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8 cheap splashback ideas for kitchens

Cheap kitchen splashbacks don’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics you desire. A kitchen splashback serves an important function in protecting the walls but can also be used to bring out style and personality in your kitchen. Take a look at our cheap splashback ideas for your kitchen, so you can plan your kitchen makeover even if you’re on a budget.

Why you would need inexpensive kitchen splashback ideas

There are several reasons why one might want ideas for a cost-effective kitchen splashback.

  • Your old splashback is damaged and you want to replace it with something new and fresh.
  • You are remodelling your kitchen and want a splashback that matches the new look.
  • You are in a rented property and don’t want to spend money on an expensive splashback, but your existing one is looking rather tired.
  • You’re bored of your old splashback and want a quick change instead of a kitchen-wide makeover.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help you come up with creative, yet inexpensive, kitchen splashback ideas that also look good.

Textured wallpaper kitchen splashback

Grey textured wallpaper splashback - ideas for kitchen splashbacks


For a cost-effective splashback idea for your kitchen, how about some textured wallpaper?

It’s really quick and easy to install – simply cut it to size and stick it to a clean surface. You can choose the colour, print or texture of your choice.

What’s more, it’s easy to clean and can be replaced quite easily. Speak to a local tradesperson and find out!

Did you know you could make your splashback stand out with the right kitchen lighting?



Tiled wall kitchen splashback

Inexpensive tiled kitchen splashback using brightly-coloured tiles

Tiles are one of our favourite splashback ideas for kitchens – cheap, colourful and versatile.

You might be thinking, ‘but tiles can be expensive’ but hear us out. There are several places where you can get leftover tiles from a home improvement project.

Even better, you can collect different tiles to create fabulous kitchen splashback ideas on a budget. Then, all you need to do is find a local tradesperson to install them for you.

Looking for someone near you to tile your kitchen splashback? Find them here!



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Laminated splashback for your kitchen

Kitchen with laminated cabinets and splashbacks

So, you’re redoing your kitchen and are looking for inexpensive kitchen splashback ideas. Here’s one. Why not use excess laminate that you’re using for your kitchen surfaces to create a matching splashback?

This is a good way to marry your wall with your surfaces and is also easy to clean.

And, it can be done while your cabinets are being re-done!

If your kitchen needs a makeover, we can help you find the right people to do it.




Painted kitchen splashback

Grey painted kitchen splashback


One of the most cost-effective kitchen splashback ideas is to paint over your old splashback. All you’ll be spending on is a bit of paint and some of your time. Choose a bright colour to make your kitchen look cheerful, or go for a darker colour for a sophisticated look.

It will be less than a day’s work for your local painter and decorator, and your kitchen will breathe a whole new lease of life.

You can even make patterns with stencils. Alternatively, you can get your family to pitch in (kiddie handprints, anyone?) and create a truly unique splashback on a budget.

While you’re painting your splashback, are you also planning to paint your cabinets?


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Inexpensive wooden kitchen splashback idea

Upcycled wooden kitchen splashback with a distressed look - splashback ideas for kitchen cheap


Another one of our splashback ideas for kitchens, cheap and easy, is painted wooden planks or board. If you or a carpenter in your area have some lying around, just cut them to the size you want.

Paint them with the colour or design of your choice and stick them to the wall with construction adhesive. And, there you have it, a low-cost kitchen splashback.

To make this kitchen splashback idea cheaper, you can use wood from pallets that are being thrown away. If you’re a fan of rustic kitchen designs, this idea will help you create that look in your kitchen.



Glass or mirror kitchen splashback

Glass kitchen splashback over a light blue wall - inexpensive kitchen splashback ideas

Whilst this might not be the most cost-effective of kitchen splashback ideas, it certainly can be an effective one. Glass is an easy to clean material, which means it won’t stain all that easily, lasting you a long, long time.

Plus, you can use it to protect an easily damaged background with it. For example, you could stick a print of your favourite painting on the wall and before having the glass installed to seal it.

Alternatively, mirrors give you the same easy-clean splashback with the added benefit of making your kitchen look bigger!

If you’re considering recycled glass worktops, you could also use these for your kitchen splashback.


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Fabricating splashbacks with fabric

Fabric stuck on the wall makes a great looking kitchen splashback


Do you have a piece of fabric that you have no use for and are looking for low-cost kitchen splashback ideas? You could stick it to the wall using nothing more than some liquid starch and a paint roller!

The advantage of this technique is that you can make use of waste fabric that you really like. And, this inexpensive kitchen splashback idea can be replaced as frequently as you like, giving you a brand-new look for your kitchen every time.

Can’t decide on a colour combination for your kitchen? We can help!



Create your own mosaic

Kitchen mosaic - cheap kitchen splashback idea using materials of different kindsA mosaic is a really popular idea for kitchen splashback, and you can easily find a local tiler to install it for you.

However, if you’re creative with the materials at hand, our favourite inexpensive kitchen splashback idea for you is a custom mosaic.

You could use anything from bottle caps, old jewellery, broken bits of glass or tiles, old beads, colourful pebbles, broken CDs… the list is as long as your imagination!

This splashback idea for kitchens is cheap; it’s not only a great DIY project but will also give you a truly bespoke look for your kitchen.



Like our splashback ideas for kitchens on the cheap? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

Do any of our inexpensive kitchen splashback ideas tickle your fancy? If you’re not planning on redoing your kitchen splashback yourself, we can help you find the right tradesperson near you.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

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