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How to get the best rates on your handyperson insurance

It's important to have the right handyperson insurance. It's also important to get a competitively priced policy so that you're fully insured affordably. We explain the type of cover that's recommended for a handyperson and how to secure the very best rates.

Handyman, handywoman, or handyperson: you’re responsible for carrying out minor repairs and small jobs in your customers’ homes and businesses. Starting your own handyman business will come with plenty of admin, but the most important task is sorting out insurance.

So, it’s only right that you measure up your handyperson insurance to make sure you’ve got the right fit.

Does a handyperson need insurance?

While there’s no legal requirement for handymen and women to have insurance, but it’s highly recommended. Not only does it show customers that you’re reliable, but it can also improve your handyman lead generation.

  • To become a Checkatrade member, you must have public liability insurance
  • To tender for some contracts, it’s likely you’ll be asked to show proof of insurance

Working within peoples’ homes and businesses, on a range of different projects, there’s always scope for accidents to happen. If they do, you’ll be liable for the cost of putting things right. You can find out more about the different tasks and projects you could work on in our guide to ‘What is a handyman?’.

Without insurance, you’d have to cover these costs from your pocket. As a small business, the cost of a claim being made against you could be fatal without the right insurance.

A handyman fixing a door lock

What insurance should a handyperson have?

It’s possible to create a tailored insurance product for your business. This could be short-term handyperson insurance, handyman liability insurance, or a range of covers within one policy.

Some of the typical covers that a handyperson should have include:

  • Handyperson public liability insurance – to protect you if a claim is made against you by a third party (typically a customer or member of the public)
  • Tools insurance – to help towards the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen tools
  • Insurance for your business equipment – to help cover your costs if your business equipment fails (for example, your mobile phone or computer)
  • Employers’ liability insurance – to protect you if one of your team claims to have suffered a loss or damage while working for you

Remember, being able to advertise that you’re fully insured is a surefire way to build trust with potential customers.

Want to save on your handyperson insurance?

You can save 20% on public liability insurance as a Checkatrade member

Find out more

What handyperson insurance covers

Being a handyperson is a great job. You’ll get to work at various locations such as customers’ homes, businesses, and local authority sites. You’ll also get to flex your creative muscle on a variety of tasks too.

But projects that your day-to-day could involve do mean there’s a range of eventualities you need to be protected against. Let’s look at a few examples of what insurance a handyperson could need in the UK:

  • You accidentally damage your customer’s property while putting up some shelves. With handyperson liability insurance, you’re protected from the cost of a claim should one be brought against you.
  • A member of the public trips over the equipment you’ve unloaded from your van onto the pavement, causing themself an injury. Again, your public liability insurance works to protect you if a person makes a claim against you for loss or damages.
  • Your tools are stolen or damaged, making it impossible to complete the work you have lined up. Worse, the equipment you’ve hired to complete a job has suffered the same fate. If you have tools insurance it’ll help to cover the cost of replacement and get you up and running again.

Your mobile phone is out of action meaning you’re unable to respond to customer enquiries. It’s amazing how much impact lost, stolen, or damaged devices can have on the smooth running of your business. However, business equipment insurance will mitigate this.

Handyman assembling furniture

How much is handyperson insurance in the UK?

It’s the million-dollar question. And it does depend on a few factors. Your policy should be unique to your business needs, meaning you only pay for what you need. You don’t want to pay too much, as this will come out of your earnings. You can find out more about this in our guide on how much handymen can make.

The cost of your handywoman or handyman insurance can depend on:

  • The type of work you do
  • The type of cover you require
  • Where you work, your claims history (your level of risk)
  • Whether you need cover for employees too

One way to guarantee a competitive rate on the cost of your handyperson insurance is to become a Checkatrade member.

Save money on your handyperson insurance costs as a Checkatrade member

As a Checkatrade member, you get more than a listing in the UK’s leading trade directory.

We’ve secured partnerships with some of the top names in the industry to get our members exclusive discounts. This includes 20% off the cost of public liability insurance (PLI).

  • The cover is specifically designed for tradespeople, tailor-made to your needs, and arranged in a straightforward way
  • Add optional extra covers so you can continue your handyperson work safely in the knowledge that you’re fully protected

Simply log in to our Member’s Area and see what the latest deals are. Claim your exclusive member offers and discounts today!

Not a member? Sign up to enjoy a range of benefits

Save on your business insurance and up to £500 per year on business essentials*

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