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What colours go with red? 12 ways to ignite your interiors

It's time to turn up the heat on your interiors by including red in your next renovation. If you're worried about colour pairings and what goes well with this bold shade, there are various tricks and tips for incorporating it, each one sure to dazzle your guests.

No need to wonder what colours go with red anymore. Fire up your creativity by scrolling through our ideas below for the latest interior design tips and inspiration.

Dare to be bold by choosing a shade that brings out your passion and energy. Alternatively, let it smoulder with a shade that evokes desire and draws everyone’s attention like moths to a flame.

Whatever you choose, our colour combinations offer an impactful and stylish statement your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

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The colours that go with red – get ideas for your home

For interiors both timeless and bright, choose white

Red kitchen colourful idea - White counters and splash backs with a red feature wall in a contemporary-meets-industrial kitchen

Just like a pristine white rose against a backdrop of crimson petals, white and red create a striking contrast while evoking a sense of purity and elegance. As a result, it’s a combination that’s unlikely to ever go out of style.

So, whether you opt for a dominant white with a red feature wall or choose white accents against bold red statement pieces, choose any hue on the black-to-white colour spectrum that suits your tastes and mood.

Top tip: This colour combination is perfect for your kitchen interiors, which benefit from the crisp and clean contrast of berry red and pearly white.

To exude luxury within your circle, try purple

Purple panelled feature wall with blood red chairs around a stacked set of white coffee tables

If you like to have tea in a majestic parlour (with or without a late white rabbit and a man in a large bright hat), a regal red and royal purple combination is for you.

Exuding an air of elegance and grandeur fit for royalty, purples like plum and eggplant add a sense of opulence when paired with a blood-red shade.

This combination works well for formal occasions and interior design looking for a touch of extravagance.

For interiors meant to be seen, opt for green

Emerald framed walls and matching couch with scarlet cushions
AI concept image

Stroll with us through a verdant garden in full bloom. Teaming with vibrant red roses, their strong green stems and leaves nestled amidst a botanical flowerbed, we feel inspired to bring nature’s artwork indoors.

To do so, pair red and green together and introduce them to your interiors. They create a harmonious and balanced finish, whether you opt for an olive, emerald, or mint hue.

Top tip: Match the tonality of the red and green you choose for a perfect finish. Pick hues on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum for a greater impact and contrast. Too muted and you risk washing out your interiors. Too bright and you risk overpowering the space.

For those who want a bold choice, pick turquoise

Turquoise and red living room interiors - split image. One bright and one neutral with bold accents.

Red and turquoise create a fun composition by bouncing off each other in a playful way. To create a vibrant and eye-catching contrast, go for broke by letting red and turquoise take over your entire room.

Alternatively, use them sparingly by limiting them to features, accents and accessories. Whatever you choose, they’re a perfect pairing if you’re looking for a burst of energy to uplift your decor.

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To keep the design police at bay, try grey

red accent wall bedroom

The sophistication of grey is a perfect companion to the daring nature of red. It’s versatile and full of character when used to its greatest extent.

Imagine grey as red’s steady partner. It lets red have the spotlight by enhancing, not stealing its star quality, and it’s happy to support whatever red wants to do.

Consider mixing it up with textures and two-toned contrasts. Wall panels, area rugs, curtains, and accessories are all places where grey can support red’s decisions.

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 If you want your interiors to say ‘hello!’, choose yellow

A yellow sofa with red cushions against a monochrome backdrop

Create a burst of sunlight by including splashes of colour in your furniture and accessories. Full of verve and positivity, yellow makes everything better just by existing.

As yellow is created by pairing red and green, these colours are meant to complement each other. However, in their raw shades as neighbours on the colour spectrum, it’s easy to overpower a space if they’re not toned down or limited to smaller details.

Top tip: Create a neutral space with light walls and floors, then add the boldness of yellow and red to accents such as cushions, rugs, lampshades and pouffes.

For a trending interior hue, choose fantasy blue

Red bedroom ideas - blue chairs and metallic accents

Choose fantasy blue to create a royal reality. A deep red or burgundy will add richness and style to royal blue’s serenity.

Although red and blue are opposites on the colour spectrum, you can make them attract each other by choosing darker hues and matching tones.

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What colours go with red interiors?

Distressed red creates an urban chic finish

Distressed red walls with concrete style floors in a minimalist room

Whether you enjoy an industrial aesthetic, urban sprawl or a minimalist effect, pick a red (any red) and distress it. Just say you’re teaching it the grit and character needed to survive the mean streets of your interior design.

Often paired with weathered and urban aesthetics, red is the perfect colour for rusted metal accents, faded signage, and open brick walls. It also suits features such as open ceilings, stainless steel furniture, and copper pipes.

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Bold browns support a boho finish

Bright and warm reds complement the colourful contrast of bohemian interiors

The boho aesthetic embraces oodles of personality. As a result, it lets you use red liberally and without restraint.

So, whether you incorporate it through red rugs, throw pillows, curtains, or art, let the juxtaposition of red merge with other bright colours and patterns to create a vibrant and free-spirited atmosphere.

However, if you’d rather keep it muted, opt for blush red and neutral decor instead, keeping it light and warm without shoving the ’60s in everyone’s face.

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Muted burgandy bolsters Scandi-simplicity

soft red bedroom ideas
AI concept image

Keep it simple by incorporating a Scandi-meets-traditional design. Red suits simple spaces where beige’s neutrality and balance takes centre stage.

Opting for a softer hue like cherry or redcurrant to support the tranquillity of your relaxed surroundings creates a soothing backdrop, making it easy to unwind after a long day.

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Gold brings out red’s art deco regality

Gold and red decor for blog on what colours go with red?
AI concept image

If you’re looking for sheer opulence, choose a regal finish by pairing red and gold. Of course, if you’d rather keep the gold to accessories, frames, and finishes, this will steer your aesthetic away from palace-chic and secure it in art deco-sleek.

The trick is to compliment the fiery warmth of red with its luxurious metal counterpart. Yes, it’s flashy, but whoever said ‘all that glitters is not gold’ didn’t frame their wall panels with it.

Mint green gives red a modern vibe

Mint green and red accents walls in minimalist kitchen area

With clean lines, simple paintwork, and a bigger sense of space, this modern kitchen uses mint and red to their greatest effect.

The interest is found in the two-toned mint and red walls, which overlook a minimalist kitchen and dining area. They create their own focal points in an otherwise muted aesthetic and add some much-needed vibrancy to the design.

Top tip: For open-plan kitchen diners, use two complementary accent walls to separate the spaces whilst tying the features together.

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Did you find this blog helpful? Let us know in the comments! And for more interior design inspiration, check out our blog.

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