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How much do fencing contractors earn?

Keen on becoming a fencing contractor? Already a fencing pro and looking to go self-employed? No matter whether you’re a newbie or a business owner, here’s all you need to know about fencing contractor earnings.

How much do fencing contractors earn?

Just about everyone who has a garden has a garden fence. So, it’s no surprise that good fencing contractors are always in demand. This makes it an excellent career path for those stepping into the trade industry.

Whether that’s putting up brand-new fences or fixing ones that have been damaged, fencers are never short of jobs. But one thing that’s always important to know about starting a new career is how much you can earn.

To give new starters and experienced fencers alike an insight into this, we’ve pulled together this handy earnings table below.

Here, you can see exactly what you could be earning at each stage of your career. Providing you with a good insight into what the average UK fence contractor earns:

LevelPer hourPer dayPer yearEstimated business costs*Approximate take home pay
Newly qualified£10.20£81.60£17,911.20£0.00£15,673.30
Sole trader £30.00£240.00£44,251.20-£5,531.40£28,321.79*
Business owner (Ltd company)£36.30£290.40£53,543.95-£9,370.19£35,502.52*
*includes estimated business expenses such as vehicle, fuel, tools and insurance. You should always consult an accountant.

grey fence

What is the average fencer contractor salary in the UK?

Looking at our earning table, it’s clear that the average salary for a fencer differs substantially based on experience. Naturally, an apprentice is going to earn less than a full-qualified fencer.

However, by running our own business, you can earn even more than this.

With that being said, based on our data, the average qualified fencer can look to earn around £28,080.00 per year. This is a respectable amount, and certainly puts it in line with other garden-based trades.

Of course, this assumes you’re an experienced fencer. If you’re an apprentice fencer, then your average yearly earnings are going to be closer to £11,062.80 per year.

And how about if you plan on becoming your own boss? If this is the case, then sole traders can earn roughly £44,251.20 per year. Whereas limited companies can earn around £53,543.95!

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How much do fencing contractors earn per month?

While having a good indication of your overall yearly income is important, so too is knowing your monthly pay. Below are the averages per month of fencing contractor earnings:

  • Apprentice fencer – £1,091.92 per month
  • Newly qualified fencer – £1,767.86 per month
  • Employed fencer – £2,339.82 per month
  • Sole trading fencer – £5,199.60 per month
  • Limited company fencer – £6,291.52 per month

How much do fencing contractors earn per day?

Lastly, in some cases, it can be helpful to know what you could earn each day on a fencing job. This is especially important if you plan on doing a big project over the course of a few days or weeks.

With that in mind, below is the average fencer installation salary you can expect to earn per day:

  • Apprentice fencer – £50.40 per day
  • Newly qualified fencer – £81.60 per day
  • Employed fencer – £108.00 per day
  • Sole trading fencer – £240.00 per day
  • Limited company fencer – £290.40 per day

As an aside, depending on your employer, you might find yourself being paid hourly rather than daily or monthly. To ensure your salary is correct, here is the average hourly salary for fence contractors in the UK:

  • Apprentice fencer – £6.30 per hour
  • Newly qualified fencer – £10.20 per hour
  • Employed fencer – £13.50 per hour
  • Sole trading fencer – £30.00 per hour
  • Limited company fencer – £36.30 per hour

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How to earn more money as a fencing contractor

It goes without saying that how much you can earn as a fence contractor will depend on several factors. These can include your experience, your qualifications, your skill level, where you work, or even job complexity.

Therefore, if you want to earn more money as a fencing contractor, you need to identify your weak points.

For example, if you’re a newly qualified installer, then you should look to gain more qualifications to improve your skills. This will then let you take on more complex and better-paying jobs.

Alternatively, if you’re an experienced fencer, then you may want to start your own fencing company. However, if you plan on doing this, then you need to be sure that every job you do is profitable.

Below are just a few areas to bear in mind when thinking about this:

  • Always make sure to charge enough with your work to cover your outgoings
  • Try to take on as many jobs as possible that will bring in the most money for the least investment
  • Try to minimise travel distance between jobs
  • Look to specialise in certain fencing areas so you can corner local markets
  • Reduce your overall outgoings where possible
  • Always look to find the best deals on insurance, cover, tools, etc…
  • Do plenty of marketing to get your name out there
  • Always aim to deliver a high standard of work with every job
  • Being a member of the Association of Fencing Industries will look better for customers
  • Join an online directory like Checkatrade to broaden your customer base

Earn more as a fencing contractor with Checkatrade

With that, you should now have a much better idea of what you could earn as a fencing contractor. However, if you want more help boosting your earnings in this trade, then you should consider joining Checkatrade.

At Checkatrade, we provide all members with a business page for customers to leave reviews, increasing your customer base. Alongside this, we also have plenty of experienced tradespeople in our forum, ready to answer your questions.

Get in touch with the Checkatrade team today to learn about our 12-point vetting program and member benefits.

You can also visit our trade blog for more pieces like this one. Why not look at our article on the best place to buy tools?

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Fencing contractor earnings FAQs

Is fence installation profitable?

If you decide to become a self-employed fencer, then this type of career can be very profitable. But with that being said, your take-home pay will be influenced by several factors.

The size of your business, fuel costs, materials, tools, and insurance, all can impact your outgoings. And only once you know your outgoings can you see how profitable your business is.

For a sole trading fencer, this is likely to be somewhere in the region of £44,251.20 per year. For a limited company, this will be closer to £69,330 per year instead.

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