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Window sill ideas popular in 2024

Transform your window sill into a creative display area with these clever styling suggestions.

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Wonderful window sill ideas

Window sill ideas

Don’t overlook the power of the window sill to add style to your home. This small area often gets forgotten or lost in unsightly clutter, however, with some thoughtful and creative planning, you can transform it into a smart and practical display surface. It could even be a functional workspace!

If your window sills look a little worse for wear and you’d rather not pay attention to them until they have been repaired, check out our comprehensive guide to window sill replacement cost in the UK.

In the meantime, scroll through these incredible window sill ideas that will inspire you to look at this useful ledge in a whole new light.

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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Window sill decorating ideas

Windows sills are mini shelves waiting to add character to your home. If you’re limited on space, use your sills to display your favourite things.

Window sill decorating ideas

1. Row of wild flowers

Dress your window sill with a row of jam jars filled with wild garden flowers. Fill a third of the jam jar up with water to keep them alive as long as possible.

2. Fairy lights

Drape fairy lights from one side of your window sill to the other and fix into place either with a hook or clear tape.

3. Votives and candles

Display tea lights or candles in pretty glass votives and display in a line on your window sill.

4. Bookshelf

If you’re limited on space, use your sills as bookshelves and stack them horizontally and upright, with a few indoor plants to break them up for an eye-pleasing display.

5. Meditation station

If you’re a fan of incense and crystals, use your window sill to display your favourites – the sunlight will also recharge your crystals so it’s a practical solution too.

Kitchen window sill ideas

Every square metre of space counts in a kitchen! Use your window sills as an extra space for displaying your kitchen accessories or for storage.

Kitchen window sill ideas

1. Herb garden

Herbs make wonderful additions to the kitchen window sill. Display them in pots and label them accordingly. As well as adding lush, vibrant colour, you will also have fresh herbs to hand to add to dishes.

2. Favourite vase

Everyone has a favourite vase, use your window sill to frame it perfectly and use the opportunity to display a beautiful fresh or dried bouquet.

3. Cooking inspiration

Cookbooks are a fantastic source of inspiration in the kitchen and are often very pretty to look at. Stack them on your kitchen window sill to make an attractive display.

4. Breakfast bar

Create a mini breakfast bar or coffee station on your kitchen window sill. The key elements should be your tea, coffee and sugar pots, a set of colourful ceramic mugs and a kitsch sign.

5. All-in-one worktop

Extend your worktop onto your windowsill so it elongates your kitchen work surface space.

Bathroom window sill ideas

Love relaxing at a boutique spa? Then why not recreate this sense of relaxation and tranquility in your own bathroom with a luxury home-spa set up?

Bathroom window sill ideas

1. Pamper zone

Simply turn your window sill into a pamper zone with deluxe fluffy towels, elegant toiletries in trendy bottles and a few organic touches for a soothing feel.

2. Bathroom storage

Use your bathroom window sill as extra storage space to keep your toiletries and bits and bobs safe. Rattan baskets are a great stylish option.

3. Bath surround

If your bath is butted up against your window then utilise your windowsill as an extra of your bath ledge.

4. Cleansing houseplants

Houseplants are definitely a stylish accessory but they have lots of health benefits, too. Display aloe vera, spider plants and ferns in your bathroom that purify the air.

5. ‘Dressing up’ area

If you’re lacking an area in your bathroom to do your make up or get ready for the day, your window sill could be a great space saving alternative. Place a magnifying mirror on it and let the natural light help you.

Bay window sill ideas

Bay window sill ideas

Lucky enough to have a graceful bay window but not sure how to make the most of it? An experienced carpenter can help you create a window seat by extending the sill into a seating area possibly with hidden storage underneath.

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1. Reading nook

Transform your bay window sill into a beautiful window seat with cosy cushions, and it will make the perfect reading nook.

Style tip: Change the colour of your cushions to suit the changing seasons, such as breezy pastel colours in the summer, and cosy berry tones in the winter.

2. Pretty pictures

Put your favourite photographs and artwork in an eclectic assortment of frames and display on your window sill. If you don’t have a spare wall to create a gallery wall then this is a great alternative.

3. Paint your window sill

Decorate your bay window sill by painting it a different colour to the rest of your walls. This will make it stand out and zone off the area in a stylish way.

4. Work space

A bay window sill is the ideal area to create a working from home space. Pop a desk in front of the window and use the window sill as an additional work surface.

5. Love seat

Choose a large comfy chair to put in front of your bay window and fill the window sill with extra cushions to make it extra cosy.

6. Storage bench

Instead of leaving your bay window area bare, use it as a functional space by creating a bespoke storage bench that can also be used as a storage bench, a skilled carpenter would be able to tackle this project for you.

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