen in this image.

9. Easily create oodles of storage, even in a small room


Fitted wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms need careful consideration.

In a smaller space, a built-in wardrobe that fits perfectly, effortlessly blends in, and has sliding, mirrored doors often provides the best solution.

10. Brighten up a dark corner with mirrored built-in wardrobes

Mirrored-built-in wardrobe

This built-in wardrobe may look unassuming but take a closer look.

By taking the wardrobe all the way to the ceiling, adding mirrored fronts, and some slated panels, this homeowner has ticked all the boxes:

  • Maximised storage
  • Brightened a dark corner
  • Created a practical and visually appealing feature

11. Barely-there built-in wardrobes for a sleek design aesthetic


If you like clean lines and minimalist living, these white built-in wardrobes are for you.

Designed to blend in with the surrounding walls, they’re almost unnoticeable. Mission accomplished.

12. Go luxe with marble and gold accented built-in wardrobes


If you like a bit of glamour, why not incorporate some sumptuous touches into your built-in wardrobe ideas?

Gold and marble make a fabulous pairing. Mixing metallics and dark tones is another simple but effective way to create a luxe feel.

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13. Maximise the feeling of space with mirror-panelled built-in wardrobes

Large-mirrored-built-in wardrobe

Imagine this room without the mirrored built-in wardrobes. It’d feel instantly smaller and nowhere near as bright while looking contemporary and fresh.

14. Be bold with colour to enrich your statement look


If you like to bathe in colour, this built-in wardrobe style is for you. No doubt your home is bursting with different hues, so why would you go vanilla with your wall-to-wall wardrobes?

15. Create a multi-tasking area within your built-in wardrobes


Our homes are now places of multi-tasking wizardry – even the built-in wardrobes are getting in on the act.

If you need a desk for home-working or a built-in vanity area in a compact living space, consider including them within your wardrobe.

Not only a clever use of space, but it’ll also help to expertly conceal any bedroom clutter.

16. Choose antique-style wood for a modern retro look


The veneered wood of these built-in wardrobes teamed with the Eames-style lounge chair and ottoman give this modern bedroom a deliciously retro feel.

17. Disguise your built-in wardrobes while enhancing the aesthetic


Interestingly, painting these built-in wardrobes black not only disguises them but also forms an integral part of this room design.

If block colours aren’t your thing, consider wallpapering your built-in wardrobes for greater interest. The wall becomes a feature, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it’s a wardrobe.

18. Opt for decorative panels for visual interest


These beautifully ornate, embossed white door panels add a pretty, feminine touch to this neutral design scheme.

19. Flirt with tongue and groove panelling to add cottage-style charm


Slim MDF panels can be used to create this charming cottage-style design on your built-in wardrobes. A subtle but effective way to add interest to your room.

20. Add storage to an awkward space with bespoke built-in wardrobes


Built-in wardrobes come into their own as a fantastic storage solution in a loft room.

Whether it’s the challenge of fitting a wardrobe under a sloped ceiling or trying to pack extra storage into the eaves, built-in options are a loft conversion’s best friend.

21. Break up a block colour with glass-panelled door fronts


Create a Parisian-style boudoir with part-glazed built-in wardrobes.

The opaque glass adds a textural element and breaks up the intensity of the colour-block units without revealing the contents within.

22. Create a rustic feel with reclaimed wood built-in wardrobes


Reclaimed wood is beautifully textured, adding warmth and interest to this simple bedroom decor.

23. Follow your personal style with an eclectic mix of built-ins


This homeowner has created something truly personal, by following what they’re drawn to. We love this elegant and individual style choice.

24. Immerse your built-in wardrobes into the design scheme


If you’re looking for built-in wardrobe ideas for children, this works magnificently. Full of colour, character, and personality. If this built-in wardrobe was one block colour, we feel it’d be the only member of the party without a party hat on.

When planning children’s bedroom decor, don’t hold back. Perhaps even paint your children’s built-in wardrobes with chalkboard paint to double up as a blank canvas for your budding artist.

25. Go for gloss built-in units for a contemporary vibe


Even with a dark colour gloss unit, the right lighting will bounce light around the room making it feel bigger and brighter.

But a gloss finish is not the only reason to love this look. Adding wall-to-wall built-in units has maximised every available inch of storage space, discretely creating a place for everything while incorporating a neat display area for special items.

26. Simple yet stylish Scandi-inspired storage


This plywood storage is expertly crafted to ensure every item has a dedicated home. The clean lines and neat yet relaxed aesthetic ooze a subtle confidence that we love.

27. Bright fitted wardrobe design ideas for interesting angles

Fitted wardrobe in bright coloured room

Clashing textures for your bespoke wardrobe can make a striking impact on your room’s overall look and feel.

This wooden example uses the same materials but switches up the design and textures to create interest.

The light yellow works well with the warm wood, creating a French country glow. The clashing duck egg duvet cover is a perfect finish, breaking up the warmth with a cooler tone.

28. Space-saving fitted wardrobe ideas to enlarge a small room

Modern built in wardobe with mirrored doors

Basic but functional. This modern wardrobe with fitted sliding doors is the perfect use of this alcove. The mirrored panels open up the bedroom and let the other furniture take centre stage.

A ‘small’ built-in wardrobe idea doesn’t necessarily mean scrimping on space. Especially in this case – it’s a small wardrobe idea but the size of the wardrobe and the mirrored doors make the room look even bigger.

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4 key considerations for choosing built-in wardrobes

With a bunch of style ideas for different built-in wardrobe solutions, there are just a few key points to consider before taking the next step into storage heaven.

1. Bespoke or ‘off-the-shelf’?

For those on a budget, there are many built-in wardrobe designs that aren’t bespoke and just require careful measurements and storage choices.

Non-bespoke wardrobes still allow you to pick the number of rails, shelves and drawers you need.

However, if you’re looking for a made-to-measure solution, a bespoke design is the best way to maximise your space. This is particularly important when considering small built-in wardrobe ideas.

A bespoke wardrobe is most recommended for rooms that are unique in shape. Angled walls or sloped ceilings will more than likely need a bespoke built-in wardrobe.

An ‘off the shelf’ type of wardrobe could potentially be played with to fit, but the finish will unlikely be as good as bespoke.

2. Be clever about your built-in wardrobe storage ideas

The first stage of planning your built-in wardrobe is understanding how much room you need.

If you’re not sure, it’s worth working out how many shoes, clothes and accessories you have. Try to imagine where they’re all going to go.

Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to store everything and how often you will use your new wardrobe, then work out more specific measurements. For example, how long your hanging rail needs to be, how many clothes hangers or drawers are required, and even how deep your fitted wardrobe needs to be.

Take out a tape measure to work out some rough dimensions to save you from having to change the design at a later date.

built in wardrobe ideas

Whether you choose an open or closed design, the layout of your fitted wardrobe is worth some serious consideration. Especially when you’re considering built-in wardrobe storage ideas.

And if you don’t trust your own measurements, don’t worry, for bespoke wardrobe designs a designer will come out to survey your room.

3. How high can you go?

When you consider the height and depth of your fitted wardrobe, think about the finished look.

For example, floor-to-ceiling designs are popular, although not always practical. If you live in a period property or have decorative coving, picture rails or other architectural features, it’s more aesthetically pleasing not to cover them.

4. Design with the decor in mind

Aesthetics matter. That’s why your wardrobe design needs to match your decor choices.

Installing mirrored hinged doors in a rustic bedroom will look out of place, whereas Japanese sliding doors in a minimalist room will allow the design to complement the decor.

Struggling for ideas? Head over to our built-in wardrobe ideas guide for the latest trends and inspiration.

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How much does a built-in wardrobe cost?

The cost of your built-in wardrobe will vary depending on the specifics of your particular project.

However, to give you a ballpark figure, for a built-in wardrobe:

  • Average 3-door standard fitted wardrobe cost: £3,250
  • Average 3-section sliding door fitted wardrobe cost: £3,700
  • Average fitted wardrobe carpenter cost (labour only): £270 per day

For more information on the price of a built-in wardrobe, check out our fitted wardrobe cost guide.

Note: We recommend getting quotes from at least three wardrobe experts. Use our request a quote form to make light work of this task. Tell us a little about your requirements and our local installers will get in touch with you.

Does a built-in wardrobe add value?

They do, along with other built-in storage spaces. Knowing how much value they add to your house is difficult to pinpoint but it’s a real selling point. Everyone needs space and clever storage solutions – a built-in wardrobe is a great investment.

Find a quality, approved tradesperson to bring your built-in wardrobe ideas to life.

Add your postcode to the search box below to see who passed our checks and comes highly rated by people in your area.

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