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7 cheap splashback ideas for kitchens

A kitchen splashback serves an important purpose, but there’s no reason why it can’t add to the decor too. That’s why we’ve brought you these stunning, yet cost-effective splashback ideas!
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Is it too much to ask for a kitchen splashback that’s functional, cheap and looks amazing? We don’t think so.

While serving the important function of protecting your wall from water, grease and other common kitchen spillages, splashbacks can still add to your kitchen decor – even cheap ones!

Below, we offer some low-cost kitchen splashback ideas to help you plan your ideal makeover on a budget.

Benefits of kitchen splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks offer many benefits, most of which you can enjoy without spending thousands of pounds. Here are some of the main draws:

  • Protection. A splashback’s main purpose is to protect your kitchen walls from stains and spills, extending their longevity
  • Easy to clean. Splashbacks make cleaning more efficient, as they only require a quick wipe with a cloth
  • Heat and water resistant. By acting as a protective barrier between your walls and sources of water and heat, splashbacks prevent damage
  • Easy installation. They’re a convenient and cost-effective upgrade option due to them being easy to install
  • Aesthetic appeal. Splashbacks can add to your kitchen’s design, improving the overall appearance and potentially your home’s value

You can also achieve these benefits on a budget, such as by opting for an acrylic splashback that mimics the more expensive glass version.

7 cheap kitchen splashback ideas

Here are some great kitchen splashback ideas you can do on a budget:

1. Textured wallpaper splashback

Grey textured wallpaper splashback - ideas for kitchen splashbacks

Textured wallpaper is one of the cheapest splashback solutions that still offers a good level of functionality.

While not as effective as more durable materials, wallpaper can still protect against heat, water and stains, though it may need replacing fairly frequently.

It’s really quick and easy to install – simply cut it to size and stick it to a clean surface. You can choose the colour, print or texture of your choice.

Did you know you could make your splashback stand out with the right kitchen lighting?

2. Tiled splashback

Inexpensive tiled kitchen splashback using brightly-coloured tiles

Tiles are a classic option, being cheap, colourful and versatile.

While they can be expensive, you can absolutely do tiles on a budget by following a few of our tips.

For example, you could find some leftover tiles from a home improvement project or buy some discount tiles from a retailer.

Even better, you can collect different tiles to create fabulous kitchen splashback designs on a budget. Then, all you need to do is find a local tradesperson to install them for you.

Enjoying these ideas so far?

There’s much more where that came from. And best of all, you can get this kind of content straight to your inbox through our free newsletter all about home improvement and repairs:

3. Laminate splashback

Kitchen with laminated cabinets and splashbacks

You can create a visually interesting and highly functional splashback using excess laminate if you’re having your cabinets and surfaces redone.

This is a great way to create a uniform look throughout the kitchen while getting all the protective benefits of a regular splashback.

4. Painted splashback

Grey painted kitchen splashback

If cost and ease of installation are your main concerns, paint is probably the best splashback solution, although it lacks the protective benefits of harder materials.

Paint is still easy to clean and protects from stains, heat and water, but it’s definitely not as durable as laminate or tiles, for example.

It does offer you lots of freedom in terms of colour, helping you easily match your kitchen’s colour scheme or implement a new design. A local painter and decorator can also finish the job in a matter of hours.

While you’re painting your splashback, are you also planning to paint your cabinets?

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5. Wooden splashback

Upcycled wooden kitchen splashback with a distressed look - splashback ideas for kitchen cheap

Another cheap and easy idea is to paint wooden planks or boards.

Have them cut to size, painted with the colour or design of your choice and stuck to the wall with adhesive to achieve a stylish and cost-effective splashback.

You can make this idea even cheaper by making use of discarded wooden pallets, which may not sound appealing, but they can be used to achieve a rustic look.

6. Acrylic splashback

Glass kitchen splashback over a light blue wall - inexpensive kitchen splashback ideas

Acrylic can be made to mimic glass, which is a more expensive and luxurious kitchen splashback material.

As you can see from the picture above, the difference is hardly noticeable, meaning you get all the same benefits as glass for a fraction of the price.

You can also get creative with this material because it’s see-through. For example, you could put a painting or a colourful design on the wall before sealing it behind the acrylic.

They also reflect light in a way that makes your kitchen appear bigger and brighter, besides all the functional benefits like ease of cleaning and wall protection.

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7. Personalised mosaic splashback

Kitchen mosaic - cheap kitchen splashback idea using materials of different kinds

A mosaic is a really popular idea for a kitchen splashback, and you can easily find a local tiler to create and install one for you.

Although, mosaics give you a great opportunity to get creative and make something highly personal. So, if you’ve got the skills, maybe DIY!

You can use items like colourful pebbles, beads, bits of glass, old jewellery or even bottle caps! It’s really about making the most of what you have to hand, as this makes it unique to you, as well as cheap!

This splashback idea is not only low-cost, functional and visually engaging, but it can also be a great project for you and the family.

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