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Is a Checkatrade membership worth it?

Membership to a trade directory, such as Checkatrade, is a business expense. And as with all expenses, it needs to drive value for your business in order to justify the expenditure. In this post, we unpick Checkatrade membership to help you calculate the potential ROI for your business. So is a Checkatrade membership worth it? Let's take a look.

One way to figure out whether the cost of something is worth it is to look at ROI (Return on Investment).

In its most basic sense, this is how much something costs compared with the income it generates.

Working out the ROI of a Checkatrade membership is definitely a must-do for any trade business, whether you’re already a member or thinking about joining.

The returns to gain with the Checkatrade tick on your side

With the Checkatrade membership being tiered (we offer Approved, Lite, Standard, and Pro membership) and the wide variance of income generated by jobs done by our trades, it’s near impossible to plant a figure on ROI within the scope of this post.

However, what we can do is lay down the ROI Checkatrade tradespeople are seeing along with the benefits of having a Checkatrade membership. That way, you can compare its value ‘like-for-like’ with other forms of marketing.

If you want to get more work of greater job value, which drives more referrals, you might be interested to know that a Checkatrade membership:

Increases the chance of securing work

Offering the Checkatrade guarantee increases your chance of getting work with us**

Generates better-paid jobs

On average, people spend 35% more with Checkatrade** – if you pass our checks then homeowners know that you’re the real deal. They’re willing to pay for quality.

Brings more referrals

6 out of 10 people who use a Checkatrade tradesperson go on to recommend to others**

That means 6 out of 10 of the jobs you complete for someone through Checkatrade, you can expect them to recommend your business to others. From one lead you could pick up extra work.

Now that’s a nice position to be in, having advocates referring you to their family, friends, and neighbours at no extra cost.

You get more than you might expect from a Checkatrade membership

Join the best trades on the UK's leading trade directory

Start our checks now

The ROI of a Checkatrade membership, told by our members themselves

Member feedback on Checkatrade ROI

Still not sure whether a Checkatrade membership is worth it? Here’s what some of our members have to say:

One call that comes in and that’s paid for the entire month. Or if you get 3, you know that’s paid for your entire year with Checkatrade.

Checkatrade member, Lily, Bear House Build and Roofing Ltd

“That one job pays for itself, and then the rest is my money.”

Checkatrade member, Aaron, Smooth Touch Plastering

Aaron Smooth Touch Plastering Checkatrade testimonial

Don’t forget the exclusive savings on business essentials too!

To get a true idea of the cost of your investment, you’ll also need to factor in the savings you’ll make through your Checkatrade membership.

That is, costs that would otherwise come off your bottom line, for example, paying top dollar on insurance, tools, workwear, materials etc, rather than taking advantage of the exclusive discounts you receive through your Checkatrade membership.

Members using the exclusive offers and discounts that come with a Checkatrade membership saved nearly £500 per year* on business essentials.

Checkatrade members save nearly £500 per year on business essentials*

Tell me more

How to calculate your Checkatrade ROI

There are many different ways to calculate ROI. One of the simplest is to use this formula:

ROI = net profit / cost of investment x 100%

But don’t forget those member savings you can make, with the likes of Selco, Tradepoint and Superscript Insurance in your calculation.

Cost of a Checkatrade membership

Every member pays a slightly different amount, depending on your membership tier, the type of trade you are, and your location/s.

The Checkatrade membership is tiered. This means you can choose a plan that suits the needs of your business. You can change

What we can tell you:

  • Approved membership is the most basic plan, and starts from £30 +VAT per month
  • Membership tiers then level up to Lite, Standard (the most popular option), or Pro

If you’re not yet a Checkatrade member, find the plan that suits your business needs and note down the cost. This is the ‘cost of your investment’.

Note on Approved membership: On this tier, you won’t appear on the Checkatrade search. You will be able to make a start on building up your Checkatrade profile: Write your description, upload photos and collect reviews. To appear in the search, you’ll need to be Lite or higher.

3 common mistakes when calculating ROI

Another point to mention is that people often focus on the metrics when calculating ROI – the money in their pocket or the number of calls received from potential customers.

However, there are plenty of intangible benefits – or outcomes – that should also be factored in, they’re just much harder to quantify.

For example, how do you quantify the association with the Checkatrade tick? We know it helps to build trust and gives your business instant credibility, but it’s tricky to put a monetary value on that.

So what other mistakes do people make when calculating ROI on a Checkatrade membership?

1. Comparing apples with oranges

A Checkatrade membership is more than just a listing in a trade directory.

Our unique proposition makes it unrealistic to compare the ROI of our membership with another form of basic advertising, for example, placing an ad in a local magazine.

As we’ve mentioned above, Checkatrade membership also gives you nearly £500 worth of discounts on business essentials per year – you wouldn’t get that as part of your advertising package with a local magazine. Nor would you get free marketing materials or a free app to supercharge your efficiency.

2. Thinking it’s a magic bullet

It’s important to remember, as with any marketing activity, you get out what you put in.

A Checkatrade membership is certainly a quicker route to gaining that all-important visibility in search engines, but to really get the most out of it, you need to nurture it.

Our three top tips to keep your Checkatrade profile front and centre?

  1. Log in to your Checkatrade profile
  2. Optimise your profile for search
  3. Create a strong profile

While ROI doesn’t incorporate the value of your time, these simple activities will take much less time than it would to build a website and get it ranking well in search engines.

3. Impatience

Checkatrade membership is a form of advertising your business, and – as is the case with most advertising – it can take time to build momentum.

Invest time in your Checkatrade membership and it’ll pay dividends as a constant backstop for your business.

You get more than you might expect from a Checkatrade membership

Join the best trades on the UK's leading trade directory

Start our checks now

*Year runs from April 21’ to March 22’. Spend based on 12,505 members. Discounts differ depending on the partner. Products range from low value items to high value items. Total amount spent on Selco is estimated at £42,380,838 by 7,298 members and based on average savings per member from 2020/21. 10% discount. Some exclusions will apply on products.

**Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey

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