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Limewash paint wall ideas: Inject some zest into your designs

If you're searching for ideas around limewash walls, you're clearly hoping to infuse your abode with a touch of old-world charm and a squeeze of countryside allure. Thankfully, we've spoken to our experts to bring you some of the best trends to transform your home.

Breathe some citrus life into your home with these incredible ideas for limewash walls. The natural materials of limestone, colour pigments, and water combine to create a textured and rustic finish on your walls. So, it’s no wonder it’s one of this year’s biggest trends.

And, although you might assume limewash painted walls are only found on exterior walls, clever techniques means the charm of limewash is transforming interiors too!

Don’t take our word for it; keep scrolling for these inspiring limewash wall ideas. The images in this blog were provided by our extremely talented painter and decorator (and artist!) Soloman Art, so we’re offering you real-world possibilities here.

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What is limewash?

Limewash is the O.G. of paints. It’s been used for centuries to coat and beautify surfaces – particularly walls – and is making a comeback.

Made from a mixture of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and water, it creates a milky and often slightly chalky solution.

When applied to surfaces like plaster, masonry, or brick, it interacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, gradually reabsorbing carbon dioxide and turning back into solid limestone.

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Limewash wall ideas for inside your home

The following limewash painted projects were achieved with acrylic marble, which is the same as lime. However, it gives them the ability to use their artistic and design experience, along with modern tech, to create this look.

It’s a specialist technique, but we’re sure you agree, it looks stunning!

The charcoal infusion: Limewash interior wall paint ideas

Limewash painting ideas - Close up limewash walls charcoal and gold idea

This beautiful charcoal limewash wall with a gold effect from Soloman Art harnesses the power of shabby-chic.

Reflecting mystery and character, imagine relaxing in a bath after a long day and being transported to a highland moor beneath a midnight sky.

The space is lifted with a cracked gold effect that reflects the moonlight, and the extra sense of luxury is enough to captivate you for years to come.

The marble opulence: Limewash painted wall ideas

Limewash painted wall ideas for the kitchen

Marble is a homage to nature’s artistry. The juxtaposition between marble and limewash creates an elegant finish that combines grandeur and rusticity.

Consider matching this limewash marble-effect wall with a white quartz or marble worktop to create a bright, clean and cohesive design in your entertainment space.

Conversely, pairing marble with different materials adds depth and texture. Wood, glass and metal are all perfect partners.

Timeless grandeur: Wow your guests into staying in your spare room

Limewash painted wall idea in spare room

Is it Carrara marble or is it a stunning limewash effect? Does it matter? All you need to do is step into the Italian world of ancient decor and enjoy how enticing your home becomes to friends and family.

Make this Carrara marble effect with a limewash finish that mimics the iconic grey veining on a pristine white background.

Just as the centuries-old Carrara quarries have shaped history, this limewash captures the same essence. As a result, you’re left with a timeless ambiance your guests will love.

Brave textures and bold colours: Limewash wall paint effects

Limewash marble effect wall

Dare to be bold with a mix of textures and colours. Your walls are your tapestries, so create the home of your unique dreams by incorporating something that’s never been seen before.

These limewash walls with burnt orange accents, gold threading, and gemstone cut-throughs mimic sunbeams on autumnal forest walks.

The intricate patterns seem to waltz with dappled light. It’s like inviting the sun to come and decorate your home, and the end result is a radiant sanctuary that’s both inspiring and comforting.

Embrace serenity: Shine a light on this marble acrylic wall paint idea

Limewash marble acrylic wall paint

Unveil the essence of tranquility with these neutral limewash tones. The contrasting effect of sand and dreams embraces your walls like a sleepy hello.

Picture yourself walking through a fog-kissed moor – the atmosphere, the drama, the evocative hues!

From soft beige to delicate grey, the shades create a serene haven perfect for cozy evenings, tranquil afternoons, and quiet mornings.

Hone your creativity with limewash walls

Limewash walls ideas in home office

Imagine having this classy background on video calls and trying to convince your colleagues it isn’t a filter! Even if you’re a solopreneur, it’s a nice distraction and creates a whole different vibe when working from home.

Whether you see Zeus’ storm cloud or a starry night sky, recreate this technique yourself with some gumption and know-how. Its urban vibrancy meets classic charm, and we’re here for it.

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Let the drama unfold: Limewash feature wall idea for the front room

Charcoal and gold limewash wall paint ideas

Charcoal limewash doesn’t just paint your walls; it weaves a narrative. As the limewash reacts with carbon dioxide over time, it develops a unique patina, adding layers of intrigue to the already captivating backdrop.

The result is a finish that ages gracefully, and in this case, one that whispers tales within ancient castle walls. Even the gold threads promise understated regality, drawing your eye keeping you wondering what they’ve seen.

Whatever your take, it’s undeniably striking. We recommend keeping the rest of your decor and furniture neutral and bright. Just let your charcoal limewash make a statement of sophistication.

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Get creative with all sorts of colours

The beauty of limewashed walls is that they offer a great canvas for different colours. You can use a variety of colours to create the perfect look for your space.

Try light pastel colours like pink, blue, and yellow can give a soft and gentle feel to the rustic finish.

If you want to create a bold statement, consider using dark and rich colours like navy blue, forest green, or even a deep red. You can also choose to keep it simple and stick with neutral colours like beige, cream, or white.

These colours will give your limewashed walls a classic and timeless look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing colours for your limewashed walls, so be creative and have fun with it!

More about the stunning look from Soloman Art

Stunning work from Soloman Art. These limewash walls are achieved through acrylic marble, which is the same as lime, however, it gives them the ability to use their artistic and design experience, along with modern tech, to create this look.

Benefits of using limewash for your walls

Beyond the fact you can achieve any kind of look to suit you:

  • It’s a breathable material, allowing any moisture to evaporate from the walls – this helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew, making it ideal for use in humid environments
  • Limewash is also known for its durability and longevity – Some applications last up to 20 years without the need for touch-ups or reapplication
  • Limewash is also a really versatile material that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including brick, stone, stucco, and drywall. It also has a unique finish that gives walls a rustic, antique look, making it ideal for those looking to add character and charm to their homes

We spoke to Soloman Art about how much it costs to get their limewash walls – check out our limewash walls cost guide for more info on this.

Search your postcode to find your local trade

How does limewash work?

When applied to surfaces like plaster, masonry, or brick, it interacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, gradually reabsorbing carbon dioxide and turning back into solid limestone.

It’s a process known as carbonation, and it’s what gives limewash its distinct appearance and durability.


Apply limewash with a brush, roller, or even a sprayer. Remember, surfaces need to be clean and free from dust and dirt before being painted. This will ensure maximum adhesion.

Initial drying

As limewash dries, it looks translucent and slightly uneven in colour. This is normal. The lime particles in the mixture will soon start to react with the carbon dioxide in the air, triggering the carbonation process.


The magic of limewash is its carbonation process. As it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, it reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the mixture, forming calcium carbonate (limestone).

This chemical reaction makes the limewash harden and solidify, which effectively makes it an integral part of the surface it’s been applied to. The result is a durable and long-lasting finish.

Patina development

As the limewash continues to react with carbon dioxide, it develops a beautiful patina over time.

This patina is what gives limewashed surfaces their unique, aged appearance. The colours might subtly change and mellow too, which will further enhance the character of the painted surface.


One of the most significant benefits of limewash is its breathability. Unlike modern paints that create a barrier on the surface, limewash allows moisture to pass through the painted surface.

This makes it an excellent choice for older buildings with traditional construction methods. This is because it helps prevent moisture-related issues such as trapped dampness and mould growth.


Limewash is customisable. By adjusting the ratio of lime to water and by adding pigments to achieve different colours, the versatility offers a wide range of hues – from subtle neutrals to bold splashes.


While limewash is durable and can withstand weathering, it’s a softer finish compared to modern paints.

This means it might require touch-ups or occasional reapplications over the years, especially in high-traffic areas or on exterior surfaces exposed to the elements.

In any case, choosing a local tradesperson to apply your limewash is a great way to ensure beautiful and long-lasting results.

Search your postcode to find your local trade

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