Ross' Story As A Damp Proofer Succeeding With Checkatrade
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Ross’ story as a damp proofer succeeding with Checkatrade

We caught up with Ross Ashton, co-founder of Portsmouth based damp proofers, City Damp Solutions. He shared his experiences of being a trade business owner and being with Checkatrade.

Are you a damp proofer? Not sure where to go next with your career? Read on for some inspiration from one of our trade members.

Based in Hampshire, City Damp Solutions is a damp proofing, timber treatment and plastering specialist company run by Ross Ashton and James Smith. The firm was established in 2017 and quickly got on board with Checkatrade. They’ve now been a member since 2018.

Before starting his new venture, Ross had over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Years spent working as a damp proofer had made him an expert in the trade. He was then perfectly placed to start his own damp proofing business.

Read on to hear from Ross about his company, why he signed up to Checkatrade, and what the benefits have been so far.

What was it like getting started?

“I first started City Damp Solutions in 2017 and signed up to Checkatrade almost straight away. As I was starting my own business, it seemed like the perfect fit. In the early days, the site helped me to get the company’s name out there. It also assisted us to develop our online presence further.”

He continued:

“Setting up the profile was straightforward, and I was pleased the process included a thorough vetting interview. It’s important to me that tradespeople and other damp proofers on the website are up-to task. It means that customers feel confident booking projects through the service.”

How did Checkatrade benefit your business?

“As soon as I’d signed up and set up the profile, I started to receive damp proofer jobs through Checkatrade. I was impressed with the results and immediately felt like I’d made the right decision. As it was a new firm, it was still important to grow our reputation through different platforms and with word-of-mouth reviews. With that said, Checkatrade was a huge part of our early success.”

How did Checkatrade work with your wider lead generation?

“Some of the jobs I secured offline could be linked back to a recommendation that had come from a Checkatrade project. It’s important to keep a mix of where you get your jobs from, but impossible to overlook how much the site has helped.”

And how is Checkatrade working for you now?

“At this point, I’d estimate we get around 60 to 70 per cent of our work through Checkatrade. It’s a significant chunk and has helped us to grow from strength-to-strength in recent years. There’s little doubt that the site has delivered a return on investment through the jobs it has helped us win.”

Is there anything else Checkatrade could do for you?

“Up until this point, I’ve used the service primarily to secure jobs and haven’t taken advantage of any of the exclusive membership deals. However, as the firm becomes more established, I’ll be looking into these offers to see how they can benefit us.”

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Any advice for a tradesperson considering Checkatrade?

“My advice to anyone who’s just signed up to Checkatrade is simple; try and stand out. This doesn’t mean doing something gimmicky but having an outstanding profile for your trade in your local area. We’ve achieved this with our profile by ensuring all customers fill out reviews at the end of a project. At this point, our profile is full of glowing reviews from customers.”

What is Checkatrade for you?

“I have to say, as a damp proofer, it’s an excellent resource for our company. I know that if anyone clicks on our profile, they’ll be impressed by what others say. Time and time again, our positive Checkatrade reviews are mentioned when customers are hiring us.”

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Has Ross inspired you to start your your own business?

If you’re looking to start a new damp proofer venture and need some support, why not check out our ‘Become the Boss‘ series?

It’s a free series of videos and emails sent directly to your pocket. There’s even a free strategy call at the end, and hopefully you’ll be the founder of a new trade business to boot!

How could we help you?

As a damp proofer, you could also benefit from a Checkatrade membership.

In 2023, there were over 420,000 searches for damp related jobs on our website.* That’s an awful lot of interest to be missing out on. We regularly see homeowners wanting to get work done, but have to wait. So we need you!

Are you a damp proofer? Own a damp proofing business? Or even just have the right skills but not know where to start? As you’ve heard from Ross, Checkatrade can help. Let us help you.

When you sign up, get vetted and get optimised, you’ll also start to get more leads. On top of that there’s a number of other benefits you could enjoy:

Don’t want to miss out? Great to hear! Join today and start your Checkatrade journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Want to grow your business in 2024?

Win more job opportunities as a Checkatrade member

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Content disclaimer: This content has been created for general information purposes and should not be taken as formal advice. Read our full disclaimer here.

* Internal search data collected from users of the website in 2023

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