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How to get customers to leave you a review

Reviews are crucial for your business to thrive. Here’s how to encourage customers to leave you a glowing review.

Your online presence and reputation are essential to getting more work. There are many online marketing tactics to choose from, but businesses forget one pretty simple thing. And that’s reviews.

According to the latest research, 98% of people read online reviews for local businesses before buying a product or service. This stat alone shows customer reviews are essential to growing your business.

Other people leaving positive feedback boosts business. And that’s why customer reviews are essential.

To grow your business profile, it’s important to focus on getting more online reviews.

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Building your brand with Checkatrade

It isn’t new. Marketers have been using reviews to build a brand’s trust for years.

Customer reviews on Checkatrade are the new word-of-mouth recommendation.

It’s one, trusted place for homeowners to see which tradespeople their neighbours recommend. And rightly so, you want to use it to your advantage as a Checkatrade member.

We all love happy customers. But getting them to leave a review can seem as challenging as the job you just completed for them sometimes!

Let’s answer the big question: How do you get customers to leave you a review? And how to do this for the customers who forget to do it right away.

How to encourage customers to leave a review

Do a great job

This goes without saying. For all of our guaranteed Checkatrade members, we have every confidence in you!

And, customers who enjoy the experience of working with you will be happy to leave a positive review. Whether this is via web app or mobile app.

Attracting new customers

Provide the best possible customer experience

Here’s a reminder of the top tips for keeping your customers happy:

  • Don’t leave your customers in the dark – keep them updated on how the job is going
  • Respect your client’s home – keep your workspace tidy, leave the area spotless and make sure everything is put back where it should be
  • With their permission, take before and after videos or photos of your work to show the difference you’ve made
  • Don’t cut corners – you don’t want to let a customer down with sloppy work
  • Always communicate with customers in a polite and friendly way
  • Make sure you’re on hand to answer any of their questions before, during and after the job
  • Don’t forget the aftercare advice – it’s a good idea to give maintenance tips and check in with the customer after the work is complete

By providing the best experience, your customers will want to leave you a review, rather than feeling like they have to. And that’s the position you want them to be in.

That’s why building client relationships is so important!

Provide best customer experience

Clever ways to ask customers for a review

There are many clever ways to ask customers for a review. And it’s a good idea to try out each. This way, you can find which works best for your business.

Because if someone else says you’re great, other people will be encouraged to work with you. This is a marketing technique called social proofing.

Leave a feedback card to get customer reviews

Here are some effective approaches to try:

Before you start, remind them of Checkatrade

You’ve got the job and you arrive on your first day. The chances are you’ve mentioned you’re on Checkatrade, or they found you on Checkatrade.

Either way, it’s a good idea to mention your affiliation with Checkatrade.

Homeowners are aware of Checkatrade and what it stands for – honest reviews. This will make them think about reviewing your company after the work is complete.

Top tip: Don’t ask for a review before you’ve started the work.

Leave them your Checkatrade review card

It’s your last day; the work looks amazing. As you start tidying or finishing your last cuppa, pull out a Checkatrade review card!

And mention that you’d appreciate it if they could leave you a review.

This is a tactful way of asking for a review. You don’t need to say too much, either, as the card says everything you need to.

Checkatrade review card

Checkatrade cards are personalised to each member. So, feedback will be recorded against the correct tradesperson.

You can also ask for feedback through a Checkatrade-provided link if you’re a member. And this can be sent via email or SMS.

Where do I find my unique URL?

Your unique URL can be found on the back of the Checkatrade card – easy!

Send your customer a final email

Follow up a finished job with an email to see if the customer has any feedback. And remember to say how much you enjoyed working with them.

Within the email, encourage customers to use your unique feedback URL. This helps them easily find where to leave you a review on your Checkatrade profile.

Did a customer tell you they loved your work?

This is the perfect opportunity to thank them and ask for a review.

Hand a customer a review card if you’re working with them in person.

Alternatively, link them to your Checkatrade profile. And mention that you’d appreciate them taking the time to leave you a review on Checkatrade.

Include a call to action on your invoices as a reminder to leave a review

When you send over the final invoice, this is another opportunity to drop a message about leaving a review.

It could be part of your sign-off in an email, or you could even add it to your invoice if you have an editable version.

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Do customer reviews increase sales?

The answer is most definitely yes. Customer reviews build trust. A customer is more likely to choose a company with lots of reviews over those with fewer, or no online reviews.

In 2024, online reviews are one of the most important parts of growing your business.

When you want to boost your sales, enhancing your online profile is essential.

What to do if you ask for a customer review, but they haven’t left one

People are busy, it’s as simple as that. When people are busy, they don’t want to feel under pressure or nagged to do something.

Getting reviews from busy people could be considered an art, but here are some tips for you to get that precious review:

Follow up a couple of weeks down the line

Drop the customer a text or email to see if everything is ok. Ask how they are, and show interest in them. And more importantly, see if they’re still happy with your work.

At this point, you can subtly nudge them to leave you a review. Do this by mentioning the review card you left them.

Then, ask them if they could leave you a review when they have a spare minute or two.

You can even mention the importance of their review for your business. But don’t get too heavy on them; they don’t want to feel pressured. You need them to want to leave you that review.

Let the Checkatrade app nudge them for a review

One of the great features of the Checkatrade app is that it can send customers a reminder to leave you a review.

Sure, the app is mostly known as a way for you to manage your customer leads, messages and profile page on the go, but you can send customers a reminder for feedback by both email and SMS.

Make sure to check out the Checkatrade app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Checkatrade trades app

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After you get the review

Before you do anything else, thank the customer for taking the time to leave you a review.

Then start shouting from the rooftops about your hard-earned testimonial.

Promote the customer reviews

As your business gains customer reviews, it’s important to promote these not only to enhance your reputation but also to encourage other clients to do the same.

Here are the best ways to showcase your feedback:

Use your website

If you have a website for your business, this is the perfect place to show your customer reviews.

It lets people know that you’re a quality and trusted tradesperson. Make sure to link to your Checkatrade profile to show it’s a legitimate customer rating.

Use social media

Post your review on social media. Do this by creating a nice, standout graphic to make sure everyone pays attention to your post.

You could even ask the customer to share the review on their profile. As this will get the word around about you.

Add a review-based email sign-off

When emailing clients, include a signoff with a review snippet of your Checkatrade rating, or a couple of your best reviews.

This will help create a positive image as you build your customer relationship

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Why reviews are important for small businesses

Small businesses are highly competitive. When a consumer does an online search for local businesses, they’ll probably get back around 10 results.

That’s why reviews are important for small businesses. As, when several businesses offer similar services/products locally, online reviews will be the deciding factor.

Online reviews work in a similar way to word-of-mouth recommendations. People trust people! So positive reviews help to build a company’s online reputation.

How to respond to negative reviews

Dealing with complaints and negative reviews is something that most businesses will come across at some point.

Although bad reviews aren’t great for business, how you respond to negative reviews is important. When you receive a negative online review, how you respond is paramount.

Things to consider when responding to negative reviews include:

  • The speed of your response.
  • Apologise and always be polite and professional.
  • Never take it personally.
  • Offer to rectify any mistakes (this could turn your bad reviews into a 5*).
  • Always be honest and open.
  • Offer compensation where appropriate.

However, if you feel a bad review is untruthful/inaccurate, you can contact the platform manager to get it removed.

What impact do reviews have on SEO ranking?

Reviews can impact SEO ranking in several ways.

When online reviews are factored into Google’s local search algorithm, the following metrics are considered:

  • Number of reviews
  • Frequency of reviews
  • Diversity of reviews
  • Positive reviews vs negative reviews
  • Reviews on different platforms
  • Relevant product and service keywords within reviews

All these factors affect how reviews will impact SEO ranking.

For a comprehensive SEO strategy, it’s important to consider all factors to maximise ranking.

how to boost seo

How do Google reviews affect search ranking?

Imagine you’re Google for a moment – you have a list of businesses, and you’ve got to pick the best one and put them in order.

How on earth can you do this? You can’t do it blindly, you need evidence.

Google, unlike customers, has access to a lot of information. But one thing that Google and customers can get access to is customer reviews. This is a great way to see how good a business is.

An internet user wants to find the best product or service available.

A search engine has the same goal: to provide the best, most relevant results for each Google search. Therefore, review signals directly influence the search results of every Google search.

When a consumer reads 4 and 5-star reviews, they’re more likely to do more in-depth research on a company. That initial score from a business review is essential. As it can make or break someone’s opinion.

It’s no different from Google! If a company has a lot of consistently good ratings and reviews, Google is going to favour those.

Which review sites affect Google Search?

The top three most used review sites are generic platforms. These include Google themselves, Facebook, and Yelp.

However, when researching a specific product or service, consumers are likely to look for reviews on a product or service-specific site.

For example, if you’re looking for a holiday, where do you go to check a hotel’s reviews? Probably Tripadvisor!

And if a homeowner was looking to hire a tradesperson to complete home renovations, they’ll likely come to Checkatrade!

Want to grow your business in 2024?

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What are the best review websites for tradespeople to list their business and collect reviews on?

For tradespeople, there’s one that comes to mind straightaway – Checkatrade.

There are numerous review sites on the internet. Some have millions of hits every day. Others are far more niche.

  • Google reviews, including Google My Business (GMB), are one of the most high-profile review sites.
  • Facebook business reviews and Trustpilot reviews are also highly viewed and well-trusted.

These review sites, however, have one thing in common – they review any and every product or service imaginable.

Sometimes, to maximise your online profile, it’s better to have customer reviews on an industry-specific review site:

  • For holidays and days out, TripAdvisor is an excellent choice.
  • For choosing the latest technology, Techradar is well-respected.
  • While for trade businesses, well, it’s Checkatrade.

Focus on building the reviews on no more than three different review websites. Your customers are unlikely to leave you multiple reviews on different review websites where you’re listed.

So, pick out which one is the best one to grow your reviews and build your online profile.

*Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey – this is compared to a trade that isn’t endorsed.

** Terms and conditions apply. See here for more details.

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